The Pleasure Lord
294 Changing Target!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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294 Changing Target!

Back at the Inn where Nora used to work before, the branch head of the Three Fanged Shadow Hall was sitting on a chair in his room, holding a book in his hand though his eyes seemed to be unfocused.

A face of a young girl who he brought from the streets flashed through his mind from time to time.

Shaking his head ruefully, Moonwalker continued reading.

Tomorrow, he would go out to kill Danny glover, his target, and then go back to the Castle of Count Nathan to get the rest of the payment. 

He was about to extinguish the candles on his desk when the hoot of an owl sounded from the direction of the window, bringing him out of his reverie.

With a sigh, Moonwalker closed the notebook and rose from his chair to pick up the note tied the owl's leg that had just landed on the window sill.

"Count Nathan is... dead!" A frown appeared on the assassin's face. He turned the note and read what was written on its back.

"Danny Glover killed him," His eyebrows had lifted slightly, but they quickly drew down again.

"Hahaha, quite an interesting turn of events. My customer is already dead, and he was executed by the person I was paid to kill... Danny Glover, you have quite good luck." Moonwalker smiled. The information on his hand cannot be wrong since it was sent by a trusted spy, a comrade of the Three Fanged Shadow Hall. 

Since Count Nathan is already dead, he won't go out to kill Danny now. Though he is curious about this young man who literally popped out from nowhere, with no information regarding his origin in assassins organization whatsoever, Moonwalker wasn't planning on wasting his time finding more about him. It was the work of other departments in their organization.

But just then, the assassin thought about Nora he who he had trained in the way of a killer for so many years. His heart became filled with sorrow. 

'Am I making the same mistake?... Will you hate me, Zoey?' If anyone of his fellow peers or superiors saw him now, they would feel shocked becuase the Moonwalker they remembered had never shown such emotion since the time he killed his first target.

"Sigh,... since Nathan has already paid me an advance, I need to do something... Let's just change the task from killing Danny to going out to the Seashell Island and avenge, No, I mean its to investigate the disappearance of Trystan and Nora," a chilling glint flashed through the eyes of the assassin.

Now he wasn't going to wait for the person that he had sent there to investigate. Tomorrow, he would travel to one of the cities on the east bank, then pick a ship which would be going to the Seashell Island or the Islands near it.

Whiteconch city and the smaller cities around it are completely sealed so he could only go the territory of the Viscount Badrick or Baron Hasculf who has their territories with borders along the shore.


On an Island which was situated near the fiefdom owned by Baron Hasculf. A ship that looked just like any other merchant ship was docked in a pier of that Island.

"Captain, I have brought back some news. We can't go to the cities adjacent to Whiteconch City. That Blackbeard and his group of pirates who we couldn't find for so many days are now currently attacking those cities except for the Whiteconch city. They have blocked the waters around that area and are not letting any ship to come near."

"Huh?" Mary asked a little surprised. 

'Why would that Blackbeard show up now and attack the cities of Count Nathan?... Is there a connection between Danny and him?' Mary pondered. It would be odd to have two forces attacking Count Nathan at the same time.

"I also heard they had some engagement with Danny Glover's ship but the pirates backed off once they knew their opponent was hard steel they couldn't chew. Once the Blackbeard suffered a defeat, they completely disengaged with Danny's forces and he is now only concentrating on the city to the north and the towns around it.

"Are you sure? Where did you hear it from?" Mary asked.

"A group of Merchants had just arrived from a town near the Ellisville City where Blackbeard has stationed his ships. I got the news from them."

"Hm, good work, go and rest for tonight." Mary sent her subordinate away. 

'If the Blackbeard pirates and Danny Glover have fought each other then there's not a big possibility of them being allies. But now how do I contact Danny? I don't even know if he will talk to me or let me leave after somehow I get the chance to meet him...' Mary was having a headache. There were many possibilities in this scenario and she had no control whatsoever.

Without knowing the character of the person or being strong enough, she can't just go and meet him defenseless and without an escape plan if things go south.

Finally, Mary could only grit her teeth and make a decision that she will meet Danny face to face without worrying about other consequences, Lisa only has a year left before the power of her seal completely vanishes.

"Captain Mary, it's better if you send someone first to meet Danny Glover as a messenger. If it's possible then ask him to come and meet us on the sea so that we can have many escape routes." Rea suddenly voiced her thoughts to Mary.

"Right, we can do that... Shit, all the stress is making me dumb." Mary patted her head. Now she needed to decide who to send as the messenger.

'Should I send Rea, she is smarter and has a clam personality, unlike my other subordinates... ' Mary looked at Rea for a few seconds before shaking her head. She wasn't keen on letting her favorite playmate in bed to take such a huge risk.

'No, she is a valuable asset and a trusted comrade, she shouldn't take the risk... Anyway, the task is only to pass her message to Danny. It does not matter who does it in the end.' Mary finally decided to send his three of her subordinates.


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