The Pleasure Lord
309 Coming Face to Face! - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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309 Coming Face to Face! - Part 4

"... So that's how it is! From today onwards, Lord Danny would take over the responsibility of looking after the three cities and the land around it. I've decided to retire from the position, and the members of the Harper family will also be removed from their position that they have been given in the army or any post inside the administration of the City." With a fake smile plastered on his face, Hasculf first introduced Danny Glover to his family and then announced his decision to hand over his territory to the young man.

Harper Family: "!!"

"If anyone has any problems, you can come forward now," Hasculf asked, knowing full well that everyone would have problems.

"Hasculf, you bastard, have you gone insane,...", "Bang!!" The younger brother of Hasculf came forward to object, but he was sent flying back after something hit him in the chest.

The body flew back and smashed onto the opposite wall, creating numerous cracks to spread on it. 

"Cough!" Hasculf's younger brother coughed up blood before he looked down at the drinking chalice that had hit him in the chest. It broke many of his chest ribs, causing him to blackout in the next moment.

It was the same metal cup that Danny was given for drinking by a servent when he and Hasculf had entered the main hall at the beginning. 

The people of the Harper Family looked at Danny in shock and took a few steps backward in fear as no one could see how or when Danny had thrown the cup in his hand. Also, Hasculf's younger brother was a Late-stage Dantian Formation Realm Master; if Danny could deal with him so quickly, then what are they in front of him. 

Hasculf, who stood beside Danny instead, looked a little happy when he saw the sate of his younger brother. They did not have any good relationship, and there was always some kind of friction between them. 

"If you have any questions, objections then say it in a civilized manner. If I hear anyone speaking like him, I won't be lenient. Now, go ahead, anyone else has any objections, then he or she can come forward now."

A girl at the young age of seventeen or eighteen came forward after some hesitation. She tried not to look at Danny but at her father and asked in a worried tone, "Father, are you alright... is he forcing you?"

Danny looked the teenage girl that came forward, she wasn't as beautiful as his wives and the rest of the girls that he had been with, but her looks were definitely above average.

But Danny or you can say Alex had felt no attraction to her at any level. He was only slightly impressed by her courage to come forward and ask her father if he was forced or not, that also in front of him.

The rest of the family members did not dare, and they appeared to be thinking about how to get escape from this hall as soon as possible.

Hasculf looked at Danny with the corner of his eyes in fear but seeing that Danny did not move this time, it made him relieved as he didn't want her daughter to be treated the same way as his brother. Hasculf answered quickly, "No, my child, I wasn't forced. In fact, the gains from losing the title and authority are much more than to keep hanging onto it like an idiot."

Hasculf then turned to the other family members and said, "Lord Danny has promised to let us keep some of our property like the shops in the City and a few hectares of land outside as personal property of the Harper family. As compensation for stepping down, Lord Danny has promised to teach one or two members from the family in the way of cultivation and provide resources for his or her advancement all by himself. But who that lucky person would, Lord Danny will decide himself." 

Most of the Harper Family weren't happy with Hasculf's decision at all, nor did they find the compensation good enough for giving up their statuses and life of lavish but they stayed quite seeing that no one here could be of any match to Danny.

Not one person dared to open their mouths in defiance when even their clan patriarch, Baron Hasculf, was appearing so meek in front of the young man.

"Lord Danny, this is my daughter, Reese Harper. She is very talented in cultivation, and her attitude and manners are also the best in the family, I'm sure you will like her, cough, I mean, she will be the best candidate that you can find in my Harper clan."

Reese Harper: "!!"

She looked at her father in a weird light as if she suddenly understood something.

"Goyle, Wesly, come forward and greet Lord Danny." Hasculf waved at his two good for nothing sons standing behind their mothers, scared.

But not one of them dared to come forward, unlike their big sister.

"That's alright; we can greet each other later, first make the announcement publicly. Didn't I tell you before, there's someone in your City that I need to meet urgently, let's make haste, alright."

"Sure, sure," Hasculf nodded and immediately told his family members to return to their rooms with a warning that he won't be responsible for them if they did anything out of line. 

Danny and Hasculf walked to the balcony from where they could see the city square and the vast number of people gathering after being told by Henry that the Baron was going to make an important announcement and need every resident of the City to appear in the city square.

Danny had kept his Spiritual Sense on, so as to cover the City the whole time and especially the inn where Nora's Master had rented a room. 

Because of the noise from the streets, the assassin had to stop his cultivation midway and walk to the window to see the long line of people walking orderly in the direction of the castle.

***Please read the Author's note.


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