The Pleasure Lord
314 Lisandra Sylvia! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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314 Lisandra Sylvia! - Part 2

Master Clayton sat beside Alex and Lisa, not knowing who or what they were talking about but when Alex started explaining, he finally got the gist of the matter.

"Are... are you telling the truth? Count Nathan is dead."

"Well, he is not technically dead, only in a coma. But Danny had announced to the people that Count Nathan is dead. Anyway, that guy won't get the chance to the sunlight. If you don't believe my words, then why don't you travel to the Belmont Continent and see it for yourself." Alex said and continued.

"And since the Domain Key is in Danny's possession, you will have to meet him one way or another. But you better prepare something to compensate him as he was gearing up to go to the northern mountains where the Domain space is located and open it with the key." Alex stopped speaking and let Lisa decide what she wanted to do. He had dropped the plan for getting something in return from Lisa but midway he changed his plan since there was Danny to take it in his stead.

"He won't be able to use the domain Key without me. Only the members of the Sylvia Clan can use it to open the Domain space left by our ancestors. I will instead cede him the territory of the Sylvia Kingdom and make him the rightful ruler of that land."

"That won't suffice, Danny won't give up the Domain Key for something he only needs just for the sake of convenience. Is there anything else that you can give him, that is of high value? Or else why don't you give something precious that is stored in the Domain space. You said it yourself, there is only one thing that you will need from it. Why don't go together to spilled the treasure that is inside of it by half? He will be happy with just that."

Lisa's face turned a little down.

"What? Are there no treasures in there?"

"No it's not like that, the thing is my ancestor created a test for his descendants to get his inheritance but it's damn too hard and dangerous, because of that no one in my family has been able to clear it until now after so many generations. If Mr. Danny is not able to clear the test, not only will his life be in danger but I won't have anything else to give him in return if he comes back empty-handed." Lisa said gloomily.

"Well, I see no problem with that. Why don't you set out tomorrow? I will write a letter, you give it to him and he will help you." Alex smiled and said. Fortunately, he did not go to Domain Space like an idiot without Lisa.

Lisa looked at Alex with gratitude.

"I don't know how to thank you."

"It's alright..!"

"Cough... Princess, I have a proposal. You are still unmarried right." Master Clayton suddenly interjected and said.

"Yeah," Lisa answered not knowing what he meant by saying that.

"You don't have anywhere else to go. Why don't you settle down here on this island? And as you are still single, I think it would be a good idea to tie a knot with my son-in-law, Alex. It would be the best way to say thank you," Master Clayton suddenly threw out the bomb on both Alex and Lisa.

'Why do I suddenly feel a Deja Vu?' Alex thought back to the time when Master Clayton had said the same thing to Selena.

"Don't be in a rush to answer, let me finish first. Lisa, you are the only surviving member of the Sylvia Kindom and I know about the special bloodline of your clan. It's of great importance that you don't become the last generation of your Clan's bloodline. Alex is a gem, you won't find anyone like him in the Belmont subcontinent. He will keep you happy and safe."

'Special Bloodline?' Alex tried asking his puppets if they found anything in this matter when researching about the Sylvia Clan but they said no. 

"Even my great aunt had married into your family and she is your great grandmother if remember correctly. I can be counted as an elder to you if you still consider our family's long-standing ties with each other built from generation to generation. My advice would be for you to marry Alex. It would reassure me that the bloodline of the Sylvia clan is not cut off with you as the last survivor." Master Clayton said in one breath, giving Lisa and Alex no chance to speak. 

Lisa was a not young girl as she was in her early thirties but being a cultivator age never came into factor. But she still appeared to be a little nervous and tense. She did not speak for a few minutes and kept her head down, it seems like she was really thinking about the matter deeply.

Alex wanted to say something but Master Clayton signaled him not to speak for now.

Lisa finally lifted her head after thinking for ten minutes and said, "Uncle Clayton, I know that I have a responsibility to keep the bloodline of my clan from going extinct. For my bloodline to pass on, I will have to marry someone in the end. I want to say yes to your proposal as I also think that finding a talented and charming man like Lord Alex is really difficult."

Lisa really thought that after meeting Alex face to face.

Lisa turned her gaze towards Alex before saying to him, "But I don't know if Lord Alex would agree to marry an ordinary-looking girl like me. If he agrees because of Uncle pressuring him, I would be doing a great sin against him..."

"Lady Lisa, I was never the one to judge someone by their outside appearance. The most important thing for me is to see the inner beauty of the other person. You may look ordinary but your heart is extraordinary. That what I have found during my investigation of your friend Mary Read, the important people beside her like you." Alex said.


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