The Pleasure Lord
299 Marco and Van! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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299 Marco and Van! - Part 1

"What! Is Lord Danny really not in Whiteconch City right now? Where is he then? I mean, can tell us where he has gone or when he would come back." A pirate asked while being tied to the mast of the ship with his companion.

They were intercepted in between their journey to the Whiteconch city by the vessels under Lord Danny that was patrolling this region. 

They could only surrender and pray that the soldiers won't kill them right away. Thankfully, they were only tied up and were now being transported to Whiteconch City, which was their goal all along. Now they only need to somehow meet with Lord Danny pass on their Captains' message to him. 

"I can't tell you that. You will have to stay put in a house until Lord Danny comes back. We will tell him about you two, and if he wishes to wishes so, then we will present you two in front of him. Until then, you will be imprisoned in a house. Be grateful that you are not thrown straightaway in prison. If you had hidden your pirate identity, you two would have never gotten the chance to meet with him. Lord Danny hates liars." The puppet soldier said.

'We didn't want to reveal our identity at all, but Captain ordered us to do so... Thankfully, we listened to her.' The pirates thought. 

Alex was watching the two pirates since they have behaved; he would meet them in the evening, but not now since he was still in the Nehmor City in everyone's mind. Right now, he had a problem at his hand, which he needed to solve.

The Armen Kingdom that bordered to the west were mobilizing their troops to take advantage of the war between the Count Nehmor and the rest of the independent Nobles.

News has reached their ears about Butler Francis being dead, so they knew it was not a small scale scuffle that would calm down after a little while.

There was going to be full out war to gobble up the territory of Count Nathan, and it may even result in the complete disintegration of the Nehmor family.

That's why the Armen Kingdom was going to take this chance to attack the adjacent territories Baron Regan, Viscount Bardrick, and Baron Konar the moment their army invade deep into the Count Nathan's land.

That would make it difficult for these Baron and Viscount to mobilize troops back to their western border in time. 

Alex didn't want to see that happen since he already considered the territory of the former Sylvia Kindom as his own.

Once the envoys of the Baron's and Viscount Bardrick about the death of Count Nathan, they will definitely come at the full force, which would cause a domino effect making the Armen Kingdom mobilize their troops and attack from their back.

Before that happens, he needs to get control of all the General's and reinforce them so that they do not get defeated. 

Alex needed to recruit more Peak or Late stage Dantian Gathering Realm cultivators to work under the identity of Danny. Mary is one candidate. Lisa is another; he can't make Nora reveal her face here in the meantime, so she was out of the picture. Nancy wasn't the kind of person to fight in a warm. 

"Do I have to run around fighting the enemies in every direction?" Alex rubbed his forehead. He also needs to go to the Braveheart Sect so that he can enroll on time. 

"Should I create more identities? So that its easier for me to be at many places at the same time without being found out."

Alex stood up from his chair and went in front of a mirror. The skin on his face wriggled while his muscles turned a little buff, bigger than Danny. 

The result was a guy who looked at the age of the late twenties, but becuase of the hair, eye color, and facial structure, there were still some similarities that could be seen between Danny, Alex, and this new face. 

"Hm, maybe a mask would be better. I can fool others with only the shape of my muscles." Alex searched his inventory, took out a mask that covered his upper face, and left everything below the nose exposed.

"Let's name you, Marco. You will be a subordinate under Danny, who uses a Warhammer as a weapon of choice. A pure melee fighter with exceptional strength.

Alex took out another mask, different in design than the first one, and once again made changes to his facial muscles and the body. Alex turned slimmer with fewer muscles visible on his body. 

"I shall name you, Van. A bow and arrow user with a skinny build. You would be the second subordinate to work under Danny."

Alex remembered the build of Van and Marco, so he doesn't make a mistake when changing into them again.


"At the border of Baron Hasculf territory, where Marce was posted before, Alex appeared near the camp in the disguise of Marco. Five puppet soldiers also arrived from different directions as they had been waiting there for his arrival. Together they walked to the camp until the soldiers on the wooden watchtowers noticed them. 

"Stop!" A soldier shouted, alerting his companions too. 

Marco smiled and lifted his hand up in the air to show he was defenseless and came without any ill intention.

"At ease, soldier. I will talk to them." Riley's voice suddenly arrived from behind the soldiers guarding the gates of the camp.

Then the performance started between Marco and Riley. Marco revealed his identity and his intention for coming to their camp. After knowing that he was a subordinate of Lord Danny, the soldiers were surprised since they were not expecting Danny to send his men so fast and before their own letter reached him. But they did not think too deeply about this matter.

Of course, Riley did not let Marco inside the camp quickly; he made no mistake of revealing that they knew each other. Riley let Marco the five armed soldiers around him through the and then took them to the tent, which was used by Marce previously. 

"Haha, you guys are good. Lord Danny would be happy to hear about this." Marco laughed out loud as he saw Marce in a cage and locked in chains. 


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