The Pleasure Lord
303 Marco and Van! - Part 5
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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303 Marco and Van! - Part 5

When the enemy commander fell down, at that instant, everyone's faces changed greatly, and shock was plastered on all over their faces. 

"Everyone, stop fighting!"

The whole battlefield suddenly came to a stop when they heard a loud voice reverberating throughout. They quickly disengaged from each other and moved a little back.

"Who is he?" Niall saw that unknown man on the hill moving. He was coming towards them. 

Niall commanded his soldiers to stop fighting since he felt it would not be good for him to ignore that man. 

The enemy soldiers were becoming agitated, seeing their commander lying on his knees with an arrow piercing his bank. 

Before they could move to save their commander, three arrows flew with a screeching sound and fell between the enemy commander and his soldiers, stopping them in their path. 

"No one moves! I won't repeat it again." 

Van reached the center quite quickly as no one blocked him due to what he has done with his bow. 

Once he reached the center, Van opened his mouth to say, "General Niall Campos, Lord Danny Glover has sent me to take over the command of the army from you. You have to assist me in protecting our borders. I hope you will cooperate... As for you..." 

Van walked up to the enemy commander and pulled his hair back to lift his head. The commander's face has become bluish, with veins popping out under and around his eyes. Van had deliberately not targeted his vital points, or he would have definitely died.

"Decide if you want to live or die. If you want to live, then order your soldiers to drop their weapons. You have five minutes before the poison reaches your heart, and then even I won't be able to save you. Also, you need a Rank 3 Poison Dispersing Pill to eliminate it from your system."


Van loosened his grip and let the head fell back down again. 

"So tell me, what is it that you want to do? Everything that was mentioned in the letter is true, and Lord Danny will honor every word on it once you choose to submit." Van turned to Niall, who was sweating profusely, and asked him again.

Niall was truly intimidated because the aura that Van was giving off made him feel like he was facing a Rank 3 Demon Beast rather than a human. Now more than before, when he was standing near to him.

Especially the soldiers who personally witnessed the scene of the arrow piercing the chest of the enemy General. At that moment, they were endlessly shocked.

Van was enough to intimidate everyone by himself!

Sure enough, Niall and his loyal subordinate frowned. They didn't wish to leave their family and wealth behind and escape to another region. Submitting was their only choice. Though he wasn't happy, he could only accept the change and go with the flow. Also, if the Lord Danny really did honour his word then there wasn't much of difference whether he changed his loyalty since his interest would not be hurt.

"...It can't be helped. I will follow you and Lord Danny from now on, please take care of me." Niall said as he sighed.

Under Van's intimidating look and strength, Niall finally made a decision. In the first place, he wasn't someone who would make a foolish decision due to his pride.

The enemy general named Jian wasn't in the state of saying no; he was desperately clinging to his life and wanted to get treated as soon as possible so that he can live. He also lifted his head and requested for the pill in a hoarse voice. 

"Perfect. Here, open your mouth." Van grabbed Jian by his neck before stuffing the pill inside his mouth. Even after the pill showed its effect and Jian's face became ruddy, Van did not release his grip from his neck.

"Don't look at me like that, first tell your soldiers to drop their weapons." Van lifted Join in the air like he was chicken about to be slaughtered and made him face his soldiers, who were seeing the scene with dumbfounded eyes.

"Drop... Drop your weapons!" It was quite tricky for Jian to say that with his neck being grabbed so tightly.

It seemed he had quite some status in his army because none of the soldiers tried to run away and threw their weapons on the ground upon being ordered by their General.

"Confisticate their weapons and take them back to the camp for temporary detention. Niall, reoeganise the troops. We will move out in a short while. Do it fast!" Van ordered after which he dragged Jian to the camp in the distance.


"Baron Konar was the weakest in terms of strength and area which he rules. He only had two cities under him, one of which in the protection of his aide, General Jian, but that city was located at the border along the Armen Kingdom. J

ian had come all the way to the east becuase he needed to command the troops and fight Count Nathan's army to expand their own territory. Therefore, Van did not go after Jian's City like he done with the Cosla City when he was Marco.

Van commanded the troops and went straight for the City where Baraon Konar resided with his family. It was a city that was located at the foot of a mountain in the northern direction where Niall and Jian had been fighting with their army.

"Jian, you bastard, how dare you betray me!" Baron Konar was furious and scared seeing that the huge army suddenly arrived at his doorstep and surrounded his city from all sides. 

"Baron Konar, I was forced by the situation. I advice you to do the same and surrender peacefully." Jian said while looking at the person sitting on a horse to his left. Van's right face was half covered in an eccentric mask that made him look terrifying.

Van had quite easily persuaded him to change sides after having a private talk together back when he was captured.


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