The Pleasure Lord
306 Coming Face to Face! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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306 Coming Face to Face! - Part 1

"... Unfortunately, I can't go out to the sea and meet your Captain. I'm swamped with work. Tell your Captain, Mary Read, that if she has anything important to discuss, she is welcome to come by herself and meet me at the port if not here. I will stay in this city until tomorrow evening, so she only has time to come before that and then we can talk. But any later than that, she will have to go all the way to Nehmor City directly next time to find me. You can go now. Guards! Give them back their boats and escort them till wherever you have picked them up from." Danny said after hearing the request of the two pirates.

He stood up and left the main hall without giving the pirates any chance to say another thing.

The subordinates of Mary Read could only stand up and leave the mansion under the guidance of the guards.

Luckily, this time they were only told to go the port by themselves, and no guard accompanied them. They were only provided with a single parchment, which the pirates needed to show to the respective person in charge of the port to get their boats released and be escorted by a patrolling ship.

There was also a time limit, which was one hour. If they did not arrive at the port before the closure of the port, they will not be allowed to leave tonight as the harbor would be closed.

"What do you say? Should we confirm whether the news about the fall of Count Nathan from the guard's mouth is true or not?" One of the pirates suggested to his fellow crewmate.

"Yeah, we should definitely do it. Maybe Captain wouldn't be too hard on us even if we couldn't complete our task; she did say we needed to find out whatever we could about Danny Glover and news related to him." The other pirate agreed. They walked towards the gate that opened to the harbor, but in between, both of them entered an inn located near it. 


"My Lord, Lisa, will reach the Seashell island in an hour."

"Hm, I will see her tonight. Have her wait at the mansion." Alex said as he took off his eyes from the old map of Sylvia Kingdom. 

The territory shown in it was bigger than what it is today, even if the land under the Count Viscount and the Baron's were combined. The Armen Kingdom has occupied the western and little bit of the southern territory is occupied by the barbarian tribes that live in the forest, which is adjacent to the southerly border of Viscount Bardrick's territory. 

The Armen Kingdom has seized three big cities and some small towns after the fall of the Sylvia Kingdom, while the barbarians had taken over the arable land which borders the forest. Viscount Bardirck has tried numerous times, but he wasn't able to take it back from them. 

"As you wish, my Lord." 

Alex once again looked at the map to think about his strategy. The territories that bordered the Armen Kingdom were that of Boran Regan, Konar, and a few kilometers of Nehmor County was also next to the rival kingdom.

General Parson Wright was stationed there, and he had quite a bit of experience in dealing with the Armen Kingdom.

Alex could leave that front to the old General because he already knew what decision and side the General would take.

General Parson has announced his decision to his subordinates with high positions in the army; thereby, Alex's spy also heard it and informed his Lord immediately.

Parson Wright has chosen to side with Danny Glover and accepted to bow his head to him.

Therefore, Alex doesn't need to use force to make him surrender.

General Legonal was also the same. He was defending against Baron Hasculf in the north. Now only the last General, Yasir Santos, was left who was currently holding his ground against the army of Viscount Bardrick.

Alex would wait till tomorrow for him and also for Viscount Bardrick's reply as he had already gotten his message through the envoy's hand. 

Baron Konar's territory was secured, and Baron Regan would also be dealt with by tomorrow. 

"My Lord, we have spotted Lady Nora's Master at the City port belonging to Baron Hasculf." A puppet informed Alex suddeny.

"Moonwalker? What is he doing there?" Alex furrowed his brow.

"He is talking with the Merchants one by one. We asked one of them."

"What did he say?" Alex asked because he wanted to know if it's related to him or not. 

"My Lord, Moonwalker, was finding a ship to board, which would sail out in the sea tomorrow. His destination is the Seashell Island. But till now, he hasn't found any merchants with a ship who will sail tomorrow or in the coming days because they feared being attacked by the Blackbeard Pirates."

"Good, keep an eye on him at all times but be careful," Alex ordered.

"Certainly, My Lord."

Alex came to the window and looked towards the sea. His thoughts were entirely focused on how to deal with Nora's Master, as he was the greatest threat to him currently. Alex can't let the assassin reach his home island under any condition. It's best he finds a way to deal with Nora's Master here in the Belmont Subcontinent itself. 

"If Nora's Master wants to go to the Seashell island, than his target should be Alex."

"Sparrow, mobilize each and every puppet near to the Baron Hasculf territory. I want all of you to move towards that city as soon as possible. We will be taking it down tonight itself and by ourself." Alex immediately transformed into Danny and arrived inside the City where the Hasculf family lived. It was a port city just like Whiteconch city but bigger in area. 

Danny arrived near the port where Moonwalker was sighted. The harbor was soon going to be closed and a curfew would imposed there as it was getting dark. During wartime, no one is allowed to roam the streets of the city after it gets dark. The ports were only open during the day but even then only a few specific people like big merchants were let to dock or allowed to leave. 

Moonwalker was also coming back inside the city after not being able to find anyone who he could travel with to the nearest islands onboard a ship.

Danny found him walking towards an Inn. With his Spiritual Sense, Danny did not have to worry about being found out.

He had to wait until more of his puppets arrived and keep an eye on the movement of the assassin in the meantime.


At the same time, in the castle of Viscount Bardrick, a group of man were currently sitting in a main hall with their heads lowered.

"Can none of you tell me who this Danny is? Don't just keep your heads down, I want an answer, dammit." Viscount Bardrick shouted furiously at his men. This morning, the envoy he had sent has to rope in Danny has come back andhanded him a letter given by the same person.

After reading the content, Viscount Bardrick was left fuming in anger. He did not like how Danny was threatening him in the letter to move his troops back from the border or deal with the consequences. 

There was no way he would give back th land that his men had aquired, therefre, Viscount Bardrick called his men and adivisors to form a plan and deal with Danny Glover but unitl now no one has been able to come up with it. Nor was anyone able to gather information about this new enemy or able to confirm whether Count Nathan has really killed by Danny or not. 

"My Lord, as you have said, we shouldn't pull our troops back but the strength that the enemy has showed is also worrying. I think its best we do not fight him without knowing the full extent of his power and the number of men under him. We should temprorily make a truce with him to end the war." One of the advisor stood up and said after gathering up his courage. 

---(Read Authors Note: Important)

Authors Note: My new Novel 'The Wolf of Aragnar' is out and it's very exciting. Please do give it a read after finishing this chapter. You can find the new Novels link in the synopsis or just search the name. Be sure to add it to your library, I will update it with two chapters every day. 

---(Read Authors Note: Important)

Authors Note: My new Novel 'The Wolf of Aragnar' is out and it's very exciting. Please do give it a read after finishing this chapter. You can find the new Novels link in the synopsis or just search the name. Be sure to add it to your library, I will update it with two chapters every day. 


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