The Pleasure Lord
325 Prisoner of War! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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325 Prisoner of War! - Part 1

Elaina and Melinda entered Oliver, their Master's tent. 

"Come sit here. I want to talk to you two about someone." Oliver waved his hand at his two disciples. Melinda was fine but, Elaina seemed to be in a trance. Oliver could only sigh to himself.

"Do you two remember that talented young lad from Seashell Island?" Oliver attracted their attention in just one sentence.

"Alex?" Melinda asked because that was the only young man coming to her mind first. Even Elaina looked over to her Master curiously as she didn't expect him to talk about that young boy.

"Yes, I'm talking about Alex. After we left, there have been some significant changes that occurred on your home island, Elaina. The first one is that Alex has become its Lord. Yes, you thought it correct. Alex has defeated all three Lords and came out on top. Now the whole Seashell Island as its sole Lord. It's quite a shocker. I mean, I knew he was capable of becoming an influential person in the future, but I did not expect him to become one so early." Oliver said in awe.

"But how?" Melinda wanted to ask how Alex did it. How he defeated the cultivators at the Dantian Formation Realm?

"That I don't know but let me reveal to you about what happened tonight. You should know about the disastrous defeat we suffered in the forest, right? It happened because of another young man, Danny Glover. let me tell you from the start." Oliver said and then explained what he and the soldiers experienced inside the forest. The letter sent by Danny Glover and he told them about the relation between Danny and Alex. 

Melinda and Elaina were both sitting there shocked, listening to their Master. 

"You mean, this Danny and Alex are allies?"

"Yes. That's what Alex mentioned in the letter. Even though Alex is not on the Belmont Subcontinent personally but he had sent some of his subordinates to help his friend, who is also a very powerful person. He killed Butler Francis, the late-stage Elemental Gathering Realm Cultivator, after all. You would be shocked to know he is only twenty years old." Oliver sighed to himself. If his Eberhart clan could train disciples like Danny and Alex than it would be a real blessing.

That future wouldn't be far off when the Eberhart Clan may become a Royal Clan and become independent from the shackles of the Armen Kingdom. 

Elaina couldn't help but clutch the edge of her dress tightly in her hand as she made a fist. When She had met Alex and at that time, Elaina thought she would be able to catch up to him or maybe even surpass him since she will be cultivating on the Belmont Subcontinent.

"It seems Alex knew we were also participating from the side of the Armen Kingdom. He warned me to stay in the rear or better off yet not participate at all since the army under Danny is much stronger than ours." Oliver said while sighing again.

Melinda didn't know what to say. She knew they can't leave even if they wanted to since that would make them deserter and the enemy of the Armen Kingdom. Their family would also be implicated.

"Master, so what do you intend to do now. You can't be possibly thinking of doing what Alex had asked you to do." Melinda asked her Master. He must have thought about the answer or before he wouldn't call them here.

"No, that's not possible. I'm not stupid. The only way for us to not participate in the upcoming battle is either we are dead or get captured by the enemy. There is no third option... Alex had also mentioned that."

Elaina seemed to understand something as she stared at Master wide-eyed.

"Master Oliver, do you really want to do that... but its too dangerous, what if something goes wrong." Elaina quickly asked. 

Oliver smiled and said, "There is indeed a risk but we are in a bigger danger if we don't do that. Especially you, Elaina, you are the one who is in real danger. As for as I know that guy, the Second Prince, he will definitely plan something to harm you. Everyone in the capital knows he is a very vindictive person."

Elaina's eyes turned red in anger at the mention of the second prince. She hated him to the core. For a second she lost control of her Qi in her body.

Melinda rubbed her back and tried to calm her down. 

"Elaina, please calm down. When anger gets out of control and it turns destructive. And it will only consume your soul." Oliver wanted to give himself a punch. He shouldn't have mentioned him in front of Elaina.

To take Elaina's mind away from that person, Oliver quickly said, "Alex said Danny would take care of everything as long as I agree and put a red cloth outside my tent. The next time we go out to battle, the subordinates of Danny would be ready to defeat the group we will be in and then take us, 'prisoner of war'." 

"Prisoners of War?" Meline was dumbfounded. It was only now she understood what her Master and Elaina were talking about before.

"Yes, prisoner of war. Tomorrow, Commander Iran will try again to send troops inside the forest in the daytime. You will also be made to go with the other disciples. Try not to resist if the enemy soldier attempt to knock you out and take you away, Alright?" Oliver said and then told his disciple to hang a red cloth outside his tent before they go back to their own tents.


"My Lord, it's red. We will carry out the operation tomorrow." Sparrow reported to Alex once his fellow puppets spotted the red-colored flag outside Oliver's tent.

"Hm, I will leave it up to you and Nora," Alex replied back.

'Now that the problem of Oliver, Elaina, and Melinda is solved, let's think about the next part of the plan... Hm, tomorrow I will show the Armen Kingdom what it means to have their backyard catching fire, Hehehe...' Alex laughed aloud.


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