The Pleasure Lord
317 Elf Bloodline! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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317 Elf Bloodline! - Part 2

"Yes, you are right. We have always been curious about that, but your family never revealed it to us. Even my great aunt did not share the secret of the Sylvia clan to us after marrying into your clan. There was only one thing that we knew, and it was that some members of the Sylvia clan were great at healing with their Qi and controlling elements like Wood, Water, and Light. Also, though your clan hid it well from the masses, we knew that the members of the Sylvia Clan lived a little longer than normal and also stayed young for a much longer time." Master Clayton revealed.

"Yes, but not one of those members had a pure Elf Bloodline like mine. For many years, there have been less and less, members of my clan awakening the Elf Bloodline passed down from our great ancestor. It was only at the time of my birth that a miracle happened. I was born with the Elf Bloodline already awakened in me from the start, and that also the purest form if compared to the records left by my predecessors. I was the only one in the whole Sylvia clan to have these, which are also the symbol of being an Elf, a legend, long forgotten by the common people of the Belmont Subcontinent." Lisa said before touching her ears.

"Though it was a blessing for my clan and myself to have awakened the purest form of the Elf Bloodline, it was also a great curse as my appearance could become the reason for the tragedy concerning the whole clan if outsiders came to know about me." 

Alex already knew why their clan would face the tragedy as the reason was self-evident. Human greed knew no bounds, and no powerful men would be able to hold back their dirty desires, to savor the youth and the beauty of the elves. 

"To avert such a disaster from happening in the future, my grandfather used a sealing technique to suppress my bloodline and my appearance just two days after my birth. Though it also slowed down my cultivation speed, I was at least safe to live among humans. But now the power in the seal is weakening after not repairing it for many years. Now I need to enter the Domain Space left by my Ancestor to repair the seal on my bloodline within a half year, or I won't be able to hide appearance anymore." Lisa said, her cute ears dropping low.

Anna felt sad for her.

She turned to look at Alex with puppy eyes as if pleading him to help the poor Elf-girl.

Alex could nod back to assure her that he will help.

"Miss Lisandra, don't worry, you will get the Domain Key in your hands. I promise you that. Now, let's eat first. I haven't had dinner yet. " Alex said, patting his stomach. 

Anna and the rest of the family already ate together, since they thought Alex wouldn't come home tonight like yesterday. Master Clayton rolled his eyes at Alex; he could see what his disciple was trying to do. But Lisa did not, so she said, "Wait, Lord Alex, about the, um, you know..." 

"It's happening, Lisa. Why would Alex disagree with marrying such a beautiful girl? I'm sure he must be thrilled inside. But since its only the first day that you meeting each other, we not make haste and only keep the wedding ceremony after you are done with resealing your bloodline."

"Wedding ceremony?" Anna asked, surprised.

"I will explain to you and others together, let's go. Alex, Lisa, go and have dinner together since you two are the only ones left to eat." Master Clayton winked at Anna to come with him and pulled Norman with him to walk together. The poor druid wanted to get more information on the elves since his memories about them were only brief, but he got no chance to speak at all due to Master Clayton.

Lisa suddenly understood the meaning of Uncle Clayton's action. But she didn't mind spending some alone time with the young man Alex since she also wanted to get to know him better.

"Miss Lisa, after you," Alex said like a gentleman. After transformation, the beauty of Lisa was truly astonishing, even for Alex. 

Lisa nodded, but before walking ahead, she transformed once again into her human form, since staying in Elf form would speed up the weakening of her seal.

While Alex and Lisa sat on the dinner table, Tagor informed his Lord about the abnormality found in the ruins of the Temple. The slight vibration that the puppets felt and how Kerchak had reacted at that time, Tagor explained everything with exact detail.

'What could it be?' Alex knitted his brows in worry.

'I should go and check it out as soon as possible. The Temple ruins even had the statue of many races, which already makes it quite important and not to forget about the Teleportation Array that no one knows where it leads to on the other end if activated.' Alex decided he should go tomorrow if not tonight.

Servants of the Mordrake family arranged the plates and served the two, Alex and Lisa, the dishes they had prepared tonight.

Lisa was blinded by just seeing the number and variety of the dishes put on the table. 

Though Lisa had wanted to talk with Alex over dinner, she forgot about that matter ultimately once she started eating the specialty of House Mordrake.

After finishing her meal, Lisa patted her stomach satisfyingly before thinking in her mind, 'Do they all eat such delicacies every day. Then it would not be bad to live here."

"Where is your friend, Mary Read, by the way? You didn't bring her with you?" Alex asked, even though he knew about her location.

Lisa explained why Mary didn't come with her. There was no use hiding it from Alex anyway.

"Oh, that is smart fo you. But I think you shouldn't have sent Mary to meet Danny. I fear there might be some friction between them once they met each other." Alex said, smiling. 


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