The Pleasure Lord
322 Shocking News! - Part 5
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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322 Shocking News! - Part 5

For a moment, Danny saw Mary's eyes turning cold but she quickly hid it with a smile and said, "Yes, its a decision we both made together. We will swear fealty to you and help you in your cause from this day onward if you agree to fulfill our wish."

Danny chucked. Mary was not sincere when she spoke just now. It seems his image had gone to the gutters when he made that rude comment about her friend.

"Hehe, Pirate Mary Read, I'm not an idiot to believe your word just like that. You will have to give me something upfront and in advance, who knows if you will keep your words in the end. Your story about your friend, the princess, was saddening but she can only have my empathy. I will not have my men wage war and cause unnecessary death for a stranger and an outsider unless they are someone important to me. But if you can provide me with something of real value and not your empty promises then I might agree to help you out... or else, you are free to leave." Danny leaned back on his chair and said.

"I would not dare to go back on my words since you are the man who defeated Butler Francis. Please, think..."

"Miss Mary, there is nothing to think. Even if you are weaker than me and I can squash you and your pirate group like an ant, I will not agree to help you without getting anything in return. Please decide it fast or come back another time, I've many important things to do." 

Mary felt quite angry when she heard Danny demeaning her so openly. But he was right, there pirate group was nothing in front of him. 

Mary could only sigh to herself. The meeting was falling apart. There was nothing that she could use to pay Danny first. Mary taught hard to find a way to make Danny agree.

Danny felt it was enough. Anyway, he did not intend to send her away as he needed her to help at the border.

But just when Danny was going speak about the alternative way in which she can help him push back enemies at the border, Mary stood up abruptly from her seat.

She turned her face to look at the door and saw it was closed. Danny followed her eyes and also saw the same.

Mary turned back again and now stared at Danny as if she was fermenting a nefarious plan in her head.

'Huh? Does she intend to beat me behind the closed door and forcefully make me agree? That's just ridiculous.' Danny threw that crazy thought out of his head.

But when Mary kicked away the chair behind her and pushed the table between them to the side with her hand, it made Danny really consider that his previous thought may just be right.

Mary was towering over Danny as she stepped closer to him. She was wearing light armor with a linen sleeveless blouse underneath. Her abdomen muscles and her cute belly button was visible to Danny. Her shorts and long boots really made her long and thick legs to stand out. 

Danny was still sitting. He did not make a move at all and only waited to see if Mary would really be dumb enough to attack him. Also, he stared at the exposed portion of her leg with an almost intellectual interest.

Mary noticed Danny staring at her legs. She immediately bent down to come at his eyes level, blocking his view from her thick thighs. 

"You have blue eyes, I did not notice," Mary said taking Danny by surprise as he couldn't understand what she meant by that. But her next move made him astonished.

Mary grabbed Danny's collar and pulled him closer to her face, showing a clear intent to kiss him. 

Bu unlike she had thought, Danny did not go along with her and placed his palm in between them and on her lips to stop her.

"What are you doing?" Danny said staring into Mary's eyes.

"I'm giving you what you asked for, an upfront and advance payment," Mary replied with a serious expression on her face. 

"Just a kiss?" Danny sneered.

"No, my whole body." Mary tried to push Danny's hand out of the way but she couldn't budge it at all.

On the contrary, she felt a strong force hitting her head on as it suddenly exploded out from Danny's body, blasting her away. 

Mary came to a stop after skidding on the floor and just when she was about to hit the door on her back. She lifted her head and looked at Danny in shock.

"What do you take me for, huh?" Danny shouted, his eyes cold and apathetic. Just the aura around him made it difficult for the female pirate to breathe. She was using all her strength to keep standing on her legs and somehow bear the pressure falling on her body. She started panting already.

Mary gritted her teeth and tried to resist but the pressure on her increased even more. Her head was slowing made to bow down.

Mary knew she fucked up. The young man in front of her was way more stronger and dangerous than she had estimated. 

Just when her legs were about to buckle under the pressure, it vanished all of a sudden. She lifted her head up to see Danny shaking his head and sighing.

"I will commend you for the sacrifice that you are making for your friend since I know how much you hate men to the core. But there is no need for you to take this extreme step. I don't sleep with women without their complete willingness. Bring that chair, and the table. Put it back where they were placed before. I will give you another chance and tell you what I need you to do before you can get your wish fulfilled."

Mary bowed her head in shame and did what Danny had asked her to do, put everything back to their places before sitting back down on the chair and waiting for Danny to speak.

"This is what I want you to do..."


It was already night, a moonless night. 

A good night for scouts to sneak past the hidden post of the enemy in the forest.

The army of the Armen Kingdom has arrived on the western side of the forest. But they were unaware that General Passon was already ready for them to come.

With the help of some new but excellent scouts, General Parson knew every movement, numbers of soldiers, and detailed information about the high-level experts that the enemy army had brought with them.

This helped Parson to make an effective strategy to contain the other party once they start fighting.

"How are the preparation?" General Parson asked as he looked into the forest while sitting on a horse.

"The vanguard troops are all in position. The scouts of the enemy won't be able to return back after our ambush and crossing all the way to our site would be nearly impossible for them. Not after the reinforcement that Lord Danny has sent to help us." said the aide of General Parson. 

"Haha, you are right. I never expected there would be such a good assassin coming with the reinforcement. She is perfect for this battleground. It's a good chance to give the enemy a heavy blow, that they would never forget." General Parson appeared very happy. He lifted his hand to touch his neck. 

'To think someone could get so close to me and put a knife on my neck like it was a child play. That was indeed a terrifying moment for me but fortunately, she was an ally. And now it brings me great pleasure to think that the Armen Kingdom would have to face this grim reaper. Lord Danny, you have quite a capable subordinate. And not to forget about the Demon Beast, it would be a terror for anyone to fight it in the dark and the forest at the same time.' General Parson thought in his mind.

He looked to his right and spotted a lady dressed in armor. She was surrounded by thirty unknown men garbed in black clothes and all of whom were shockingly at the Ninth Stage of Body tempering Realm. Parson recognized her, as he knew her father quite well. She was Nancy Marell, the daughter of the men who was a friend and a dear comrade of his. But unfortunately, the tragedy that hit their family, saddened his heart. 

---(Read Authors Note: Important)

Authors Note: My new Novel 'The Wolf of Aragnar' is out and it's very exciting. Please do give it a read after finishing this chapter. You can find the new Novels link in the synopsis or just search the name. Be sure to add it to your library, I will update it with two chapters every day.


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