The Pleasure Lord
308 Coming Face to Face! - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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308 Coming Face to Face! - Part 3

Danny walked up the staircase to get to the fourth floor of the castle. He strolled past the guards that were standing on one side of the corridor. 

"Butler Henry, a mid-stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator, what is he doing while standing outside the Baron's chamber?... Oh!" Danny noticed that Baron Hasculf was writing a letter in his name. Suddenly he understood why the butler was waiting outside the door of his master. When Danny read the letter till where it was written, and his steps stopped altogether on their own.

"Baron Hasculf wants to become my vassal! But why?" Danny couldn't understand why an independent Baron would want to become his underling. 

Suddenly Danny read a name in the letter that he was familiar with, Nolan Gould. Hasculf wrote about meeting with him in the letter.

But he did not go into detail on what they talked about.

Hasculf just wrote that he heard good things about him from the Braveheart Sect Elder and therefore he decided to follow the young Lord Danny glover from now on.

"My Lord, today in the morning, Braveheart Sect Elder Nolan Gould had arrived in the city with his Sect's disciple and had stayed for some time in an inn. During their stay, Baron Hasculf had met up with Nolan in a private room. Baron Hasculf's action may indeed be influenced because of him." Tagor informed Alex when he asked about the matter.

Alex thanked Nolan for his hard work in his mind and then asked about the history of the Harper clan from Tagor. Alex never planned to keep any vassals that have autonomy over land and city in his territory. But Alex could give decent compensation to the Harper clan for giving up their rule and that also only if he thinks they are worthy enough to deserve it.

The puppets had looked into every Noble's, and rich merchant's past that resides in the region as it may come to Alex's use anytime in the future.

Hasculf's history was also unearthed by the puppets and it did not seem to be a good person.

Baron Hasculf had participated in the civil war but he was one of the last nobles to do so after everyone else had gone against King Sylvia and it was confirmed that the Sylvia clan would not survive.

Baron Hasculf did it to protect his territory and so that the other nobles do not band together on him because he did not give them assistance during the civil war.

But that doesn't mean Hasculf was a good person who was only forced by the situation, he was like every other noble, selfish, greedy, arrogant, and opportunistic.

Alex will never let such a man have power over governing the people. But since the Baron was planning to submit, Alex will not kill him. If Baron Hasculf agrees to let go of his power over his territory and the city, Alex would consider giving him a chance just like he had given to the generals of Count Nathan and Baron Konar, ignoring how their character was in the past.

Danny saw that Baron Hasculf had finished writing the letter to him and now he was writing another one which was a command for his army to move back from the border just as Danny had wanted him to do.

Danny walked towards the closed door and when he arrived near the gates, he hit the back of Butler Henry's head and the two guards standing to the sides. Each of them fell to the ground with a thudding sound.

Baron Hasculf was already on his feet, as he shouted after hearing the sound of someone falling on the ground: "What happened?!" 

"Nothing, I only made your Butler and guards unconscious so that we can talk in private," Danny said as he opened the door to the Baron's chamber and walked inside to appear in front of Baron Hasculf.

"Who are you?" Hasculf went to pick his sword that laid on the table. 

"Do not make any hasty action? I only came here to talk. Oh, let me first introduce myself. I'm Danny Glover… Now shall we sit and talk." Danny said with a harmless smile but the baron felt a shiver run through his spine upon hearing that name.

Danny and Baron Hasculf walked out of the room together, but only Danny was smiling while the Baron was profusely sweating.

"Henry! Henry!" Hasculf bent down and shook his butler that was peacefully sleeping on the ground.

"Huh? … Is it already morning…!! My Lord!" Henry rubbed his eyes but then it hit him where he was and who was in front of him. He looked towards the unknown young man standing beside his lord in confusion and then remembered being hit in the back of the head hard by something or someone. Henry opened his mouth in alarm but the Baron spoke first.

"Henry, go and call my wives, both my sons, daughters, and other clan members to the main hall. I have something important to announce. Do what I have said first. Don't ask questions. Go!" Hasculf looked quite weary when he said this and he was in no mood to explain his butler individually.

"Yes, My Lord" Henry answered, and seeing the look on the Baron's face, he knew that something was wrong. But Henry could only walk ahead in a hurry while rubbing his painful neck.

"Let's go. I know it's hard to give up power and authority but there's nothing more important than your own life and the well-being of your family. Am I right?"

"Yes, Yes! Nothing is more important than family. It also the blessing of my people that they will now have a much better Lord. They will be overjoyed once they hear about it." The Baron nodded his head rapidly like a chicken pecking on the ground. Though his heart seemed to be bleeding upon saying words and in his mind, Hasculf was crying.

"Haha. Now, now, don't start buttering me..." Danny laughed out loud without caring if it would hurt the Baron's heart, no, it would be wrong to call him a baron, because he has given up that title and his authority in exchange for the safety of his clan.


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