The Pleasure Lord
319 Shocking News! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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319 Shocking News! - Part 2

"What the status of Yasir Salvos?" Alex asked. He knew about the Viscount's temporary truce strategy and also about his intention to sway General Yasir to his side. But both of his plans were going to fail in the end. The first one was already a gone case since Baron Konar is dead, Hasculf has chosen to side with him while the last Baron Regan would also be dealt with by Marco, today. 

"My Lord, until now General Yasir has made no announcement or talked about the letter to his subordinates. But we can deduce he will accept to swear fealty to you in a day or two since General Yasir has not run away and is still guarding the river bank to stop the army of Viscount Bardrick from crossing over." Tagor replied.

"Alright, keep an eye on his movements." 

"My Lord, there is one another thing that is left to report. The ships transporting the captured soldiers of Marce and Legonal will reach the harbor of Whiteconch City in an hour. The main battleship on which the Portal is installed will also arrive together with them."

"Well, that's good news." Alex said and continued, "But the soldiers must be tired due to the long journey. They won't be helpful in the battle so let them rest or make them go back to their families. Also, change the direction of the battleship and make it head towards the nearest island. It's time we start dealing with these independent Island Lords one by one."

"Yes, My Lord I understand. Cyrus and I are enough to make them surrender easily. We will use the portal gates to board the battleship once it reaches the first island." Tagor confidently stated the fact.

Cyrus and Tagor were Mid-stage Dantian formation Realm Cultivators, their combined strength was enough to bring all those Island Lords to their knees. 

Alex planned to take over the Archipelago so all the sea and islands on the eastern side of the Belmont continent will be unified and come under the rule of the Seashell Island Lord.

The area of the islands and the sea would be enough to raise Alex's status to a King. 

It would be a great step forward for Alex in the completion of his ultimate goal.

"Once I deal with Baron Regan, Viscount Bardrick would be the last person remaining in my path to fully conquer what was once the land of Sylvia Kingdom. Of course, if the Armen Kingdom did tried to invade, Alex wouldn't mind getting back those cities and towns which had been lost after the civil war, not to mention he will take three more cities as interest once they force him to move.

That day, General Marco, the subordinate of Lord Danny showed his extraordinary brute power by pulverizing Baron Regan under the strike of his Warhammer. It was quite an easy victory, the soldiers and the Dantian Formation Realm Captains thought that they had only accompanied Marco in order to deal with the aftermath of the battle.

This time, Marco had brought a greater number of troops with him which also included the soldiers of the Cosla city.

Now that troops of Baron Ragan have also surrendered after the death of their Lord, Marco sent half of his troops towards the borders along with the Armen Kingdom. He had also given the head of Baron Ragan to Captain Oslo, Captain Lesley, and Captain Horf so that they can show it to the border troops and the Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm commander to let him know that his Lord is dead and that he needed to make a smart choice considering the given situation.

Alex knew he would easily accept to cooperate with Captain Oslo and follow him or you can say Marco since the family of that commander lived inside the city of Baron Ragan which had just been captured.

Alex left the aftermath of the war to his puppets to deal with, while he himself went back to the Whiteconch city.

In a big city just ten kilometers away from General Parson and his troops, a large number of soldiers were being gathered in a camp outside of it on the order of the Armen King. The commander of the camp was giving a speech in front of ten thousand experienced and newly recruited soldiers.

But there were also quite a number of teenagers and youths in their twenties in civilian clothes that were listening to the Camps commander speech with great interest. 

On the platform, aside from the camp commander giving his speech, there were nine people wearing casual clothes or armors who sat on chairs at the back.

In those nine people, there was a familiar-looking middle-aged man that Alex would have definitely recognized if he was here. He was Oliver Eberhart, the uncle of Brenna Eberhart and also the master of Elaina Yandell. But his expression wasn't looking so good. He leaned a little bit to his right where another middle-aged man wearing armor was sitting beside him.

Oliver said with some dissatisfaction, "Don't you think its too much to position the kids in the vanguard of the troops."

"Mr. Oliver, this was an order by the King himself. Your clan's patriarch and all the other families had agreed with this arrangement before by citing that it will train their clan's disciples and make them battle-hardened… There is nothing much I or the commander can do to change it. Mr. Oliver, I know the reason for your worry, but why don't you think it like this, your clan's disciple will get the chance to gain military merit in the battlefield which would in turn only help your clan to gain rewards, fame, and resources from the King after the end of the war." Replied the Vice commander Furner with a calm face.

Oliver was not satisfied with the Furner's answer and even had more reasons to worry because he knew their King would never let big clans like Eberhart to gain military merit easily.

'Sigh… let the patriarch deal with the matter, I just hope we do not lose the good seeds raised by the clan. ' Oliver looked towards the line where his clan's disciple was standing and searched for his two beloved disciples, Melinda and Elaina.


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