The Pleasure Lord
311 The Letter - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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311 The Letter - Part 1

"May I come in?" Danny asked, completely not minding the unsheathed dagger in the assassin's hand pointed at him.

"How do you know me, and how did you find me in the crowd of so many people?" Moonwalker asked.

"Is there a need to ask such an obvious question?" Danny replied, his meaning completely obvious.

"Yeah, it must be that Count. But I must tell you that his request has been dropped since Count Nathan couldn't pay the full fees and because you killed him before I could carry out his request." Moonwalker explained first, so there isn't a misunderstanding between them.

'That bastard really did hire Nora's Master to assassinate me. I will make sure to torture that bugger when he wakes up.' Danny cursed Nathan in his mind.

Fortunately, Danny killed him the next day and stopped Moonwalker from coming after him. But now there was still a question in his mind.

Why was the assassin traveling to the Seashell island? Is he personally going to investigate the cause of Nora and Trystan not coming back? 

"Oh, I'm so relieved to hear that I'm not on Moonwalker's kill list. But there's something else I want to talk to you privately." Danny was genuinely relieved since he can sense that Nora's Master is much stronger than Butler Francis.

He doesn't know how things would have turned out if they truly fought each other in life and death situations.

"You didn't answer my second question. How did you find me in the crowd and followed me all the way here to my room?" Moonwalker asked again, still standing at the door without lowering his dagger down. 

"How about we talk inside your room? I will answer your questions, alright, it's awkward to stand at the door. Look, a neighbor is coming out to complain about the noise." Danny pointed at the room on the left side of the corridor.


"Oy, Misters, can you two pipe down? I'm trying to make love with beauty inside." The door of that room was suddenly opened by a drunken man who complained, making Danny's words accurate.

"Sorry for disturbing you, mister, enjoy your night with the... beauty."

Moonwalker stared at Danny for some time as he tried to find out how Danny did it.

"... Alright, come in!" the assassin said as he moved aside and gave Danny the space to enter. 

"Thank you!" Danny walked in and sat on the chair near the window.


"Hello, Mr. Moonwalker, I heard a lot about the organization behind you, the Three Fanged Shadow Hall." Danny tried to start a conversation. It didn't feel good to be stared at continuously by a middle-aged man.

"Is that so?" The assassin's voice is still cold and emotionless.

"Yeah, I heard they are truly terrifying. A friend of mine was targeted by them a little while ago. Thankfully, he survived the assassination. You guys do not show mercy at all. Ambushing the guy on his wedding day was rude." 

"Your... friend?" Moonwalker tried remembering all the targets that survived the assassination this year, but only Alex Mrdorake's name came to his mind. Also, Nora and Trystan had even gone to assassinate him on his wedding day as the Count requested it.

"Alex Mordrake, the Lord of the Seashell Island. Who would have thought the person to put our name on your organization kill list would be the same person, Count Nathan. But people have to pay for their karma. Count Nathan's life was cut short because of his action."

"How did he survive my assassins?" Moonwalker suddenly asked, his voice hoarse.

Danny knitted his brows in thought. Moonwalker's reaction was helping him guess many things. It seemed Nora was wrong about her master.

"He is strong, just like me, and also smart. Not to mention, the luck was on his side that day. I heard he killed one of your assassins and captured the other." Danny answered. He acted nonchalant about the matter when he spoke, but Danny was focusing on the middle-aged man's expression as he revealed just a little bit of information.

"Which one of them died?"

"Which one, hmm, if I remember correctly, then it should be the girl..." Danny had only spoken till then when he saw with his spiritual sense that the fist of the middle-aged was tightening around the dagger. Seeing this, Danny smiled in his mind and completed his sentence, "The girl should be the one to be captured while the guy was killed and eaten by Demon Beast."

"... Is that so? But why are you telling me all this? I'm, after all, their boss. Aren't you afraid I will take revenge on your friend and save my people now that I know one of them is alive." Moonwalker wasn't stupid. He knew there was an objective behind revealing all this information to him.

"Why would I be afraid? You cannot kill Alex at all. Think about it. He is a young man who can defeat your trained assassin in which one of them is a cultivator of the Elemental Gathering Realm. If Alex is so strong, then how strong would be the person to train him. Your organization would not be able to bear the brunt of his anger if you or your people tried to touch his disciple again."

"Did you come here to threaten me?" Moonwalker did not show any fluctuation in his expression upon hearing that there was a strong backer behind Alex.

But Danny knew it affected the assassin a lot since his spiritual sense was scanning his every muscle reaction on the surface and the change in the shape of his iris very closely.that

"No, I did not. I only came here to give you a friendly reminder since someone has asked me. And for your knowledge, that someone was the female assassin, captured by Alex. Nora, that was her name. She has taken an oath to serve Alex from now on and has become his family member. She also has cut off every relation with you, so don't go after her as she won't come to join your organization. 'Thank you for taking care of me until now' Its what she said in the letter." Danny said, before waving his hand and bringing out a letter from the air.


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