The Pleasure Lord
313 Lisandra Sylvia! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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313 Lisandra Sylvia! - Part 1

It was late in the night when Alex appeared outside his bedroom back in the Mordrake City. 

"My Lord, the guest, is waiting down in the main hall." The female soldier standing outside his room informed Alex about Lisa that had landed at the island some hours ago.

"Hm," Alex nodded. He had come back just to meet her. But it seemed Lisa was already chatting with someone and that also quite happily.


Master Clayton was speaking to Lisandra when Alex entered the main hall.

"Alex, you are back. Come here quickly. I want you to meet someone. She is Lisandra Sylvia, Princess of the Sylvia Kingdom." Master Clayton seemed quite happy when he introduced Lisa to Alex. Lisa stood up from her seat with Master Clayton when she saw Alex entering the main hall.

Alex asked while raising his eyebrows in surprise, " Lisandra Sylvia? She is alive?" 

Of course, Alex knew who she was, but he ought to act ignorant.

"Yes, she indeed survived. Princess Lisandra, meet my disciple and son in law, Alex Mordrake." Master Clayton said. 

'He looks more handsome and dashing than I had thought he would be after seeing his poster.' Lisa seemed to be in a trance upon seeing Alex; she didn't hear what Master Clayton said at all. 

"Princess?" Alex waved his hands in front of her face to wake her up. Alex also internally checked whether he had activated the illusion technique through his eyes or not.

"Huh?... Um, Sorry, I was thinking about something else." Lisa bowed to apologize. She only wanted to hide her embarrassment.

'He is only a man. Get hold of yourself, Lisa' Lisa could hear Mary scream in her mind. 

"That's alright. Nice to meet you, Princess Lisandra. Please, sit."

"Yes, nice to meet you too." Lisa greeted back and sat down, seeing him sit on the opposite side.

Master Clayton explained to Alex from the start when Lisa entered their manor. Lisa recognized Master Clayton at a glance and called her third prince surprise upon coming face to face.

"I was confused and alarmed to hear her call me by that title. I couldn't recognize her face since it was a long time ago when I saw her. Lisandra then had to reveal herself; then, I would have never known." Master Clayton said.

"Alex, you must help Princess Lisa. Both our clans have a long-standing friendship." Master Clayton requested. Knowing that line of the Sylvia Clan still lives on, Master Clayton was beyond happy. 

Alex could only nod his head in compliance. Since Master Clayton has requested it personally, Alex had to give him face.

'There goes my plan in the trash can. There's nothing to negotiate now.' Alex sighed internally.

"I will try to help her with the best of my ability, Master Clayton. You can rest assured. Princess Lisa, tell me what assistance do you require from me. As per my knowledge, you have been sailing with the female pirate, Mary Read. Is she the problem?" Alex said.

"No! Lord Alex, she is my friend. If it was not for her help, I don't know how I would have survived. The thing is, I want your help with something else." Lisa then started speaking about the real problem.

She wanted Alex to help her in getting back a precious key from the Lords that were in the past the vassals of her Sylvia Clan.

She explained her predicament and difficulty in getting the key, which is of vital importance to her.

"Is it just this? You only want the key?" Alex asked.

"Yes, only the key. But I don't know who holds it now." Lisa affirmed but also repeated that she didn't know which Lord had it in his possession. This increased the difficulty enormously.

"Then it's not a problem at all for me. I thought you wanted me to take revenge on Count Nathan, Viscount Bardrick, and the Barons who rebelled against your Clan. And then take back your land to establish the Sylvia Kingdom again as that would have put me in a difficult position." Alex chuckled.

"I... I don't need you to go to such great lengths like helping me in establishing the kingdom again; I have no interest in running a kingdom, the key would suffice, but in order to find it, won't you need to fight them." Lisa said, not knowing why Alex found it to be an easy task. 

"Well, I don't need to fight them, since someone else I know is taking care of those guys. His name is Danny Glover."

"Are you acquainted with him?" Lisa asked, hoping it was true. Because that would solve her worry about resolving the problem of contacting two different Lords at the same time. She feared it would create some kind of friction between both Alex and Danny, making her only choose one of the guys in the end.

"Well, he is a like-minded friend, but..." Alex looked a little hesitant to Lisa.

"But what?" Lisa asked worriedly.

"Sigh... Princess Lisandra, I will be frank, my friend plans to create a Kingdom of his own after defeating those independent Lords and unifying their territories together into one. He wants to rule the land of your forefathers, and he is a competent man, so I know he will be successful in his endeavors very soon. Though it's not required, to make it easier for him to rule, he would want you to cede the territory of Sylvia Kingdom before the civil war to him. If you can do that, then I can get you the Domain key as soon as possible because I know where it is right now." Alex said calmly.

"What? You really know where the domain Key? Wait... How do you know its a Domain Key? I never said..." Lisa stood up in confusion.

"Princess Lisandra, calm down and sit first. I will tell you everything." Alex said and continued, "You might not have heard the news. But Danny Glover has successfully taken over the territory of Count Nathan, Baron Konar, Baron Hsculf, and by tomorrow, I'm sure he will also capture Baron Regan's city."

Without letting Lisa express her shock, Alex started explaining to her about the overall situation of the war between the traitors and the black horse, Danny Glover.


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