The Pleasure Lord
324 It was only a Trailer!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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324 It was only a Trailer!

"I will explain it to you, Commander Iran. But not here, we should head to the main tent." Oliver came forward and said to the Commander, Iran. He also waved a parchment in his hand in front of Iran. It was different than the one that Sparrow had thrown at him. Oliver read it and immediately destroyed Alex's letter afterward.

The new letter was sent in the hands of an Armen scout that the enemy forces let go intentionally. The head of the three Dantian Formation Realm cultivators was also sent with the letter.

In the main tent of the commander, excluding him, there were five people present inside of it. They were Oliver and another guy, Yen, from one of the big clans like the Eberhart Clan. The rest of the three men were soldiers and subordinates of Iran, who was a Mid-Stage Elemental Gathering Realm Cultivator.

On the table, the beheaded heads of the three experts were lying, exposed to the eyes of everyone. But without the order of Commander Iran, no one tried to move them.

Commander Iran was reading the letter in his hand with a grave face and furrowed brows. But as he read on, his face turned to one showing surprise and shock. Iran hand, the one holding the parchment in his hand trembled visibly. The content of the letter was anything but good news for the Armen Kingdom or for him. 

Iran put the letter and rubbed his forehead with his hand as if he had a headache.

"This Danny Glover is too fast. After killing Butler Francis, he took over Nehmor city and also killed Count Nathan."

"That is not the only thing he did. This young man had killed Baron Konar, Baron Regan, and even subjugated Hasculf and made him his underling. Viscount Bardrick is also dead. Danny glover has conquered all the five territories in just the span of three days. All the Generals of Count Nehmor except Marce Marell has bent their knee to him." Iran explained briefly to everyone.

"How can that be? Are you trying to tell us this Danny and his men breached so many cities in just three days and even killed their rulers? That's impossible and completely preposterous." Yen couldn't help but retort, trying to judge everything that Iran had said to be wrong.

"Shut up! First, let me finish." Iran yelled at Yen in frustration. 

Yen shut his mouth immediately. Even though he hailed from a big clan, Yen can't do as he please here since this was the military. It was a place where Commander Iran had the power given by the King to execute anyone that did not heed to his order.

"Danny Glover has declared himself as the King. He wants us to retreat from the border and restrain from ourselves from attacking his Kingdom. If we did not heed his warning, Danny Glover is threatening to start a full-blown war and completely decimate our army. He says not to take his warning as a joke. These three heads and the various dead bodies of the Armen soldiers lying unclaimed in the forest are just an appetizer. A trailer to something much worse than we might face the next day." Iran said and continued, "Though I don't know what he means by the word 'Trailer.' Is that even a proper word?"

The rest of the four experts looked at each other in shock except Oliver, who read it already.

It was shocking news, no matter how they looked at it. 

"How dare he? Commander Iran, it's laughable if this Danny thinks we will be scared off because of his threat," said a man wearing armor and military uniform of the Armen Kingdom.

"Yes, brother Gerone is right. We can't fall into the trap of this brat; he might just be bluffing." 

 Commander Iran signaled everyone to stop speaking, and then he turned to look at Oliver, who was sitting the whole time quietly.

"What do you think, Oliver? What should we do?" Commander Iran asked the person who had come face to face with the enemy expert in the forest.

"I would suggest stopping all troops along the borders. It would be too risky to attack now since we don't know what has changed behind the enemy line. The woman I met tonight looked like a trained assassin, someone that gave off the vibe of a killer. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure if I can come out alive after fighting with her head-on. She is too much of an upper hand in the forest and at the time of the night. Also, some of our surviving soldiers mentioned about a Demon Beast in the forest that only attacked their troops and not the enemies. Form its aura that the soldiers sensed, we know the Demon Beast is at the Peak stage of Rank 2." Oliver revealed and continued saying under the appalled eyes of everyone.

"There might be more be experts on the enemy sides that have not shown themselves. Underestimating Danny and his men might just become a nail to our coffin." Oliver concluded. He did say exactly say what they needed to do since that was the work of Commander Iran. 

"Hm... Retreating back with just one loss will seem too shameful, and our King will not like his army to be seen as a group of cowards. But Oliver is also right; we lost many soldiers tonight so first, let's do a headcount for causality on our side and assess the enemy threat. We will not do anything tonight. Also, before making sure that the situation on the other side is really how its described in this letter, we will wait here." Commander Iran said and adjourned the meeting before telling Yen and Oliver to rest for the night.

They were not in the military after all, and therefore, had less workload than the three of Commander Iran's subordinates.

Oliver did go to rest in his individual tent. Instead, he told his personal guards to call over his two disciples, Melinda and Elaina. At the same time, the guard had gone out with his special badge so that the soldiers do not stop him when the guard brings his disciple to him; Oliver thought back to the time he met a young man in the Seashell Island.

'Alex Mordrake'


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