The Pleasure Lord
321 Shocking News! - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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321 Shocking News! - Part 4

The puppets had heard about the general plan of the Armen Kingdom's army when their commander was explaining it to the soldiers.

They won't launch a full out war tonight itself. In fact, they would only send a few scouts and maybe have a few skirmishes to get the overall view of the enemy's defenses, weak spots, etc. Therefore, Alex won't need to stay at the border the whole time.

Since Mary would be coming tonight, Alex thought he would finish meeting her as it won't take much of his time and then go to the borders afterward.

He also had the plan of using Mary and her men to help out in the war.

Especially the southern end of the western border with the Armen Kingdom. That's the place where Alex had stationed the lowest and comparatively weaker Dantian Formation Realm cultivators excluding Krab. 

 Alex wanted to send Mary in that place if she agreed to help him.

"Hm, alright you can proceed towards the next island. Two islands in a day should be enough." Alex said.

"Yes, that's also the limit for since we do not have enough experts to look after the islands after capturing it… My Lord, I have a suggestion. We can take the help of your family. Madam Meg and Julia, Sir Donald and Jack, Master Clayton, other high-level experts like Sir Norman and Miss Violette can ride on ships to different islands and make the rulers of those islands near Seashell islands to surrender. It will not only fast track our plan but also give much-needed exposure and battle experience to Sir and Madams when they head out of the island." Tagor suggested.

"Yeah, it's a good idea. Uncle Donald and Jack are not happy with me for always doing all the work and fighting the battles alone. It's an excellent idea. Aunt Julie and Meg have also just broken through to the Early Stage of Dantian Formation Realm. They also are raring to go out and test their powers but because of no actual threats on the island, my aunts and uncles can only go to the forest to hunt Rank 2 Demon Beast together. It would be good to give them some work so they can also get off my ass." Alex was really having a headache since the past few days since whenever he would go home, Uncle Jack and the others would bug him for taking them along but Alex cannot do that since he was fighting on the Belmont Subcontinent with another identity. 

They even came to him a few days ago to see if they can go out to the sea and eliminate any pirate groups still left as they might threaten the security of the nearby waters. But there were no pirates left nearby at all. Even the pirate, Captain Pintel Pagetti, and his pirate group has been eliminated.

But now finally Alex could give them actual work to do for him. 

"Alright, include them in the plan. Tagor, you decide where, when, and whom to send on which island. But be sure to take the security of everyone into account." Alex gave his nod.

Mary and her ship were being led by a group of patrol ships towards the Whiteconch city harbor to dock.

Danny was already standing on the port and the area was cordoned off before his arrival. 

When Mary walked down the ramp of her ship, Danny already recognized her from far without even looking at her face. She was very tall, a head or two taller than men walking around her. She looked very alert of her surrounding as if fearing someone would ambush her suddenly.

Mary has also spotted Danny and but she was not sure if the young man looking at him was Danny Glover or not. The guards on the port took her to Danny and left after saluting him. This also made Mary aware that the young man is standing to her front was in fact the person she came here to meet. 

"You must be the infamous female pirate, Mary Read. Quite a good stature you have, very uncommon in regular women." Danny said as he looked at Mary from head to toe. 

"Hm, Now say, what do you need from me that you would come all the way here and take the risk of meeting me," Danny said again.

Mary was not irked by Danny's comment and his eyes roaming on her body. It was a common thing which she had gotten accustomed to well before she became a pirate. Mary knew she was here for Lisa's sake therefore, she greeted Danny humbly.

"Yes, I'm that Mary and thank you for your compliment. Also, thank you again for agreeing to meet me. As for the reason why I wanted to meet you is that I have a request and proposal for us to help each other out." Even though Mary knew from her two subordinates that Danny had beaten Count Nathan and taken over his city, which was a huge shock for her, but she still decided to come and see Danny in order to get his help for finding the key. 

"A proposal to help each other out, huh? Alright, I'm willing to listen to your proposal but let's go to that guard's house first. There is a place there where we can sit comfortably and talk." Danny acted ignorant about the purpose of Mary. He wanted to see how this arrogant and man-hater female pirate would convince him to help them. 

Mary nodded and followed behind Danny. They entered the guard's house built on the port itself. The soldiers had already prepared a place for them to talk privately.

"Please sit," Danny said to Mary before sitting on the chair himself. 

"Now tell me about your request."

"It's quite a simple request. I need your help in getting revenge on Count Nathan, Baron Regan, Baron Konar, Baron Hasculf, and Viscount Bardrick."

"Woah, Woah, Woah, halt right there lady. Your request does not sound simple at all to me."

Mary smiled and said, "It should be simple for you since I heard about how you defeated Count Nathan and his Butler Francis. They were the most difficult people to deal with and as for the rest, they shouldn't be much of a problem for you, I suppose."

"And before you say anything else, please listen to what I have to say first." Mary continued. 

"Okay, fine"

"Lord Danny is it alright if I ask you something first," Mary asked carefully.

"Go ahead"

"I need to ask if you are aware of the history of this land. Do you know anything about the Sylvia Kingdom?" Mary asked. 

"Yes, I'm well aware of their history and the tragedy they faced because of their vassals rebelling against them. But what about them." Danny answered.

"Do you know about the princes of Sylvia Kingdom, Lisandra Sylvia?"

Danny nodded his head, telling Mary that he knew about her.

Mary then started speaking about the reason for her request and about the princess Sylvia who was still alive. The reason was completely bogus and made up but Danny didn't call out her lie. She also talked about the key but did tell him about its real use. She only said it was something that belonged to her friend, the princess which was thought to be dead by the masses and Danny also acted surprised."

"So you want to work together with me in taking down the lords bordering Nehmor county to get your friend's revenge and find the key which is of very great sentimental value to the princess?" Danny summarized her request and proposal into a question.

"Yes, and in exchange, the princess will help you in gaining the support of the masses so that you can easily rule the territory of those lords. Also, the princess can provide you with the treasures of the Sylvia Kingdom which are buried in a place that only she knows." Mary quickly spoke to repeat the advantages.

Danny acted as if he was thinking over her words deeply. He shook his head as if not satisfied with her proposal at all.

"And if you really help us then I'm willing to follow you for the rest of my life and do whatever you request out of me," Mary quickly said after seeing him shaking his head.

For her friend, Mary was willing to go to any lengths. She won't back away from making sacrifices.

"Just you? What about your friend? Would she be willing to follow me for the rest of her life?" Danny asked, a smile formed on the corner of his mouth. 

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