The Pleasure Lord
300 Marco and Van! - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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300 Marco and Van! - Part 2

Garter, Ken, and the other veteran's soldiers that were present there with Riley right now felt embarrassed and shameful since revolting against your own general is not something to be proud of or a glorious thing as no Lord would want their soldiers that may revolt again in the future.

"Why are you all lowering your heads? You all did the right thing. You are not slaves; you do not own them anything; its because of you all that Count Nathan and General Marce live a lavish life due to your hard work and sacrifices in the battlefield. I heard about General Marce's deeds; he wasn't a good man at all. I would have done the same if I were in your positions."

The soldiers did not know what to say. 

"Hm, if my Lord ever becomes like him, I would either leave him or kill him right away." Marco suddenly said, taking the soldiers standing theirs by surprise.


The soldiers gasped in shock, hearing Marco say that. It was a taboo for subordinates to talk ill of their Lord no matter where they were standing. It takes quite a daring to say that in front of outsiders.

"What? Haha, don't worry. If you want, you can say that to Lord Danny's face; he is quite easy-going. Be loyal to him, and he will be loyal and good to you; that's his character. But you will find it easier to understand when you meet him. So, now that you have accepted me as your Commander Let's go and make preparation to take back what was lost becuase of General Marce's incompetence."

Under the leadership of the new Chief of the south-west frontier, General Marco, every squad leader was called inside the main tent.

Though not everyone was present since the early stage Dantian Formation realm experts have gone out to patrol the border, Marco discussed the strategy to fight against Baron Regan's army. 

"... Alright, that's all. Does everyone remember what they need to do." Marco asked after explaining everyone their roles.

"Yes, General Marco." the soldiers replied.

"Good, let go now." Marco said as he picked up his oversized Warhammer from the ground.

"No... Now?" Garter asked surprised. He thought they move tomorrow.

"Yes, we need to start now. Also, the Baron Regan would know by tomorrow that Count Nathan is dead, he would definitely order his army to start attacking aggressively. We need to get the upper hand before they do that."

"But sir, half of the soldiers are currently outside the camp having clashing with the enemy forces under leadership of the few five-hundred squad Captains. They still do not know about the changes that has happened inside the camp. We were thinking you would deal with them first." Ken 

"We don't have time for that. I will make those captains submit when I meet them at the frontline so don't worry. Go and prepare the cavalry and militia. No one needs to stay behind in the camp. We will be going all out."

The camp was located just some distance away from the entrance of the one kilometer valley in the south west direction.

Before the start of the war, Caount Nathan's territory extended all the way to the opposite end of the valley and three kilometers after that.

But becuase of low numbers and the intentional sabotagingof ssupply chain of logistic by the puppets, Marce was forced to retreat to his present location and make a camp here since its easier to defend the narrow valley than the flatlands. 

Currently Marce should have been at the frontline but becuase of the coup by his soldiers just a few hours ago, there was no way he could go there. 

In just half hour, the whole one thousand four hundred soldiers moved out of the camp excluding Marco and the fifty puppets.

Hundred more puppets were waiting at the frontline, some were hidden, some were fighting with the enemies under the lead of the Dantian Formation Realm cultivators.

Only two hundred soldiers were mounting on horses while the rest were marching on foot. 

Marco went ahead with the cavalry and left the militia to arrive at the frontline at their own pace.


"Raise your shield and block the enemy. Do not fear, General Marce will be arriving shortly. Archers fire at enemy commander." Captain Horf yelled at the troops who were scared to see the enemy charging at them.

The front row drove their shields into the ground while the second row placed their shields on top, creating an impregnable iron wall. But they were not so imprganable in front of a Peak stage Dantian Formation Realm cultivator. 

"Arghh..." The shields broke upon impact. The soldiers at the frontline were sent in to the air at one swing of the enemy commander.

"Dammit!...Resist! Resist with all you've got! Remember that the moment there's a gap between the shields, we're all dead!" Captain Lesley shouted from the back of his troops and sent the cannon fodders to stop the charge of the enemy commander and fill the gap.


Just then everyone heard a sound of a horn.


Seeing the cavalry arriving from the direction of the camp, Oslo, the five hundred men Captain finally heaved a sigh of relief.

They were being pushed back becuase the General of the enemy troops who was at Peak stage Dantain formation Realm, has come to the frontline when he saw the absence of their own General Marce.

"Tch! I needed just a little more time.... Everyone pull back for now." General Tilio shouted as he turned his horse to move back. 

For the time being, both the army disengaged form the battle. 

Captain Lesley and others were also relieved. If General Marce had been anymore late, the enemies would have breached their defences and completed decimated them before occupying the valley.

The soldiers at the back parted ways seeing that the arrival of General Marce and the two hundred soldiers riding upon the horses.

"Huh?..." Captain Olso suddenly found that the person leading at front of the reinforcement was not General Marce like he had thought but instead it was man whose face was covered half in a mask and he was holding a Warhammer in one of his hands. He recognised Garter, Ken and the other veterans therefore, he was hesitated if he should stop them or not.

Marco ignored the surprised and the doubtful gazes of Captain Oslo, Lesley, Horf and the other soldiers, instead he galloped all the way to the front with the two hundred soldiers he had brought with him.

"Oy, pig face Tilio. Come and fight me if you are man." Marco didn't stop his horse when he reached the front. Instead he only signalled Garter and others to stop before rushing towards the retreating enemy forces. His shout reverberated thoughtout the valley.

Tilio stopped his horse and looked back.

"Huh, Who the fuck is he? I thought it was Marce." Tilio never thought it would someone else.

"Oy, fuck face, don't you hear me, come and fight like a man. I challenge you to a duel." Marco shouted once again as his slowed down his horse until it came to halt in the middle of the open space between the two army.


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