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53 Disregarded... just like this?

Dressed in a tailor-made suit, his attire looked different from what he usually wore when he was with Xiao Liuliu.

Black seemed to be a color that was tailor-made for him; it set apart the strong impressions of royalty, apathy, and aggression.

The Yu Yuehan in this state was so royal, like a king. Anyone who stood in front of him would certainly have the thought of bowing down to him.

Fang Zhenyi stared at him with an obsessive look. It was only after she met his icy cold gaze that she came back to her senses in an instant and walked forward.

"Young Master Han." She moved her hand down on purpose and revealed her swollen face, her voice choked with sobs.

Yu Yuehan's gaze swept past her and landed behind her; he figured out that she came from the direction of the small courtyard. He collected his gaze lightly, and a chilling look formed in his eyes.

The light from his eyes dimmed the next second when he noticed the palmprint on her face.

"It was all my fault. I knew clearly that Madam was in a foul mood because of Nian Xiaomu, but I was careless when I helped her back. This angered Madam and she gave me a slap." Fang Zhenyi took this golden opportunity to explain herself before Yu Yuehan could question her.

When she finished her sentence, she tilted her head, which was swollen like a fist, in his direction.

Fang Zhenyi was trying to indirectly tell Yu Yuehan that Cheng Xiulu took her anger out on Fang Zhenyi because Nian Xiaomu had offended Cheng Xiulu.

In this way, not only could she cast Nian Xiaomu in a bad light for being a wicked scoundrel, she might also gain Yu Yuehan's pity at the same time.

Even though Fang Zhenyi admitted that she was not a devastatingly beautiful woman, she still had good looks for a woman.

Furthermore, due to her delicately miserable look, all men would certainly be unable to help but show some concern.

Especially for such a respectable and powerful man like Yu Yuehan; how could he still stay aloof at the sight of her pitiful appearance?

With tears hovering in her eyes, she stared at him and waited for him to say something.

In the end, however, all he did was collect his gaze and board the car. All that she received was merely a view of his icy cold back...

He did not even look her in the eye once, much less feel sorry for her!

Fang Zhenyi was stunned at that moment.

She stared blankly as the luxurious vehicle drove out of her sight and did not come back to her senses for a long time.


"Young Master, we just received news that Yu Huiwei made trouble at the company again. He said that Young Master mistreated him as a Young Uncle..." the assistant reported carefully while driving.

Old Master Yu had passed away.

Only during her later years had Matriarch Yu suddenly realized that her husband had once betrayed her with an illegitimate son, and she was hurt very deeply.

Naturally, she wished that she could feign ignorance regarding anything that concerned Yu Huiwei.

She could only leave Yu Yuehan to handle everything related to Yu Huiwei.

However, Yu Huiwei was Yu Yuehan's Young Uncle and had more seniority in the family hierarchy.

Yu Yuehan could neither hit nor scold him. In addition, according to the will his grandfather had left behind, he had to provide fully for this idle person.

Yu Huiwei would find excuses and make trouble at the ancestral shrine at the slightest tinge of dissatisfaction, complaining that Yu Yuehan was ruthless to him...

Even the assistant wished that he could give Yu Huiwei a slap to the face after hearing these absurd remarks!

"What is the matter this time around?" With a swift move, Yu Yuehan rapidly signed the document and closed it. He raised his head.

With his indifferent look, it seemed like nothing could affect him.

"Yu Huiwei said that he had been back at the Yu Family for quite some time already, but the Yu Family did not even have a decent wine reception to welcome him. He suggested organizing a grand party for Matriarch Yu's 70th birthday so that the fact that he is a descendant of the Yu Family can be made known to all during the party..." the assistant reported, drenched in cold sweat.