The Pleasure Lord
290 Prowess Of A Monster - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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290 Prowess Of A Monster - Part 1

Nora molded herself to him insistently, pressing her flat belly against his hardening shaft. She kissed his neck, and Alex found himself on the precipice of losing control.

"Ah, so that's what you guys were discussing the whole day together in Nancy's room. You two are in this together, huh?" Alex gave a knowing smile to Nancy. 

Nancy lowered her head embarrassed. But Nora didn't mind if their plan was exposed. She knows Alex can communicate with his soldiers over long distances, so it was possible they might have told him about both her and Nancy's long hours of being in a single room together since this morning.

"My sweethearts, I'm ever ready for some action together with you two anywhere, anytime and anyhow... But let's eat first, or the food would go to waste. You gals will definitely need energy afterward." 

After Alex said this, Nora nodded her head in understanding. She got up from Alex's lap and wore her blouse before sitting beside Alex and opposite Nancy. They ate their lunch ravenously, talking over how Alex took Nehmr City under his control and how he defeated Count Nathan.

But unfortunately, Nathan remained in the comatose state so he couldn't ask him if he hired Nora's Master or not.

Also, there was still a matter of clarifying whether the previous Count had anything to do with the disappearing of Nancy's father and husband, Jerome, during the civil war. 

"Its alright, Alex. Its been so long since they had left me... Waiting for a few more days will not make any difference." Nancy spoke without showing the disappointment on her face.

It was already out of her expectation and a matter of gratification to see the destruction of the Nehmor family, who might have something to do with the disappearing of her father and husband. 

"... General Marce, including the other generals, will get the news of their Count being killed in a day or two, they might try to run away or may come with the army under them to take back the Nehmor or the Whiteconch City. I have sent each of the five generals a letter, including Marce Marell, to come to the Nehmor City and surrender peacefully. If they did that and took an oath of servitude to me, then they will have the chance of keeping their life, family, wealth, property, and post intact except for the authority over the City's." Alex explained. 

"Hm." Nancy nodded. She didn't care much about the fate of the generals under Count Nathan except for Marce. As long as he can be captured alive or dead, she would be much delighted with the result.

"Oh, right, I have decided to join the Braveheart Sect," Alex announced before telling them about Kyra, Nola, the competition of the small sects over the Spirit Vein and the secret of the Mainland.

"Braveheart Sect? You really want to join that sect." Nora exclaimed in shock. 

"Yes, is there any problem?" Alex asked, furrowing his brows.

"Well, there's not any problem in joining the sect, but the Sect Master of the Braveheart Sect is... how do I say it, she is very infamous in the cultivation world of the Belmont Subcontinent. Even the Grand Elders of the large Sects try not to have any association with that crazy woman. My master once told me not to take any task that is related to that woman in order not to attract her ire towards them. She is the second most annoying person to have as a target of assassination." Nora explained and then told Alex some of her anecdotes. 

Alex was surprised. He never thought Kyra's mother would be this willful and crazy.

But that only increased his interest in meeting the women who could create such mayhem in the Belmont Subcontinent cultivation world but still be able to survive against all the odds until now.

Becuase of her manner in dealing with enemies and ever-increasing strength, the Snow Cauldron Sect must have started fearing her after Kyra's mother took over the position of the Braveheart Sect Master.

Only the Sect master of the Snow Cauldron Sect or the combined force of the Grand Elders under him could have the possibility of dealing with her. Still, to do that, they need a just reason, or they might have to face a rebellion and loss of reputation in the cultivation world. 

But if they still let her grow, the crazy woman might become a terrifying adversary in the future and build a first large Sect with a Sect Master who is Body Cultivator.

To curb her strength and her threat to them, the Snow Cauldron Sect has started using underhanded means to create friction between the Medium-sized Sects and the Braveheart sect.

When that friction grows to a full-blown war, the Snow Cauldron Sect may be planning to intervene and deal with Kyra's Mother once and for all by siding with the other smaller sects with a just reason.

Dealing with such a headstrong person might be really annoying, but Alex liked her style.

'Avyanna Braveheart... I'm looking forward to meeting you.' Alex smiled. 

"... Do you still want to join a Sect with such a mad Sect Master? It's going to do nothing but bring trouble to you." Nora asked.

Alex smiled, "I have already given my word. Anyway, I do not fear the troubles, in fact, I'm quite interested in meeting the Braveheart Sect Master. Her character... is something that resembles a lot with someone that I used to know in the past."

Alex didn't explain to them who that person was.

"... Alright, do what you want. But don't come crying back when you can't handle her. I hear she also likes to make life difficult for her disciples." Nora said while puffing her cheeks in annoyance. Nancy chuckled after seeing her expression.

"Haha," Alex laughed in amusement before standing up from his chair.

"I think its time you two get what you have been waiting for so long." Alex suddenly said, making Nora happy again and Nancy to blush.


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