The Pleasure Lord
316 Elf Bloodline! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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316 Elf Bloodline! - Part 1

Lisa raised her eyebrows in surprise; she didn't expect Alex to know what she was or the term 'Elf.' 

"That's..." Master Clayton stood up from his seat and watched the transformed Lisa in shock. People would definitely react like him if they suddenly saw a new race different than their own appearing before their eyes. Master Clayton did not know anything about an Elf.

There was no record on them in the library of the Novaria Kingdom, so he was clueless as to what Lisa was, but he could at least sense that she wasn't a human.

"Elf?" Master Clayton had also heard what Alex had called Lisa.

''He knows a lot about Elves.'' Lisa thought in her mind.

Unlike most people who had fantasies and curiosities about Elves, this man in front of her had some knowledge regarding Elves, and that is why he wasn't as shocked as Master Clayton upon seeing her.

There was a reason this person did not become shocked after seeing that she was an Elf.

Alex indeed knew about the elves. 

Elves generally seem to have been thought of as beings with magical powers and supernatural beauty, ambivalent towards every other race, and capable of either helping or hindering them.

As for their appearances, they were very similar to humans. However, compared to ordinary humans, they possessed distinguishing differences.

For one, their skin was said to be pale, but that wasn't the general case for all elves as there were many types of elves that Alex knew by reading all the fantasy books and games that he had played back on earth.

One of the most contrasting things between humans and elves was that their ears were different from humans; they were pointed.

This was also the reason he could recognize that Lisa was an Elf. Of course, he could have been wrong as this was a completely different world. The name of the species that Lisa belongs to might be called by a separate word.

Lisa's skin was lily-white like jade, and her body was even emitting a faint, fragrant odor.

The Elves were spiritual beings that naturally possessed a different sort of air than humans.

Alex was looking at Lisa in a different light. He wasn't expecting her to possess such a secret.

Lisa was also gazing into Alex's eyes at the same time. As an Elf, she naturally possessed a certain kind of an ethnic ability that made her able to gauge the genuine emotion of the other person.

She could sense with her ability that Alex wasn't lustful or greedy when he first saw her appearance. It raised her curiosity and status.

He was looking at her with pure emotions and appreciation for seeing another species that is different than humans.

"Yes, Lord Alex, I'm an Elf, though you are not fully correct. I only have the bloodline of the Elves, but at the base, I'm still a human. You can say I'm a half-elf and half-human." Lisa said, but her voice seemed different than before. It became softer and ethereal when it fell on their ears. 

"Elf Bloodline? The name of the Sylvia clan's bloodline is Elf?" Master Clayton asked, but before Lisa could answer, the gate of the main hall opened, and two people peeked inside the hall like two thieves trying to search for something.

They were Norman, the druid, and Anna.

"Did someone say 'Elf'?" Norman asked, and then he noticed the lady with the pointed ears standing in front of Alex. 

Norman looked surprised, and Anna was staring at Lisa with curiosity.

Lisa also sensed that Norman was different. He wasn't a complete human, but the person that attracted her the most was the cute little girl standing at his side.

She felt a great attraction towards her. This attraction came from her bloodline. It made her want to kneel in front of Anna, but that was only a feeling. She did not go ahead and kneel in front of the unknown girl.

"You are... Fuck, you are really an Elf." Norman exclaimed in surprise and excitement.

"Master Norman, whats an Elf?" Anna asked after lifting her head to look at her teacher. Both the student and teacher were attracted to the main hall after they sensed the unique aura of Lisa that she released after she became an Elf. 

"Elf is... " Norman was going to explain to her about Elf as he had inherent knowledge about them in his memories that were passed by his Druidic bloodline.

"Master Norman, please come inside. Anna, you too. Miss Lisandra was just going to explain about that topic. Come and join us." Alex said. 

When Norman and Anna walked to them and greeted the princess when Alex introduced her to them, Lisa ignored the druid entirely as her eyes seem to be stuck on the black-haired girl. 

Alex knitted his brows upon seeing that.

"She is..." Lisa tilted her head and asked without moving her eyes away from Anna.

"Anna, my name is Anna. Nice to meet you." Anna said, smiling. Two cute dimples formed on her cheeks as she smiled, Lisa had the urge to pinch them, but she stopped from making a fool out of herself in front of everyone.

In fact, Alex had the same urge. But he would get time to pinch them afterward, so wasn't in a rush.

'Wait a minute, doesn't Lisa have the same taste in women like Mary. I need to keep her away from my innocent Anna.' Alex was alarmed as he suddenly remembered that Lisa and Mary were lesbians.

"Ahem! Let us get back to the topic. Princess Lisa, can you explain to us about the Elf bloodline. I know a little about elves, but it may be completely wrong." Alex asked to detract Lisa's attention from his Anna.

"Ah! For sure, Lord Alex. But before that, you might want to know about the history of my Sylvia clan. Even though the Royal clan of Novaria Kindom and the Royal clan of Sylvia Kingdom were friends for generation, I'm sure Uncle Clayton does not have knowledge about my Clan's bloodline." Lisa said as she looked at Clayton in the end.


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