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87 Are you ordering me?

"Nian Xiaomu, get further away from me." A tiny bit of sexiness tingled in his coarse voice.

Nian Xiaomu was stunned at the sudden burst of words.

Startled, she looked at him.

His temper was definitely not ordinarily temperamental!

Nian Xiaomu threw the piece of tissue paper into the trash can. Not only did she not leave, but she picked up the remote control and switched on the air conditioning instead. After which, she extended her hand in front of him.

"Lift up your head. I will lower the pillow down so that you can have a more comfortable sleep."

She lowered her prejudice toward Yu Yuehan. Since she was a nurse, caring for patients was her profession after all.

Seeing that he was still staring blankly, she exerted force from her arms and pulled the pillow below his head.

She shrugged her shoulders; she was used to him glaring at her, but not that it mattered anyway.

This was her personality; if someone was polite to her, she would be polite in return.

However, if one were to make trouble without a reason, she would be even more vicious!

"I thought you wanted to drink water? Drink the entire cup of water." She brought the cup of water before him.

It was beneficial for him to drink more water now because it would help with discharging the remaining drugs from within his body.

"Are you ordering me?" Yu Yuehan frowned and spoke in a deep voice.

This was the first time in his entire life that someone had ordered him Furthermore, it was a woman doing the job.

"Stop being so bratty. You should listen to instructions obediently when you are unwell. It would also be less tortuous for you if you didn't complain so much."

With a look indicating "I know that you don't have the energy now, so it will be useless to stare at me like this," Nian Xiaomu moved the cup of water in her hand closer to him.

Yu Yuehan: "..."

Well done. She had better pray hard that he didn't have a speedy recovery!

He narrowed his eyes. Immediately, he opened his mouth indifferently and said, "It's not convenient for me to drink water since someone bit my lips. They are injured now."


Would he believe that she had the guts to splash the entire cup of water on his face?

Nian Xiaomu choked so hard at what he said that she could not reply.

The kiss that made her cheeks blush and made her heart palpitate flashed past her mind. They nearly...

Yet, he still had the cheek to mention it. What a hooligan!

Her cheeks were flushed red at that instant. She placed the cup down and stared at him before she turned around to look for a straw.

The medicine that Fang Zhenyi used was indeed shockingly powerful.

After all the torment, it would be hard even for someone as strong as Yu Yuehan to resist the sleepiness as the effects of the medicine kicked in.

He shut his eyes slowly.

"Yu Yuehan?"

"Yu Yuehan?"

Nian Xiaomu stood beside his bed and called his name in an effort to check if he was still awake.

After she saw that he did not react at all, she waved her hands in front of him.

He had fallen asleep at last.

Her heart finally felt at ease. She stood up happily from his bedside and prepared to leave.

However, she seemed to have recalled something when she reached the door and turned around to take a glance.

His royal and unfeeling aura was greatly eliminated when he was asleep; his handsome face that was pale from exhaustion also contributed an additional touch of warmth to him.

Actually, he did not seem to be that horrible from this angle.

With pursed lips, she turned back and covered him with the blanket.

She only left after she had drawn the curtains.

Just as she arrived downstairs, she heard rustling from the nursery.

She stared blankly for a moment. It was then that she remembered that she had totally forgotten about Xiao Liuliu after attending to Yu Yuehan for the entire night!

When she came back to her senses, she marched forward hurriedly and carefully opened the door to the nursery.

The next second, she saw the little girl sitting on the bed and rubbing her eyes with her tiny fists. It seemed that she had just woken up, but had not had enough sleep.

She spoke in a childish voice like a spoiled kid the moment she saw Nian Xiaomu, "Pretty Sister, hug me!"

Nian Xiaomu's heart almost melted. She pushed opened the door and entered hurriedly. Lifting Xiao Liuliu in her arms, she said, "It is dawn now and still very early. You can sleep for a while more."

Xiao Liuliu shut her eyes obediently.

Clutching Nian Xiaomu's shirt with her fair and tender hands, Xiao Liuliu seemed afraid that she would leave her.