The Pleasure Lord
312 The Letter - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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312 The Letter - Part 2

"This is for you. I was going to send it to your branch location, but since I saw you here, I will give it to you now. The sender of this letter is Nora and Alex. Read it." Danny handed over a letter to the assassins. Moonwalker looked at the letter before opening it to read.

'Tell Nora; she will get her reward tonight.' Danny spoke to Sparrow, who was currently standing in front of Nora. While Danny was talking with Moonwalker, he had also contacted his puppet. He instructed him to get Nora to write a letter for her Master asap after explaining to her the situation and send the letter back to him. 

'She says, I will be waiting for you.' Sparrow responded as he passed on Nora's message to his lord.

Danny saw that Moonwalker had visibly and physically relaxed as he read the letter word by word. Nora's Master recognizes her disciple's writing; she indeed wrote the letter.

"Oh, before I forget, let me tell you that the oath she has taken is some kind of contract which binds her soul to Alex. If you try to kill Alex, which is impossible because he has the protection of his Master, but if you still manage to kill him, Nora will die too. This one is my own advice if you don't want to see your assassin to die."

The assassin looked up to Danny and said after folding back the letter, "... If an assassin of the organization betrays us like this, then we will hunt them down and the person who he or she has taken refuge with... but since Nora did not join Three Fanged Shadow Hall, I will let her go this time."

"Thank you! Sir... It seems you really care about her a lot, just like she had mentioned in the letter."

"Mr. Danny, I'm sure you have a lot of work on your hand. Now that you have finished your work as the middle man, you should go back and handle the city." The assassin's voice became colder. It seems he disagreed with him caring about Nora, but he also did not deny it and only told Danny to get out.

"Haha, don't be so cold. Let's chat some more, anyway; I've got a lot of time on my hand. My subordinates do most of the miscellaneous work, so don't worry about me."

Moonwalker stood up, walked up to the gate, unlocking it before pulling the door wide open. He was showing Danny the way out.

"Alright, alright, old man, go and take your nap. My work is done anyway... Oh, can you at least tell me how to contact you or your organization, so that I can hire you lot, for your services."

'What services? We are not some kind of a brothel.' Moonwalker grumbled in his mind.

"Find it yourself." 

"You have the worst customer service. Is this the way to talk to your future employer. Alright, I'm going." Danny started walking towards the door when he saw the assassin was finally losing it.

Just as Danny was going to pass by Nora's Master, he heard him say, "Don't fly too high, some people will not tolerate your existence, they are watching you and trying to investigate your origin. I suggest you stay at the side of your Master, who I suppose is the same person that is teaching your friend, Alex Mordrake... Do you want me to send till gates of the Inn? Get out!"

"Oh, I thought you didn't finish speaking, who are those people by the way..."

"Out now!"

"Okay," Danny lifted his hands up in the air and walked to only to hear the door shut behind him with a bang.

"Hmph, crazy old man," Danny said loud enough so that the assassin would hear him. 


Danny vanished into the air immediately. 

Nora's master stared at the empty corridor in puzzlement, 'Fuck, where did he go in so little time. I forgot to ask him how he followed me... '

Moonwalker looked around carefully, 'Did he use the bloodline ability of Nora to vanish into thin air, but how can that be possible...'

Moonwalker tried to concentrate on the surroundings but he didn't sense Danny at all.

'It must be a different ability, Nora couldn't escape my senses when she activated her bloodline ability.' the assassin pondered.

Danny stayed still, holding his breath so that he doesn't expose himself. Even after Moonwalker backed off and closed the door of his room, Danny didn't move an inch.

With the scan of his spiritual sense, Danny knew that the assassin was still standing by the door, listening closely to the slightest movement.

"Is it a teleportation ability?... I should leave it." Moonwalker shook his head. Guessing won't work. 

He looked down at the letter that he was still holding.

"You are alive, it will finally put my mind at ease. It doesn't seem that someone forced you to write this letter, it has all the necessary secret codes written properly... May you live a happy life, anyway, it's good that didn't join the organization, it was never the place like you imagined it to be... Alex Mordrake, you better protect her, or I will hunt you down till the gates of hell.

"I should probably go back now. Need to prepare for that day, the competition of the Large sects is near." Moonwalker mumbled to himself before putting away the letter in his pocket.

He packed his belongings and jumped out of the window rather than using the gate.

"Did he pay the rent of the room to the Inn before? He better did or I make him pay next time with interest. The owner of this Inn is after all now a citizen of my territory. As a Lord, I need to make sure no one makes my people suffer a loss." Danny switched his place with a puppet guarding the room inside the castle of the Harper Family only after making sure the assassin has gone far away and not in the direction of the Port.


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