The Pleasure Lord
315 Lisandra Sylvia! - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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315 Lisandra Sylvia! - Part 3

"If you are beautiful from the inside, then your outside appearance is also beautiful," Alex stated, but it did not mean he agreed to marry Lisa just like that. Even if Master Clayton insisted on it, Alex would not accept it. Marriage between two people can't be forced, and no one should dictate who we should or shouldn't marry; also, though Alex knew that Lisa's appearance is a disguise and she may be good-looking if her real face was revealed, still, he would refuse or at least not make a decision so soon. It should be better if they get to know each other, and then maybe if possible, in the future, Alex wouldn't mind marrying the petite woman like Lisa.

"Good, you see, Alex has no problem. Trust me when I say this, you won't regret choosing Alex as a life partner. Also, you can cultivate feelings between yourselves naturally as you two spent more time with each other." Master Clayton was a step ahead and spoke before Alex could turn the marriage talk with a good reason.

Lisa stared at Alex and then stood up suddenly as if she had determined to do something. For her, finding a god life partner has always been a matter of concern. But there has been going too much in her life, and she didn't know who to trust or not. She might have met Uncle Clayton for the first time, but she had a lot about him from her father and from big sister Zara, who was also the younger sister of Uncle Clayton. He was a trustworthy man. Not to mention she has done her research on Alex before coming to meet him. 

"Lord Alex, I'm pleased to hear your answer. But I also need to show you something that I have hidden for so many years. it's also the cause for my worry and the reason why I need the Domain Key so urgently."

Alex stopped himself from speaking yet again since he can guess what Lisa and to reveal. To be truthful, Alex was also curious to see it. 

Lisa closed her eyes and stayed like that for a minute when suddenly her body started releasing the aura of her cultivation base steadily. 


Master Clayton's eyes rounded in shock as he saw esoteric runic lines materializing on her face and skin that was exposed. The runic lines were silver in color as they twisted and turned to form some kind of a seal; the Qi that was being released by Lisa also changed to that hue. To their shock, the cultivation base of Lisa started increasing from the Late stage of the Dantian Formation Realm to the Peak stage, but it didn't stop just there. The cultivation base of Lisa broke though the Dantian Formation Realm and stopped increasing after it reached the Early Stage of Elemental Gathering Realm.

A bright silver light surrounded Lisa blocking Clayton and even Alex from seeing the changes happening to the woman.

Alex was shocked to know that his spiritual sense was getting being blocked by the silver film covering Lisa. Not only was his spiritual sense getting suppressed, but he even felt his bloodline of the Night goddess activating. 

The light around Lisa started contracting before it exploded outward, like a flashbang without doing physical damage to anything. Clayton was blinded by it, but Alex was alright as he had shielded his eyes with his hands.

While Clayton was rubbing his eyes to get out of the temporary blindness, Alex was watching Lisa's actual appearance with his mouth agape and eyes wide open.


At the same time, when Lisa had released her seal to show her real appearance to Alex and Clayton, inside the Temple runes on the Seashell island, the silence of the cavern broke when the vibrations and sound of a beast-like growl resounded and spread to all the corners of the ruins.

The origin of all that was a cave inside the temple ruins that the Demon Beasts feared but also craved to enter the most.

"Why... why are... you here? Did... they... It can't... be..." a voice that appeared hoarse and shocked sounded from that restricted cave inside the ruins of the Temple. The cave was shrouded in darkness, but there was something that everyone would see if they were present in the same cave; it was the terrifying red eyes, similar to that of a beast glowing dimly in the darkness like two red gems. The eyes shook wildly and then turned to look in the direction of the Mordrake city.

"I... need to... hurry... Just... wait... for... my... return. I'll... kill... you all... and bring... my brethren... back here... Grrrr!" the vertical yellow irises of those eyes shook again before disappearing into the darkness. The beast has closed his eyes. 

Kerchak, who was busy mating with one of his wives, abruptly turned to look towards the gates of the Temple ruins in fear.


The puppets that were stationed there to assist Kerchak in protecting the area also looked towards the gate but because of the vibration that came from it and then stopped almost immediately. Unlike Kerchak, who seemed to have sensed something more, something terrifying, sending chilling cold shivers up his spine.

Hsi erected hard rod became soft immediately just after that, causing her mating partner to growl at him in dissatisfaction.

Whatever the thing was confined in the ruins of the Temple, killed the mood of those two Silverback gorillas.


Back inside the main hall of the Mordrake Family Mansion, Alex was wholly focused on Lisa, unaware of the situation at the far east side of the Island.

The changes in Lisa, after the release of her seal, was heaven shaking as her appearance has changed completely.

Her skin color became paler than white, and her skin became more rudy. Her brown hair also turned to golden, matching her new eye color. But that was not what Alex noticed first; it was the pointed ears of Lisa, which also gave Alex a tremendous shock.

"Pointed ears... Elf?" Alex suddenly remembered seeing the statue of an elf in the runes of the Temple where he had found Plum, the spirit beast.


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