The Pleasure Lord
304 Marco and Van! - Part 6
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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304 Marco and Van! - Part 6

The envoys of the neighboring Lords that were sent back from the Whiteconch city had still not come back to inform all the Lords. Currently only, Viscount Bardrick and Baron Hasculf had read the letters sent by Danny Glover through the hands of their envoys.

Traveling through the territory of the Count Nehmor was dangerous therefore they took the sea route and separated in two directions, one went towards the north bypassing the Blackbeard pirates to deliver the message to Baron Hasculf and Baron Konar, while two went south to deliver the letter to Viscount Bardrick and Baron Regan. 

Baron Hasculf and Viscount Bardrich should only have gotten the letter about Count Nathan's death around the time Van reached the doorstep of Baron Konar's City.

Therefore, there was no way Baron Konar or Baron Regan would know what has transpired in Nehmor City.

After a moment of silence, Baron Konar suddenly took a deep breath and said, "Jian, I'm very disappointed in you."

"Who even cares about your disappointment? I owe you nothing. For so many years, It was me who has been running around your land protecting the borders all year round. While you stay here in the safety of your own city giving out orders after orders. Never have you ever come to the frontline to know its danger. Let me tell you a piece of news, Count Nathan is dead, someone else has already usurped his throne while you like the other Lords were dreaming to sit on it. This is Mr. Van..." Jian introduced Van who stayed quiet till now. Maybe Jian wanted to suck up to him and get in his good books, he exaggerated Van's capability and how he defeated Jian in the battlefield to showcase how terrifying Van as a cultivator and a Master Archer to Baron Konar.

Konar's face did not look good. Not because of Van since even if he was Elementary Gathering Realm cultivator, he was alone and will not be able to break into the city with only his strength.

But when he heard about Danny sitting in Nathans place after killing him.

If Danny can kill Butler Francis then the news about him taking over the Nehmor City was also believable. 

But it happened too damn fast. 

"Mr. Konar, its best you order your men to open the gates for your own good because it won't take me time to do it myself.

"Hmph! You are quite a big talker, huh? Why don't you do it then? I'm waiting here, let see if Jian is right about you or not." Konar was an arrogant prick like most of the aristocrat. Unless they face a strong wall, people like Konar won't think they can be defeated.

"Alright, then I do just that. But let me warn you, I won't spare your life once I start."

Konar sneered but ordered his men to ready their bows and boulders to thrown down at the enemy once they try to scale the walls or come closer to the gates.

But to his surprise, it seems the enemy has not brought even the basic siege equipment like ladders and ropes with them at all. 

"Once I open the gates, be ready to rush inside the city. As I have said before, do not kill any enemy soldier that surrenders and the innocent unarmed citizens are off-limits. Do you understand?"

"Yes, General Van" Jian and Niall responded in affirmation. There were rewards mentioned by Van for everyone after the war therefore, it didn't matter if they were not allowed to loot the enemy soldiers that would die under their blades. 

"But would you be alright going alone?" Niall asked not because he has started to worry about his new superior. 

Van only replied with a smile. He summoned a bow and a metal arrow. Niall and Jian looked at Van's hand in greed and longing but they had already seen this scene back when there were in the camp so it wasn't surprising.

Van aimed at the city wall nearer to the bottom before firing a shot from the place he was standing.


The arrow pierced through the air with a shrilling sound but unfortunately, it was deflected by the city wall without putting even a dent in it.

"Hahaha!" the enemy soldiers atop the city wall and Baron Konar laughed seeing this. These walls are built thick and strong just so that cultivators cannot damage it during wartime. The formation barrier that was inscribed by an inscription master also strengthen the walls, making it resistant against the attacks from Elemental Gathering Realm cultivators. 

Van remained clam and once again knocked an arrow on his bow but this time he pulled the bowstring all the way till it can be stretched. Graded weapons are treated like treasure becuase cultivators can channel their Qi inside these weapons to make them very lethal and destructive.

The arrow shone in bright light after it was saturated with Qi by Van. 


The arrow flashed in everyone's eyes.


In a blink of an eye, the flashing arrow lodged deep inside the City wall until only one-third of its tail remained outside. The vibration was felt by the guards and Baron Konar standing on top of the city walls. 

The face of Konar paled. He looked down but seeing that the arrow has not completely gone inside the wall and no explosion had occurred, he breathed a sigh of relief.

"Does he plan to create a hole all the way to other side in the defensive walls with only his arrows? Is this man an idiot?" Baron Konar thought becuase that would only make Van exhaust his Qi completely. 

Van knocked another two arrows before charging them with his Qi and firing.



Both the arrows penetrated the defensive walls at different places and height above the first one but the distance between the three of them was the same.

Van once again fired two arrows that embedded themselves above the previous three. 

"Dammit!" Konar immediately knew what Van was trying to achieve. He was building a foothold to climb up the wall.


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