The Pleasure Lord
298 Rebellion - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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298 Rebellion - Part 4

"Who the fuck is spreading such nonsense? Count Nathan is not dead, you idiots. He is well and alive."

"Stop it! Don't you lie to us, we know what was writing in the letter you got this morning... Marce, we know how sly you are since we have been under you for so many years." Ken spoke while having his bow aimed at Marce.

Marce's face blackened, 'How did they come to know bout the letter, it's still with me?... Fuck, it the work of that motherfu*ker? Dammit, it has to be him.' 

Danny was the main suspect to spread the news in the army so that the soldiers will rebel and create chaos. He might have slipped his men inside the camp to do his work.

"You all think before you do anything stupid. I won't be merciful to you fucking traitors."


Marce took out his sword from the sheath, making it hum as he poured his Qi in it.

Some young soldiers hesitated, but seeing that Garter, Ken, and all the veterans in front of them remained standing firm, they stayed on their foot.

"Good, Good, so you all have chosen death, let's see how you can make me surrender... " 


The archers released the bowstrings, shooting arrows at Marce from every direction. 

"Hmph!" Marce activated a talisman scroll to block the arrows. He was going to attack after the volley ends. 

Riley, who was standing on the right-hand side of Marce, suddenly threw a scroll on the ground that released a smoke bomb. 


"Huh!" Marce furrowed his brow, becuase everything outside the barrier was being covered in smoke, and the visibility was lowering. 

'What are they planning to do?' Marce stood in his place while heightening his senses to the max. 

Once the volley of arrows stopped hitting the barrier, Marce removed it, but just then, he something moving from his right, front, and left direction. Three men rushed at him with swords or spear in their hands.

"Just three of you, are you guys joking with me?" Marce didn't know what these three men were planning to do becuase he sensed their cultivation to be the ninth stage of Body Tempering Realm, which is of problem to him. He could take them out with one swing of the sword.

Riley and the other two puppets rushed towards Marce without fearing for their lives. The smoke around them made it impossible for the soldiers to see what was happening inside. They only knew that Riley was planning to kill Marce with two other guys. 

But something that no one could fathom what occurred inside the coverage of the smoke. Just as Marce swing his arm holding the sword in a horizontal slash to take out the three soldiers together, a change happened that took him by surprise.

One of the soldiers who were to his left vanished in front of his eyes, and in the next second, he saw another person appear in his place. He was the person whose face Marce can never forget

'Alex Modrake?' The sudden appearance of Alex surprised Marce and but it also ignited his anger that he had buried deep in his heart. 

Alex smiled, seeing Marce, and said in a low voice, "You are not my match anymore, Marce Marell." 


Two sharp limbs similar to a demon beast burst out from Alex's back. Before Marce could express his shock, Alex vanished in the smoke. It literally felt like he became one with the smoke.

Goosebumps appeared all over Marce's skin as he sensed life-threatening danger. Marce immediately brought his sword down at the place where Alex vanished, ignoring the other two soldiers.

But just when he swung the sword halfway down, Marce felt a painful pressure on his stomach. 

Alex directly boomed onto Marce's abdomen, sending him flying back in the air at once, but the two claws on Alex's back caught the legs of Marce in place and smashed him towards the ground using the inertia.


"Aghh!" Marce coughed blood before his body turned limp as he lost consciousness due to the powerful hit.

The powerful movement created an air current that dispersed the smoke around Alex, the puppets, and Marce on the ground. Alex switched back with the previous puppet and went back to the Whiteconch city so that he doesn't become visible in the soldier's eyes.

As the smoke lifted off, with bated breath, Garter, Ken, and the rest of the soldiers saw Riley standing on top of Marce's body.

Riley was panting heavily; likewise, the other soldiers with him, he turned and waved at everyone to come closer.

"He's unconscious, tie him up tightly, and feed him the Qi suppressing and Body weakening pills."

"You... How did you do it?" Ken asked, coming closer and looking the hideous wound on Marce's lower abdomen.

"With some luck," Riley answered and then said, " Make haste and throw hi in a cage afterward. In the meantime, I will write a letter to Danny Glover and ask him to send a capable leader to see over our regiment of soldiers. We can't leave the border defenseless or the enemy soldiers will invade the inner regions." 

"Why arent we killing him? One of the young soldiers suddenly voiced after seeing that Riley was going to keep Marce alive.

"Its better if we hand him over ot Danny alive. Anyway, he is hte new Lord of this region now so if we have to live under him its better to get on his good side and gain some merit.


"Do not argue with me! All of you go back to your post and act like everything is normal. Garter, Ken, come with me," The puppets needed to keep order in the army without any strong leader until Danny could send 'reinforcement' and capable person to lead them. 

The soldiers were still confused as to how Riley defeated Marce but they were also in awe of him becuase he could do it. That's why listened to his instructions and went back to their post.

Their rebellion against Marce had ended without any need for them to do much work. Back at the Whiteconch City, Alex changed into new clothes since his previous one was damaged.

He walked towards the dining hall in a good mood, unaware of the impending danger. Moonwalker has left for the Seashell island.


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