The Pleasure Lord
318 Shocking News! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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318 Shocking News! - Part 1

"Friction? Why do you say that? In fact, I sent her there because of you. Mary has hated your guts for mocking her that day, with the letter you sent on the arrow. She has a deep hate for men. Also, if I have gone to meet Danny, then I would have never met Uncle Clayton. Things would have become much harder then, don't you think." Lisa couldn't help but smile, remembering how difficult it was to calm her friend down that day. 

Alex couldn't help let out a chuckle and say, "It was only a joke. In fact, I would have stopped you all and sink all the pirates with the ships, but I let Mary go because of the work she had done in the northern islands of the archipelago. I never found any news about your pirate group trying to hurt or plunder the common people. The independent island Lords were terrified of you two, and therefore they had to think twice before giving a hard time to the ordinary people."

"Well, we never actually did the act of piracy since we were only disguising as pirates for our ultimate goal. The reason we joined Captain Torrento was that we had a common enemy. If possible, we never wanted to take this path, but alas, we didn't have much choice." Lisa felt powerless at how she never achieved a single thing after roaming these waters for so many years.

Lisa and Alex talked about things that night. It was only at midnight that Lisa became aware of how late it was and said, "Alex, it was very nice talking to you... There is one thing I wanted to ask... are you alright with Uncle Clayton's wish to see us marry each other?"

"There is nothing wrong with Master Clayton's wish. He cares about you, maybe because of the long-standing friendships and blood ties between your two family's or maybe just because he relates to you. Since you two are the last survivor of your families. Therefore, he understands what and how you must be feeling inside your heart and soul as of now. That's why he wants to see us together."

"As for me, I'm don't mind marrying a beautiful lady like you, of course, if you are not against it. We will let nature take its course and see if we are compatible with each other in the future."

Lisa nodded in understanding; she was happy to find that Uncle Clayton was caring so much about her wellbeing. And she also came to like Alex. 

"I may have not been sure before but I'm now certain that I did not make any mistake. But I agree with your words, lets nature take its coarse and get to know each other better." Lisa replied.

A maid was called in; Alex told her to show Lisa her room to rest for the night. After saying goodbye to each other, as separated at the staircase, Alex was ambushed by a number of people waiting for him at the corner of the corridor leading to his bedroom.

They were his uncles, aunts, Master Clayton, Norman, Anna, Granny Umba, Tom and his mother, and Hank. 

"What are you guys doing here? Why haven't you gone to sleep?" Alex asked, a little curious.

"How could we go to sleep? Master Clayton told us about the princess. He explained to us about her situation; it is indeed a bit saddening, but it good that you agreed to help her. Now, the main reason for us to be here is that Master Clayton also wishes you to marry her. We want to know about your decision." Jack answered with his hands crossed.

"Just so you know, your wives have no problem with it, but they might need you to convince them tonight personally," Julie winked at Alex.

"Well, then you will all get the answer tomorrow morning." Alex started walking past them.

"Wait, wait, wait, don't leave us hanging here." Meg pulled Alex's shoulder and turned him around to face them.

Alex could only helplessly answer when they did not let him go, "I'm okay with it, but we will take time to know each other and then decide once again in the future before telling you all."

It seems the adults were satisfied with his answer. Especially Master Clayton, he was beaming with a smile.

"Oh right, Alex, who is this Danny? How did you become friends with him?" Master Clayton asked upon remembering about him.

"It's a long story, and I'm unable to explain it at the moment because of certain reasons. Don't worry. Its nothing dangerous, only a little complicated. I will explain it to you in the future."

Alex's family was very understanding. They let him go and did not ask anything further about his relationship with a new rising Lord on the northeastern bank of the Belmont Subcontinent.

Only after seeing each of them walking down the staircase to go to their own rooms, did Alex turned and knocked on his own bedroom's gate.

"Come in," 

Alex sighed after he examined his room first with a scan of his spiritual sense to gauge out the situation inside. He found all three of his wives, waiting for him behind the door.

Alex put on a brave smile and opened the door while at the same time saying, "My dear, sweethearts, how come you all are in my room at the same time. Oh, let me guess, its something to do with us all sleeping together on the same bed, right?"

Selena, Ciera, and Sierra were standing in front of his bed with the same look of seriousness on their faces, but when they heard what Alex's had said, their expressions changed and had become entirely different from each other.

Selena's cheeks turned red. Ciera sighed; she knew this would happen, while Sierra's eyes twinkled as she started looking forward to it.

 That night, Alex had to do triple hard work in order to convince each of his wives. 

One more person was waiting for him to come and reward her for helping him out to fool the moonwalker. It was Nora. Alex remembered it; therefore, he left his three beautiful wives lying flat on his bed, exhausted, naked, and asleep, before using the portal to go the Whiteconch city where Nora was waiting for him.

"You are late," said Nora, who stayed awake that night.

"I had some convincing to do today," Alex replied as he stripped off his clothes once again for another battle in the bed with a different opponent.

After completing his martial duties back home, Alex came to Nora to fulfill his promise, and that was how his night went.

In the morning, Alex changed his face and body to Marco before going to the Cosla city. He had to deal with Baron Regan today and ultimately secure the border with the Armen Kingdom by today itself.

Back at the Mordrake family mansion, when Lisa and his family asked about him, the guards informed them that he had gone to the Swamp Marsh Forest. 

Alex had ordered the puppets to help Lisa refill her ship before she sets out for the Belmont subcontinent. He also made the puppets prepare another two vessels, which will sail together with Lisa's pirate boat so as to escort her all the way to her destination. The puppets had also handed Lisa the letter, which she needed to give it to Danny upon meeting him.

"My Lord, on the orders of Hasculf Harper, the former baron, his army has fallen back from the borders. General Legonal was also contacted in the meantime, after explaining him about the situation, he has agreed to hand over the command of his army to us and accepted to follow you from now on." Tagor reported to Alex, who was marching with an army, leading them as Marco, towards the city where Baron Regan resisted. 

"Good work. Now, begin with the next part of the plan." 

The next part of the plan was to send a part of the troops led by General Legonal and General Epon, the subordinate of Hasculf, to reinforce the defense at the borders along with the Armen Kingdom in the west. Depending on the situation, they will help General Tilio, Niall, or General Parson if the war with the Armen Kingdom does starts.

Alex had also ordered Blackbeard to pull back from the small city and towns that he had captured yesterday. He will now take his ships to engage with the Naval forces of Viscount Bardrick and try to attack the coastal city of his to keep him occupied for a day. 

"My Lord, we have intercepted the messenger of Viscount Bardrick that was sent to the borders in order to rope in General Yasir," Tagor reported another incident to Alex.

---(Read Authors Note: Important)

Authors Note: My new Novel 'The Wolf of Aragnar' is now contracted, and it's very exciting. Please do give it a read after finishing this chapter. You can find the link of my new novel in the synopsis or just search the name. Be sure to add it to your library, I will update it with two chapters every day. 


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