The Pleasure Lord
310 Coming Face to Face! - Part 5
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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310 Coming Face to Face! - Part 5

The city guards of the Baron were keeping the people in order and also shouting and repeating the Baron's order from time to time, which was for everyone to be assembled at the City square.

When such a big event was happening right in front of his eyes, how could the assassin of the Three Fanged Shadow Hall stay inside his room?


"Citizens kneel! Soldiers, salute to your new Lord, Danny Glover." Hasculf shouted to make his voice reach to the farthest distance. 

The citizens bent down on both knees while the soldiers looked at each other before giving a military salute to their new Lord.

Everyone was shocked when Hasculf announced that he would step down and relinquish his hereditary title of the Baron, which was given by the Royal clan of Sylvia for their merits in the war. 

They were even more shocked when the Baron introduced the young man Danny as the new Lord. Most of the people had not seen or heard about Danny in their life. But who were they, the ordinary people, to question the Lord's decision?

The only ones who would be the most affected by this change were the big Merchants and families. They had vested interest and high position in the city administration, military, and close relation with the Harper Family.

"For the stability and peace of the region and to stop the ongoing war, it was of paramount importance than someone rises to unite all the territories that had separated after the fall of the Sylvia Kingdom. Lord Danny is that man. You will be shocked and also happy to know that Lord Danny has killed Count Nathan and his Butler Francis, who was a powerhouse in the whole region, all alone."

"The subordinates of Lord Danny have also achieved victory over Baron Konar and had taken over his territory. Even Baron Regan had lost one of his city, and tomorrow, another one of the subordinates under Lord Danny would bring Baron Regan to his knees if he did not surrender. I'm sure that Viscount Bardrick would also soon be on his knees as he is of no match or a threat to Lord Danny."

"Think what would happen once all the past provinces of the Sylvia Kingdom once again became united under Lord Danny Glover, not only would there be greater prosperity for all the citizens, the Armen Kingdom would think thrice before trying to attack us." Hasculf has decided it was better to do his best to help Danny in garnering support now that he wasn't going to get back what he had lost tonight.

After being entirely suppressed by Danny in terms of power and the news about the princess Lisandra being alive, Hasculf thought it was better to make amends now. So that his family won't have to bear the brunt of her anger when she comes back, or at least that's what Danny had suggested him to do.

That's right, Danny had used Lisandra's name to make Hasculf fear and misunderstand that he was somehow related to her.

Hasculf knew if she were really alive, then all the aristocrats that participated in the civil war would have to bear the brunt of her anger, and they wouldn't be able to do anything since the princess has found herself a strong backer, Danny Glover.

Now Hasculf cannot leave any chance to flatter Danny as he is the only hope to stop Lisandra Sylvia from taking revenge on his and his family. 

It wasn't needed for Danny to give out Lisandra's name, but he thought it was better to put multiple shackles of fear on Hasculf so that he behaves and does not think of betraying him ever. 

The crowd boomed in the discussion, praise, doubt, and whatnot when Hasculf finished speaking. The spies of Baron Konar were dumbfounded and thought, 'When did that happen? What the fuck should we do now?'

The men of Baron Regan and even the spies of Count Nathan were thinking the same thing. The most alarmed were the people of Viscount Bardrick; they needed to send back the intel about what had transpired here tonight to their Lord as quickly as possible. 

Moonwalker was present in the crowd down below. He stared at Danny the whole time as he listened to the announcement of Hasculf. It was the first time that the assassin was seeing a Noble relinquishing his title on his own, and the person to make that happen was only a young man in his early twenties. 

"The organization would be quite interested in you once they came to know about you. Even the Lage sects would rush to recruit you once the news about your deeds reaches their ears. But the tall trees are at the greatest threat of being toppled by strong winds; I hope you can survive." He was more than impressed with Danny and even wanted to personally meet the young talent, but now was not the time.

Moonwalker walked back to the inn and his room when everything was over, and everyone was told to go back to their houses after giving out one more announcement that the Pirate's menace would be crushed tomorrow. The Merchants and traders can access the port and sail their ships to the sea without any fear. 

Nora's Master was relieved that he did not have to waste his time in the city and that he could find a ship to board tomorrow.

But just as he entered his room and closed the door behind him, he heard someone knock on it.

"Knock, knock."

"!!... Who is it?" the assassin took out a dagger from under his robe and unsheathed it to deal with the person behind the door. His big reaction was only due to the fact that he heard no sound or sensed anyone walking to his room.

"Its Danny Glover. Mister Moonwalker, please open the door, I have something to discuss with you." Danny's voice sounded from behind the door.

The famous assassin of the Three Fanged Shadow Hall was deeply shocked. He wasn't expecting the person behind the door to be him.

He hesitated but opened the door in the end without lowering his guard.

Finally, Danny came face to face with Nora's Master as the door opened.


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