The Pleasure Lord
301 Marco and Van! - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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301 Marco and Van! - Part 3

"Hmph, idiot! Men, fire." Tilio sneered seeing that the masked man was trying to instigate him for a duel. 

Marco was unmoved, almost as though he did not see the arrow volley being shot at him. He only leaned back on his horse ever so slightly, moving his hand back holding the Warhammer. His grin below his mask was visible to tilio who suddenly felt cold shivers running through his spine.


There was suddenly a booming sound and Tilio was sent flying and crashing into his soldiers to his back.

The valley turned silent all of a sudden because no one had imagined this outcome.

Tilio was lying on top of a few unconscious soldiers with a huge Warhammer embedded in his chest. Seeing how their General's chest was caved in and the blood gushing out like a river from the edges, everyone knew there was no chance he would be alive.

"Everyone! Retreat!" The vice commander of the enemy forces immediately ordered the troops to retreat. His face was full of horror. he moved his horse to arrive near the corpse of General Tilio and tried to move the Warhammer so that he could take back his body with him but the Warhammer was too heavy.

"Dammit!" He could only leave their chief's body because the terrifying masked man behind them was moving towards them atop his horse.

The enemy soldiers started running back even before the vice commander gave the order.

Marco gave no heed to the enemy forces running away. He leaned to the side and lifted his Warhammer covered in blood.

"You should have accepted the duel, I would have only knocked you unconscious," Marco whispered in low voice. 

"Wh... Who is he? Did Count send him?" Captin Lesley asked turning to Garter. He was just as shocked as the enemies. 

Garter was just as shocked as him but he didn't reply to him at all.

"Marce is dead, Count Nathan is also dead. He is our's and your new General, Marco."

With half-opened mouth, Captain Lesley looked wide-eyed at Riley. for some time he couldn't comprehend his word or he just couldn't believe what he said about General Marce and Count Nathan

"When he comes back, you all better bow down to Marco if you don't want to die like the enemy General. He is the subordinate of Lord Danny Glover who now rules the Nehmor City. " Riley said again.

"How dare you!" Captain Lesley became furious, he felt humiliated being talked in a superior tone by a Body Tempering Realm cultivator. He didn't see that Marco was coming back towards them. Captain Oslo and Morf saw him, therefore they hastily spurred their horses to move back.

Marco approached Captain Lesley at an incredible speed and slapped his cheeks with full strength. The captain of the five hundred men did not even see him coming. 


He vomited blood and tumbled about his horse. 

"N-No way!" The other two Captain's and the soldiers were stunned. Captain Lesley was a Mid-Stage Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator. But then they remembered the fate of Tilio who was at the Peak stage of Dantian Formation Realm, it didn't seem shocking to them now.

"Riley, separate the injured soldiers and leave some guys to treat them. You three regroup the soldiers who can still fight. We will go after the enemy troops once the soldiers left behind arrive here." Marco ordered without asking whether Captain Oslo, Morf, and Lesley agreed to him being the new commander.

"Also call back our people who are camping above on the mountain on either side of the valley. We don't need to defend that place. Move quickly!" Marco ordered. 

Those three Dantian Formation Realm Cultivator could only grit their teeth and do as Marco said. They didn't have the guts to rebuke or confront him now.

The soldiers who didn't know anything about the coup were informed by the veterans Marco had brought with him. Oslo and the other two Captain also came to know about the whole story from them. Once the militia arrived and the two five hundred men Captain came down the mountain with their respective soldiers behind them.

Marco ordered to move to the end of the valley and beyond.

"Fuck, they are coming. Retreat back to the Cosla city, Retreat!" The vice commander shouted on top of his lungs. He didn't think, he would be able to stop the person who killed General Tilio so easily with just him and his soldiers. They have to get behind the safety of the city walls and ask for Baron Regan to come and help. 

As for the villages, town, and the territory before the Cosla city, they can only give up.

One strong man can turn tides of the battle in a blink. Marco pursued the enemy forces on horses with six hundred soldiers riding atop horses behind him.

The enemy soldiers that were running on foot were quickly overtaken and rounded up before they surrendered seeing that there was no chance to escape. When their own militia arrived, the cavalry followed behind Marco and once again spurred their horses to catch up with the enemy troops escaping on horses. The militia would take care of surrendered soldiers.

Marco didn't worry that they run away since he had also left behind some puppets who can easily control the situation.

"Ha!... Archers, bring out your bows and fire." Marco shouted when the enemy soldiers came in range. 


"Arghh!!" the arrows covered the sky and fell towards the enemy soldiers who spread had spread out to minimize casualty. But around sixty soldiers or their horses were hit causing them to fall on the ground.

"Leave them, and keep moving." The Cosla city which belonged to the family of General Tilio was in sight, therefore, Marco ordered not to go after the enemy soldiers that fell down their horses but were still alive.

"Open the damn gates!" The vice commander shouted at the guards on top of the city walls who immediately informed the guards at the gate. 

The gates were immediately opened and the vice commander with his three-fifty soldiers who made it this far alive poured into the city. When everyone was inside, the city guards started closing the gates behind them to not let the pursuing enemies through the city walls.

"My horse is too slow." Marco thought before he jumped off his horse and started running towards the gate to enter it before it could close down. Unlike the cities back on the Seashell island, here most of the cities had their walls and gates protected by the formation barrier to guard the city from being breached easily.


Arrows were fired from the top of the city walls at Marco. 

Alex or Marco as of now didn't fear the arrows as he could use his spiritual sense to dodge them quite easily. Not to mention his body defenses and protective Qi surrounding him couldn't be breached by normal arrows.

Seeing that the gates were about to close, Marco jumped and swing his Warhammer above his head before smashing it on the special gates that could also handle the attacks of Elemental Gathering Realm cultivators if they were allowed to be fully closed, and secured by the formation barrier.


A city guard could see Marco from the gap still left in the gates as they tried to close it, he became flustered and scared. 

"Move Ba...!"




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