The Pleasure Lord
292 Prowess Of A Monster - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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292 Prowess Of A Monster - Part 3

"Mmm!... Ahn~! Ah, Yeesh!..."

Her pussy was humping slowly into Alex's face irregularly. Neither woman was very close to cumming, but Nancy was closer than Nora.

That was fine because her body was more sensitive.

Nancy was also really enjoying what Nora was doing; she had licked between the other pair of inner and outer pussy lips, thoroughly licking the surfaces of both lips.

Then she had again played with the clit , and this time Nora had curled her tongue under the clit hood and gently kissed the precious love button that was hidden there.

Licking that sweetest of sweet spots, had produced immediate results; Nancy's purring had turned to pleasurable groans, and she was secreting even more delicious nether juices.

Nora sucked up all those juices and continued to caress her womanhood with her tongue while Nancy pussy was pushing Nora's face even more strongly.

Meanwhile, Alex was caressing Nora's lovely wet pussy with his tongue. After he finished licking her outer lips, Alex greedily consumed all the delicious fluids that had been produced by her sweet-smelling velvety pussy. He probed gently under her vagina, and then beside that sweet love hole.

Nora's mouth was too busy to say anything, but she showed her enjoyment by producing more delicious and fragrant juices and by jamming itself against Alex's face. She was getting closer to cumming, but this was still quite a while off.

"I want you inside of me," Nancy said, softly, breathing hard and dragging Alex towards her body, leading him upon her. Nora grabbed his little lord and helped to place the head at the entrance of Nancy's waiting pussy.

Alex was in heaven once again as he pushed his dick into her sleek and velvety pussy, stretching her walls to its limits. Alex started moving his hips as he lifted her legs up to his shoulders.

"Fuck me harder," Nancy stammered.

"Like this?"

Alex spanked her. The sensation went right up to her head.

"Yes! Like that!"

Slap. Slap.

Alex's palm thudded. Her pussy was so damn wet at that point, and he slipped in and out of her.

A fire blazed on the small hearth against one wall, the flickering light playing across Nora's creamy skin as she slid her lithe, nude body over Nancy, and straddled her.

"Hehe, I didn't know she would like it rough." Nora chuckled as she sat on Nancy's face. She wanted her to return the favor. Nancy understood, she tasted the female assassin's juices with her tongue.

Nora licked her lower lips; a current went through her spine as the older lady down below seems to be getting better and better at moving her fleshy tongue inside her vagina.

Alex grinned at Nora when their eyes met. 

"Alex... Ahn~... I heard from Nancy that you have quite a good ability... why don't you put it to good use...Mm!" Nora winked in anticipation. She has been waiting to see Alex's prowess that made Nancy's face to become beetroot even at the mention of it.

"Mm!" Nancy squirmed under Nora when she heard her say that. Alex felt her pussy constricting around his member.

Alex smiled before he closed his eyes. 

The skin on his back and shoulders wriggled on the surface like something was trying to come outside. After becoming stronger and progressing in both body and cultivation, he was able to tap more of Plum's ability to make changes to his flesh and have control over it.

Nora's eyes widened in astonishment. Her eyes had a hard time believing what she was seeing. 

As if she saw a monster coming out from the deep abyss with multiple fleshy tentacle arms and their end morphed in the shape of a penis crown, Nora's mouth gaped wide. Still, instead of feeling horror, she felt her pussy squirming in anticipation as it had a mini orgasm at the thought of what might happen next. Nancy almost suffocated when Nora tightened her legs around her face and rubbed her sex over her face.

She felt something then, a slithering sensation up her leg. She tried to pull her leg tight to her but was stopped by something at her ankle.

She could feel the slimy things in between trying to penetrate her and wound itself around her bare flesh. They were warm, and the feeling sent tingles up and down her spine.

The fleshy, snakelike things wrapped around her wrists and ankles like they were alive and had a mind of their own. They flipped her over, so her face was on the ground, and then forced her knees towards her breast.

She was in such a position that her ass was in the air, and her boobs hung towards the ground. It was Alex and his dick like appendages that he grew from his body and sneaked on her when she was still fantasizing. 

Nancy saw above that Nora had all her limbs held fast, her legs spread wide apart by the tentacles. She looked towards Alex, who was pounding her pussy hard and smiling at her when their eyes met. As if knowing what she wanted, four of the free appendages slid over her body; one hovered in front of her mouth, two morphed into hands, and played with her tits. At the same time, the last one circled her waist and lifted her body up, all the while having her pussy nestling Alex's little lord. 

Suddenly she felt something poking the entrance below her already filled sex; Nancy squealed in delight as a different dick forced itself inside her ass before expanding its size inside to fill her to the brim.

Now with both her holes filled, Alex leaned back while supporting his stance with his real hands and started moving his waist up and down gradually, pounding Nancy pussy and ass senseless at the same time.

With her mouth wide open, the dick appendage hovering in front of her face took the opportunity and charged inside her warm mouth. 

Nancy held the slimy semi-shaft of the tentacles in her mouth and started sucking hard on it as it leaked precum in her mouth. 

Nora had no time to see Nancy getting gangbanged by Alex and his numerous dicks becuase she was in the same state above her.


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