The Pleasure Lord
297 Rebellion - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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297 Rebellion - Part 3

The puppet had managed to rile up the soldiers with his speech, and through his eloquence, Riley incited them to fight against General Marce.

"Riley! We get what trying to say, but who could possibly fight General Marce Head on. Even if we gang up on him, we will have a lot of casualties... Another thing I must say is that the enemy camp is looking in our direction at all times. It's known to all what they will do once we have chaos on our side. Also, have you thought about the consequences of what would happen after Count Nathan comes to know of it." A veteran soldier who kept his mind calm all the time explained.

His words poured cold water on the hearts of many soldiers who were going to go with Riley and rebel.

"I have it all planned. I only ask for your cooperation keeping the soldiers together. Killing General Marce will be my responsibility. As for Count Nathan, I didn't want to tell you at first, but Count Nathan was killed yesterday by the same man who took over General Marce's Whiteconh City."


A wave of argument started between the soldiers. It was hard to believe Riley.

"Did anyone read what was written on the letter that General Marce read today, which was also the reason for his gloominess and his anger? You all had your heads down, but I read the letter fast when he put it down on the table before decapitating a fellow soldier and shouting at us. I was reading it all along while you guys. Count Nathan is dead, Danny Glover has become the new Lord of the Nehmor City, he asks for every General to surrender to him. No harm to the innocent and cooperative soldiers. This is the gist of what I could read in that span of time. Now tell me, do you still fear the retaliation of Count Nathan?" Riley said, bringing back hope for every soldier who had a heart full of hatred and vengeance towards General Marce.

The veterans didn't answer immediately; they communicated among themselves before replying, " Riley, you saved a lot of soldiers in this battle. We all are very thankful to you and also have a lot of trust in you. If you say that you have a way to deal with General Marce, then we will believe since we all know about your character and also have a debt to repay for saving the lives of so many soldiers. We are with you. Tell us what we need to do."

All the soldiers present there nodded their heads with determination. 

"It's simple to spread the word around the camp and have the soldiers join us, but don't let anyone bitch about us rebelling to the General before we start. Subdue anyone that tries to go towards Marce's camp. Also, keep an eye out for other leaders that are at the early stage of Dantian Formation Realm and have gone out to patrol the border...." Riley explained to all the soldiers about his general plan before everyone went back inside the camp to rally the other soldiers with them.

Riley was not the only puppet inside the camp; the other puppets also did their work in rallying the soldiers together and made sure not to let someone snitch to General Marce in the meantime.

There are always people who are like this, so the puppets made sure not to let anyone create a problem in their plan.

Inside the commander's tent, Marce was packing his bag with his possessions; it seemed he was planning to run away.

But of course, he would not leave without creating trouble for Danny. Marce planned to have his soldiers give way to the enemies by shifting the camp someplace else.

Once he does that, Marce would leave the camp and the soldiers on their own before going southwest. Marce was sure to find a suitable place and position in one of the kingdoms with his cultivation level.

After preparing everything for his journey, Marce came out of his tent only to find that many soldiers had gathered around it. But Marce was busy thinking about his own problems, so he didn't notice the abnormality with the soldiers.

"Garter, Ken, mobilize all the troops. We will be moving out in half an hour. Also, call back the patrol teams immediately." Marce turned to go back inside his tent and expected to hear something like 'Yes, General' from the two men he called just now. But he listened to no affirmation from his soldiers whatsoever.

Instead, he heard the sound of bows being drawn and swords being unsheathed.

"What the meaning of this, Garter?" Marce asked as he turned to face his soldiers who were pointing their weapons at him, their General.

"Marce Marell, you are as of now stripped from your position as our General. Becuase of your insane and ruthless behavior, killing innocent soldiers on a whim, we no longer be under you. It's best you drop on your knees and peacefully surrender."

"Surrender, you say... Garter, you retard! Are you trying to be funny? Do you all know the consequences of rebelling against your General and the Count?" Marce's face didn't look right, he was already in a bad mood, and now he has a rebellion on his hands by his soldiers.

Marce released his cultivation pressure as the veins on his forehead popped out. It was suffocating for the soldiers standing at the forefront, but no one lowered their weapons even after facing the enormous pressure. 

Garter was a ninth-grade Body Tempering realm cultivator. He was of no match to Marce, but he stood his ground even though his body was trembling and his forehead visibly sweating.

Riley was going to take care of Marce while they only have to make sure that the soldiers stay united and do not let the General escape. 

"Marce, we know Count Nathan is dead. Danny Glover has taken over Nehmor City. We soldiers have our family living on this land, and now that the rulers have changed, we don't want to do anything that will irk the new Lord." Ken said out loud, causing Marce's face to become ashen.


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