The Pleasure Lord
327 Prisoner of War! - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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327 Prisoner of War! - Part 3

Hearing Marco with his friendly tone, Commander Nexon got confused for a little while. 

Marco shouted once more when he didn't get a reply, "Commander Nexon, I said, how are you doing?"

"I... I'm good." Commander Nexon replied since he didn't know the identity of the other person and also because the other party was being friendly.

"You're doing good? But how?" Marco asked again, laughing.

"How?" This time Commander Nexon felt truly confused. He couldn't make head or tails about what the other person was asking him. 

"Yes, I ask how you're doing good when we have two hundred of your men in our captivity,"

"You!" Commander Nexon finally knew that he was being made fun of in front of his men. But before he could reply, Marco, threw a bag in their direction.

"Here, this should make you believe me," Marco shouted.

The bag fell on the ground some meters away from Commander Nexon. He signaled a man beside him to go and check it.

Commander Nexon already had a guess about the content inside the bag.

His subordinate went ahead and picked up the bag with one hand.

But the way he picked the bag upside down cause the thing inside of it to fell down on the ground and rolling a few meters before coming to a stop.

It was a human head. 

"Ssss" The Captain standing near Commander Nexon gasped in shock. The head was familiar to him, it was the head of another Captain, leading the two hundred men that had gone on reconnaissance but went missing. 

Commander Nexon lifted his head and stared at Marco with a gloomy face.

"Who are you?"

"Me? I'm Marco. A loyal subordinate of King Danny Glover."

"King Danny Glover?" Commander Nexon had no knowledge of who this king was so he asked again. His anger also abetted a little bit since he finally knew the enemy he was facing now wasn't the same as such he had fought with before.

"Yeah, his highness, King Danny Glover, is the new ruler of the land you and your army are currently trying to trespass. I will give you a warning. Go back the way you came or else face the wrath of his highness, King Danny, and his army that your puny force would not be able to contend with on the battlefield." Marco warned.

Commander Nexon was surprised but only for some time. His face turned furious.

"We will see whose army is weaker once we fight." Commander Nexon bellowed angrily.

"Soldiers of the Armen Kingdom, drop your weapons and surrender. Do not follow your senile commander to the gates of hell. You are not aware of the consequences of challenging his highness army on the battlefield." Marco shook his head in disappointment before warned the enemy soldiers again.

Several soldiers behind Commander Nexon looked at each other as they pointed at the enemy soldiers behind Marco and laughed. Their eyes were filled with ridicule, looking upon them like they were already dead. They were in fact feeling angry because of the enemy looking down on them

"Hahaha, put down our weapons and surrender? Do you think that we're three-year-old children?" Commander Nexon couldn't help but laugh when he heard what Marco had said to his soldiers.


The Armen Kingdom's Commander drew the sword on his waist and raised it high above his head.

The sword gave off a yellow shine and reflected a bone-chilling gleam from its blade.

The yellow shine was the symbol of Yellow Ranked Treasure.

The sword in Commander Nexon's hand was a Yellow Ranked weapon.

While the Warhammer in the hand of Marco was a Top-grade Black Ranked weapon, the difference between them was enormous.

A Yellow Ranked weapon is not only more robust than the Black ranked, but it can also better make use of the wielders Qi, especially if the wielder is using Elemental Qi.

Each Yellow Ranked weapon can channel one or two types of elemental Qi as they specifically made for that.

For example, the sword in Commander Nexon's hand purely earth attributed weapon, and it can only channel earth elemental Qi or normal Qi.

A wind or attributed cultivator cannot wield Commander Nexon's sword as it would resist the Elemental Qi of Wind. 

"Soldiers, heed my orders. Destroy these fools who think the Armen Soldier are cowards. Let's show these bastards and their stupid self named King how frightening the men of the Armen Kingdom are on the battlefield."


The eyes of the three hundred cavalrymen excitedly gleamed as they cheered loudly. Killing intent began gushing from their bodies like a flood tide.

"Hehehe, good!" Feeling the surge of killing intent behind him, a cruel smile crept onto the lips of the Armen commander in the front. The sword he had raised up high cut down abruptly as he bellowed, "Charge!"

The cavalries at the flanks moved before taking their horses behind Commander Neon and charging with him towards the enemy to teach them a lesson.

The footsoldiers and the cavalrymen stationed to their back remained at their places.

Only the archers move their bows again and became ready to fire at the enemy once they are ordered.


With a loud rumble, the three hundred well-armed cavalrymen of Marco also move and charged at Commander Nexon and his four hundred cavalrymen on their war horses.

Their initial speed wasn't too fast, but gradually, they became faster and faster, and eventually, even the ground seemed to tremble beneath them.

The heavy aura that they emanated together swiftly intensified along with their charge, growing several times more powerful.

Their initial formation was also swiftly changing amidst their charge. 

The incredible momentum they harnessed was reminiscent of an avalanche, seemingly unstoppable by human force.

The charge of the three hundred soldiers felt like a force far beyond the grasp of Commander Nexona and his cavalrymen.

A grim expression appeared on the face of Commander Nexon as he watched the sight before him.

He suddenly realized that he might have been underestimating the Marco and his elite group all along.


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