The Pleasure Lord
305 Marco and Van! - Part 7
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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305 Marco and Van! - Part 7

Van jumped once he reached the bottom of the defensive wall. Just as Baron Konar had thought, Van used the arrows embedded inside the wall as a foothold to quickly scale the wall.

Two soldiers tried to throw the boulders in order to break Van's foothold but they were shattered by an arrow just as they were thrown. 

Van still had the bow in his hand as he fired above without difficulty. The soldiers could only look shocked.

"What the fuck are you guys doing? Step aside" Baron Konar yelled at the soldiers. 

"Hmph! You will pay for underestimating me!... Hah!" Baron Konar waved his hand. A ball of water appeared above him and it kept expanding to a certain volume before Konar hurled it down towards Van like a stone. 

Van furrowed his eyebrows, he felt something odd with that simple ball of water. 

Baron Konar grinned, his attack wasn't simple at all, the water ball would explode with one thought of his mind. It was a special technique and was rare to find in all the techniques based on water elements or other types. Once the water ball exploded, it would hit Van with the massive force that is not lower than other earth types attacks in power, Van would not have any space to dodge at all.


The water exploded into an enormous wave… hitting Van head-on.

Konar smiled, and his soldiers cheered. The faces of Niall and Jian became pale seeing that.

But the smile on Baron Konar's face faded away because he did not see Van falling down after being hit by his attack. Instead, the Baron saw him sticking onto the wall like a gecko.

With his fingers of both hands embedded inside the defensive walls, hanging in the air only with their support, Van looked up to see the dumbfounded eyes of the Soldiers and Baron Konar. 

"Bastard! You will pay for drenching me!" Van growled. He pushed himself upward with the support of his fingers. His fingers glowing in bronze light, Van used them to climb up, while forcefully punching holes inside the defensive wall. 

"Wha.... What!" Baron couldn't believe his eyes.

'What the hell is wrong with Van's finger? The defensive wall is not made of bread, that anyone could poke holes in it with their fingers. It was a rock-solid structure. Even the full-powered attack of a Peak Stage Dantian Formation Realm couldn't hope to leave a scratch on these walls... Wait for a second, is he perhaps a Body Cultivator? Fuck!' Baron Konar felt a shiver run down his spine. As for how van had blocked his attack, it was unknown to him.

But while he was lost in his thoughts, Van reached the peak as he pushed himself up one last time as he flew above the defensive walls and in the air.

Van could see the whole city from there. But it was not the time to do that. Van fell to step on the edge of the wall, causing the soldiers near it to scurry back in fear.

"Baron Konar, I gave you a chance, but you didn't take it. Now come and face your death." Van spoke in a cold voice. 

" You!" Baron Konar wasn't given the time to speak as he saw Van jumping at him making a fist.

Baron Konar stomped his foot in anger when he saw Van meet him head-on. He yelled out in frustration, "I will kill you!"

Giving a suppressed shout in his mind, Van fist collided with Baron Konar's that shining in blue light under the horrified gaze of the soldiers.

"Bang!" The two fists met midair. Suddenly, Baron Konar's twisted face began to turn deathly pale. Blood began to spill from his mouth, staining his face. He couldn't even bring out the full power of his water type defensive techniques.

With an apathetic look on his face, Van's sleeves fluttered as he delivered a punch at Konar's face, smashing him out from the bounds of the city wall like a leaf in a storm.

At this moment, a person who seems to be related to Baron Konar in facial features leaped forward.

He said with a look of desperation, "Brother has nurtured his soldiers all for the sake of protecting this city, your families. How many can this man kill with that bow and arrow of his and his fist? Everyone, gang up on him..."


An arrow as swift as lightning had already pierced through his throat after he'd finished speaking. 

"Who else is there?" Van's voice was detached and emotionless. There was already another arrow on his bow as if he had performed a magic trick.

"Throw down your weapons and surrender. You will be spared from death. Those stubborn in their resistance will die!" Van called out loudly on the top of the defensive wall.

The vassals who were directly related to Baron Konar had already lost their fighting spirit and had all thrown their weapons down. Even the family members of the Baron had done the same.

Niall and Jian were having a hard time believing since it happened too fast.

They all looked at each other, at a loss for what to do. Wasn't Van an Archer? Van had also introduced himself like that, but now, here he was, blowing up the enemy's head with a single punch. 

This person was too strong and maybe even stronger than the Count of Nehmor. If even the subordinate was so strong, then what about the person behind him. Danny Glover should be a monster.

The gates opened, Niall and Jian shouted and spurred their horses to enter through the gates. 

As instructed before, Nial and Jian did their best to control the soldier from going out of line as they went around the city to take our important and strategic places. 

Even if they had not done so, Alex's puppets were there to keep order. Van walked towards the center of the city under the fearful gaze of its citizens. The mercenaries, spies from different territories, the adventurers, and foreign merchants assessed him and tried to burn his face in their minds.

"Jian, you need to go back to your city and prepare its defenses. Niall, you will head there with him too. The Armen Kingdom is mobilizing troops on the western border. Lord Danny Glover would provide your city with weapons and necessary food supply if needed so don't worry about those kinds of things and do your best." Van suddenly said to Jian and Niall who had just entered the castle of Baron Regan in the middle of the city.

Jian was not shocked when he heard that the Armen Kingdom was going to move but he didn't think they would to it so fast. This time, the plan of Baron Konar and other Lords like was only to grab a little bit territory from Count of Nehmor after he lost a considerable amount of soldiers to Alex Mordrake.

But then it turned into a full out war when Danny Glover killed Butler Francis. Every Baron and Viscount Bardrick now wanted more than before, they wanted to grab the cities that are controlled by the Generals of Count Nathan.

If the Armen Kingdom did move in the meantime, then the coalition of the aristocrats would come together again to block them as they had done for so many years. 

But that had all come for naught when suddenly a dark horse appeared out of nowhere. Danny Glover, a person shrouded in mystery as no one had any knowledge about his origin or the full extent of his power.

"Rest for some time and leave in the morning. I will have to stay here for another day, if any situation arises that you two cannot deal with at the border, send a letter through the hands of this person, he will inform me. Alright?" Van said as he pointed at a person standing beside him. 

Niall and Jian nodded. They quickly excused themselves and went out of the main hall.

"Now I only need to secure Baran Regan's City, then I don't have to fear the intrusion of the Armen Kingdom's forces. As for Baron Hasculf and Viscount Bardrick, I can deal with them slowly." Van removed his mask and changed into face and body to that of Danny before vanishing from the castle of Baron Konar and appearing in the Whiteconch City.

It was already evening and the sun was just about to set. 

"Bring those two pirates to me," Danny said just as he walked out of his room.

The guard nodded and informed the prison guard telepathically about their Lord's order.

---(Read Authors Note: Important)

Authors Note: My new Novel 'The Wolf of Aragnar' is out and it's very exciting. Please do give it a read after finishing this chapter. You can find the new Novels link in the synopsis or just search the name. Be sure to add it to your library, I will update it with two chapters every day. 


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