The Pleasure Lord
302 Marco and Van! - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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302 Marco and Van! - Part 4



The guards flew back in the air as one of the gates broke apart due to the sheer brute force of the Warhammer and the person holding it.

Tong! Tong! Tong!

Alarm bells rang atop the city walls alerting everyone in the city about the gates being breached by enemies and that their city was under attack.

A masked man walked through the dust risen in the air and over the broken gate's pieces while holding the Warhammer on his shoulders.

"Hehe, Cosla City you are mine now." Under the dumbfounded and frightened eyes of the guards and the soldiers present behind the city gates, Marco opened the other intact gate to let his own soldiers inside the city.


It was noon, and Marco was sitting in the main hall of the mansion owned by General Tilio and his family. Cosla City was fully secured after the city guards and the vice commander who was also the little brother of Tilio surrendered upon beaten back and blue by Marco. 

"... Do you all agree to become loyal subordinates of my Lord Danny Glover?" Marco's voice boomed in the main hall. His question directed at the eight early-stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivators and the two Mid-Stage Dantian formation Realm cultivators. Five of them were subordinates of General Marce while the rest worked under General Tilio including the vice commander."

No one had the guts to say no, therefore, everyone bent on one knee and took an oath to serve their new Danny Glover from now on. Of course, most of them did it becuase they feared getting their head smashed with that Warhammer lying beside Marco's feet.

"Good, I expect everyone to be true to their words. You will be rewarded depending on your actions from now on and believe me, you won't regret changing your loyalty to my Lord. Now rest for the day, tomorrow we will march to capture Baron Regan and his city.

Marco stood up from his seat and went to rest in an empty room after sending everyone away. The puppets would deal with the aftermath of the war and if anyone from those Dantain Formation Realm cultivators tried to overstep their boundaries, he would send him to the grave immediately.

 Once Marco was alone, he removed his mask and put on another one as his body transformed into Van, another character who was like Marco, a subordinate of Danny Glover. 

"Now, its time to take over the command from General Niall Campos"

He was posted in the northwest direction of the Nehmor territory and was occupied in defending against the invasion of Baron Konar's army.


When Van arrived near the battlefield where both the armies were fighting each other, trying to somehow get the upper hand on the other, Van spotted an empty space in between the two armies.

Niall was battling it out with the enemy commander. Maybe because of the news he got this morning about Count Nathan being dead, General Niall wasn't able to give his all.

He was always at the backfoot when the two Generals exchanged blows even when they matched each other in cultivation stage and strength.

The puppets reported to Van about the change they saw in Niall since the morning. 

Van nodded and summoned a high-grade bow from his inventory that he found in General Tilio's treasury back in the Cosla City. Van didn't use the Blackskeleton Bow that he got from Legonal since that would blow his cover. 

Currently, Van was above a small hill and he had a clear view of the battle being fought on the grassland. No one had noticed him till now. 


With his spiritual sense covering the distance in a radius of ten kilometers, Van lifted his bow to a certain degree. The string of his bow was pulled back before he released a shot in the air once he saw the opportunity and calculated the timing. 

"Haha, what's the matter, Niall? Did your mother die or did you caught your wife with another man? Huh? You are giving too many openings." The enemy general mocked when he saw that Niall was not focusing on their fight.

"Hmph!" Niall frowned. He was worried about his future and what decision he needs to make so that he does not regret afterward. Whether he should acknowledge the person who killed Count Nathan or should he wait and watch what the other Generals decide and then follow the best course of action.

But the battlefield was not the place to think about that. Any mistake could be a nail to his coffin, therefore, Niall started attacking rather only defending. 

But just then Nial saw something flying at a great speed towards them from the corner of his eyes. There was a glaring light that obstructed Niall's visibility but it didn't stop him from knowing it was dangerous. Niall immediately backed away leaving the enemy commander stupefied and ignorant the deadly arrow about to pierce his back.

"Huh?... Arghh!!" An extremely shrill and miserable cry pierced the skies above the blood-soaked battlefield. The enemy general only got to know about the crisis when it was too late to dodge. The head of the arrow pierced his chest all the way to the front, causing him critical injury. He fell on his knees with a thud.

It wasn't any ordinary arrow that Van had fired. The tip of the arrowhead was laced in poison which was lethal to any Dantian Formation Realm cultivator and could paralyze or be the reason for his death within minutes if the arrow hit a vital organ.

Not to mention, Van had poured his Qi inside the arrow that had a little bit of destructive attribute, making it quite sturdy, powerful, and fast. The high-grade bow and his spiritual sense also made a great contribution in enhancing its accuracy, power, and range.

Niall paled, and he quickly looked at the hill in the distance. That was the direction from where the arrow had originated.

He could only see a silhouette of a lone man holding a bow in his hand.


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