The Pleasure Lord
320 Shocking News! - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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320 Shocking News! - Part 3

Oliver felt even sadder when he looked at his two disciples. The reason for it wasn't because they were made to participate in the war by the clan, but because of the tragedy, one of his disciples faced just some days ago. 

When Oliver looked at the empty eyes of Elaina, he felt a stabbing pain in his heart, and guilt overrode his mind because he was also at fault for not being of any help when the tragedy occurred to his disciple.

Melinda, who is standing just behind her junior sister, suddenly saw her master looking in their direction.

She remembered the words that Master Oliver had said to her before leaving the territory of the clan.

'Don't leave your junior sister alone for even a moment. Keep an eye on her at all times. With her state of mind now, she might try something suicidal. You have to stop her immediately if that happens, do you understand?'

Melinda had replied with yes. She would definitely protect her junior sister on the battlefield and from that vile bastard, the root cause of everything that has happened in the past month. 

The commander finished his speech and ordered the soldiers to get ready for the march to reach the frontline. The disciples of the clans were divided into groups and sent to different squads whose leaders were also from prominent families. 

With the sound of the horn, the army started marching together towards the forest, which is also the border between Count Nehmor's territory and the Armen Kingdom.

Like them, another seven thousand and eight thousand men army will head towards the border adjoining Baron Regan and Baron Konar. 

"General Parson, the scouts have come back, and they have brought news with them. Troops amounting to ten thousand are currently heading towards us. They will reach on the other side of the forest by evening." Said a soldier who just now entered the tent where General Parson and the high-level officers were having a meeting.

"They have started moving already? Um, alright, you go back see if everything is ready or not. Tonight, we might have a few battles in the forest to gauge each other strength, so keep the traps ready and also mind the enemy's scout. Do not let them enter within two kilometers of our camp."

"But General, we are only five thousand men, the enemy troops are almost double in numbers." An officer couldn't help but call out his fears.

"I'm aware of that. Don't worry, and reinforcement is on its way. They will arrive here tonight. Lord Danny has written in the letter that he will also send the experts. And he may even come to the border himself." General Parson answered calmly to put away any fear from his subordinates' heart. 

In the past wars, all the generals, no matter who they had sworn fealty to, they would come together to fight against the Armen Kingdom. 

General Parson could only pray that the new Lord is aware of the danger posed by the Armen Kingdom, and he is ready to tackle it as he had mentioned in the letter.

Alex was aware of the movement o the Armen Kingdoms troops. To push them back, Alex would need not only enough soldiers but also powerful experts to deal with the enemies.

Nora, Nancy, and his six Early-stage Dantain Formation Realm Puppets would also participate in the war.

They have left in the morning and are now already en route to reach the General Parson's camp. To travel faster, Alex let them ride his Demon Beast puppet, Godzilla. She was a swift runner on land. It would only take her twelve hours to arrive at the destination from the Whiteconch city.

It usually takes three days for a person on a horse to travel from Whiteconch city in the east and all the way to the army camp of General Pastor in the west.

The river that runs along the border of Viscount Bardrick goes upstream to the west since its origin was from a mountain peak that is located at the center of the Belmont Subcontinent.

When Alex was disguised as Marco and had captured the City of Baron Regan, he had left his other Demon Beast Krab in the river not so far away from the city.

It would help the border troops in defending against the enemy troops because of the proximity of the river to the place where the battle would take place and also for launching surprise attacks on the enemy that might want to use the river to invade into their territory by boats.

As for the border with Baron Konar's territory, Alex didn't stress about it as there was a fortress governed by the family of General Jian.

It was a stronghold stuck in between two steep hills, making it the most comfortable place along the border to defend. General Jian and General Niall would be enough to hold it on their own.

But to strengthen it even more, Alex as Danny had ordered Hasculf Harper to get to the fortress as soon as possible.

The Harper family had a Beast tamer in their family who had contracted with a Rank 1 Demon Beast, a hound. It had strength similar to the Ninth-stage Body tempering realm cultivator and also good speed. Hasculf would only take one and a half-day to reach the fortress if he travels on it. 

"My Lord, we have captured the first island after dealing with its ruler who was at the Early Stage Dantian Formation Realm. There is another island five miles away in the north directions."

"Hm? isn't that the Island where Mary currently has her ship docked. Have those two pirates reached the island to inform their captain about what I have said to them?" Alex asked as lifted his head from the border map in front of him.

"Yes, my lord. In fact, the female pirate Mary is on her way to the Whiteconch city right now," answered Tagor.


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