The Pleasure Lord
295 Rebellion - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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295 Rebellion - Part 1

It was in the early morning when Alex woke up to two gorgeous ladies clinging to him like an octopus. The smell of sex was rich in the whole room, and why wouldn't it be, the entire fuck-fest between them had gone from yesterday noon till late in the evening before they went to sleep.

Alex and the two women missed their dinner becuase of that.

Alex carefully shifted their arms and legs on him aside and sat up while making sure not to wake them up.

He covered their naked bodies with a quilt before entering the bathroom attached to it. 

After he got fresh, Tagor contacted him to deliver intel about Mary Read's movements. 

"My Lord, Mary Read, has sent her men to meet you. We will make contact with them once they enter the area where the ships patrol." 

"Hm, bring them to me once they come. What about Lisa? Where has she reached till now?" Alex asked as he wore his new set of clothes. He already knew why Mary had sent them becuase of Rea, so there was no issue about them. 

"It will take her another day before she reaches the Sea Shell Island," Tagor replied.

"Alright, keep me up to date and start making haste in transporting Marce's and Legonal's soldiers from Seashell Island to the Whiteconch city. Also, send another consignment of thousand puppets through the Portal gates. I will need them to tighten the defense around the Sylvia Kingdom's capital and the Whiteconch city. Blackbeard, you can start capturing the smaller cities by the shore. I will send some forces towards you once you achieve that, remember not to hurt any innocent people, its all an act, alright?" 

"I understand, My Lord," Blackbeard answered from his pirate ship. They have been sieging the cities in the north and had captured small towns and villages around them in the meantime. They have also been resisting the invasion of Baron Hasculf's small naval army, who have their territory adjacent to the Nehmor county in the north direction by the shore.

There is also a General of Count Nehmor posted in the northern region, but he cannot move back from his place to deal with the pirates.

He has to defend against the land army of Baron Hasculf from invading inland. He is just praying that Count Nehmor will find some way to deal with the Blackbeard pirates behind them, or else their supplies will run out in a few days.

But that was just his wishful thinking since Count Nehmor is already dead, and he will get the news of the tragedy soon by the hands of a puppet before the General could even have his breakfast.

Alex doesn't have the human resources to subjugate every General under Nathan at the same time. Therefore, he had taken another path, which is to let the General's come to him on their own accord after learning that he will not harm them under the condition that they change their allegiance to him. 

The possibility of them surrendering is very high since the soldiers beneath them have their families living in the cities or towns. The General's would have to face a rebellion from their own soldiers if they did not comply. 

There is another way, Alex could swap with a puppet that is stationed near the Generals and assassinate or make them surrender one by one. It wouldn't take much time, but the soldiers under them would fall into chaos, and it would be hard to keep them from running away by himself.

Of course, if any of the General's decision not to surrender, Alex would immediately appear in his front and beat him until he does.

Why he didn't choose this path first is becuase he wants to keep his ability to appear at so many places on the same day, which is practically impossible with his cultivation.

It would create unnecessary rumors which Alex did not want to happen.

Even now, he isn't showing himself to the people of Whiteconch City becuase they think he has gone to the Nehmor City and had just captured it yesterday. 

Just as Alex had planned, the Generals got the message that he delayed by a whole day purposely. No one wanted to believe at first after reading the letter that was brought over by some unknown people who appeared at the entrance of their camp in the morning.

But the authenticity of the letter was clearly visible to each General. The letters had the stamp of Count of Nehmor Insignia made by a unique tool that is in the hands of Nathan and the miscellaneous trinkets that were related to the Generals but was owned, Count Nathan. It's impossible that any of the generals could make a mistake in recognizing them. 

"You got to be kidding me," General Niall Campos stood up from his chair in a fit of rage once his attendant read out the letter for him. 

"Fuck, am I dreaming?" General Yasir Santos pinched his arm only to cringe in pain. Unfortunately, he was well awake. 

"Sigh... First, it was Alex, and now there is another young man who came out of nowhere, Daniel Glover... Surrender, huh?" General Legonal rubbed his temple as he thought about what to do next. 

General Parson Wright reacted the same way. He was the strongest of all the generals and also the oldest. Parson had fought under the late father of Nathan and had survived like Butler Francis on that day. Like General Legonal, he also thought about what his next step would be. 


Marce stood in front of a table that he just know broken into pieces. The air around him scared the soldiers that stood in the same tent. They didn't dare to breath fearing they would attract his attention.

Marce was panting in rage; his eyes were bloodshot. Aside from the matter of his loss at the hands of a sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy, just a few days ago, the capture of Whiteconch city in his absence by another young man named Danny Glover dealt a huge blow to him. 

"Danny Glover, you bastard! Like I would believe, you will let me live once I surrender. That wench is after all your ally," 

There was no way he could go back now. 


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