The Pleasure Lord
307 Coming Face to Face! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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307 Coming Face to Face! - Part 2

"Temporary truce?... Hm," Viscount Bardrick rubbed his chin in thought. 

'He is right. Without knowing the strength of the enemy, it would be stupid to fight a war. A person that can defeat Butler Francis, take down Count Nathan in his own city, its no way a simple feat... But I also can't lose what I have gained in the past couple of weeks.' Suddenly, Viscount Bardrick thought of an idea, and a huge grin formed on his face.

"Here is what we gonna do..." The Viscount Bardrick spoke about his plan and asked his advisor if there were any discrepancies in it before finalizing it together.

"Send a reply to Danny Glover as I have told. Also, contact General Yasir. We have to be fast and must not let General Yasir join Danny's camp. If I can attract General Yasir on my side then our military strength will also increase. Don't forget to contact the Baron's, we will need to stick together if we want to pressure Danny into accepting our conditions for forming the 'Truce'." 

The meeting was called off, and everyone left the main hall in hurry to carry out Viscount Bardrick's orders.


Unlike Viscount Bardrick, Baron Hasculf was extremely worried about the situation that the war has developed into, after the sudden intrusion by an unknown outsider. The letter in his hand that he got from the envoy has brought him great worry. Baron 

"My Lord, do you really want to do this. Viscount Bardrick and the rest of the Baron's won't be happy when they hear about it."

"Henry, I do not care about what the others would think. For survival, it's a wise choice to adapt according to the changes and grab the opportunity once it shows itself. I think Danny Glover might be that opportunity. I might not be the weakest Baron like Konar but I'm not stronger than Baron Regan, Viscount Bardrick, and Count Nathan that is for sure. If Danny can infiltrate the Nehmor city and kill Count Nathan in his own castle, I'm sure it won't be hard for him to annihilate us." Baron Hasculf suddenly remembered the warning of the Braveheart Sect Elder Nolan Gould who passed by his City today for returning back to his Sect which is located in the northern mountain range.

"Baron Hasculf, I will give you an advice since you have always shown a good attitude towards my Sect people. Do not fight Danny Glover and if you get the chance then do everything in order to become his friend. If possible go a step ahead and become his vassal. You won't regret it."

At that time, hearing Elder Nolan say this made Baron Hasculf feel extremely uncomfortable as he was unconvinced and unwilling to believe his words, but just then his envoy that was sent for pulling Danny Glover into their coalition against Count Nathan also came back and handed him the letter. 

"Count Nathan is dead, how can that be possible!?" Baron Hasculf exclaimed in shock.

Elder Nolan was also present at the time couldn't help but smile and say, "I can attest t the authenticity of that news because I was present in the Nehmor City at the time Danny took down Count Nathan. He..." 

Braveheart Sect Elder Nolan retold what had transpired in the city while he was there with his disciple.

Perhaps he wanted to help Danny to finish his work sooner and have less trouble in ending the war, Nolan exaggerated the whole story of Danny taking down Count Nathan to put fear in Baron Hasculf's heart so that he won't create any trouble for Danny.

Nolan also talked extensively about Danny's good and merciful character and enormous future potential. 

It seemed Nolan's words indeed had an effect on Baron Hasculf has he had decided to call his troops back tomorrow from the border and give back the little land that he had taken away from the Nehmor territory during the war. 

As for becoming Danny's vassal, Baron Hasculf has decided to believe Nolan's word and invest in Danny. He will personally go to Nehmor City and to take an oath of allegiance to Danny Glover.

If possible, Baron Hasculf would also put forward a request for a political marriage between Danny Glover and his own daughter as that solidify his position quickly not to mention he would also reap the most benefits if Danny did turn to be big in the future. 

"But my Lord..." the advisor and steward of Baron Hasculf wanted to speak about the risk but he was stopped from speaking.

"Henry, speak no more, I'm willing to take the risk. Go outside and wait for me. I will personally write a letter to Danny and the order to move back our soldiers from the frontier." Baron Hasculf Harper said in a determined tone. Henry knew he wouldn't be able to change his Lord's mind now. 

Henry could only sigh before leaving the chamber and wait outside the doors.

Unaware of Baron Hasculf's decision, Danny was currently drinking ale while sitting in an inn, located in the Baron's city. Danny was constantly staring at the movement of Nora's master who was cultivating in a room above him.

"My Lord, everyone has arrived and has taken their position."

"Good, capture the gates and the city walls once I give the signal," Danny ordered as he stood up from his seat and exited the Inn after paying.

Alex's plan was simple. It was to take control of the city as Danny and then 'accidentally' come across Nora's Master. If Danny was not on his assassination list then the moonwalker would not attack him which would give Alex a chance to carry out the next part of his plan which he thought after some careful deliberation.

Danny appeared in the castle of Baron Hasculf after switching places with a cook who was in fact a puppet and scanned the whole castle with his spiritual sense to know about the position of every person residing in it.

"There you are. Let's end this as soon as possible." Danny looked up in the direction of Baron's Hasculfs chamber and faded in the air as he activated his bloodline ability.


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