The Pleasure Lord
289 Get A Room!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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289 Get A Room!

"What are you scoundrels looking at, Huh? Go back to work, or I will gouge your fucking eyes out and smash your nuts in two. Do you hear me?" Mary suddenly shouted when she found the pirates around her working at the speed of a snail becuase they were busy ogling at her legs.

"Aye, Captain." The pirates shouted before lowering their heads and focusing on their respective duties. They don't want the infamous long-legged bitch to crush their balls.

"Hmph, all men are the same," Mary scoffed before speaking to Rea with a grin on her face, "Let's go in my cabin. I need you to help me for a little while. The stress is killing me."

"Aye Aye, Captain! I will be happy to do that." Rea nodded as she replied.

"Good girl, today I won't lose to you. Lisa is not there to help you." In the eyes of the female pirates filled with jealousy and men already imagining the scene in their pervert minds, Mary picked Rea on her shoulders and entered her room.

In just a few minutes, the whole soundproof cabin was ringing with the lustful moans of two girls making out to each other, writhing in the guilty pleasure as they took a turn to satisfy one another.


While Mary was enjoying some hot quality time with Rea, Alex was done with his training. The puppets appropriately secured the Nehmor City, so he was not needed here anymore. Anyway, the puppets were equipped to carry out further plans by themselves. Alex had called three of the six Dantian Formation Realm puppets to come here and look after the city. If any situation did arise, Alex would appear inside the Nehmor City in a snap of a finger. With a thought, Alex vanished and appeared in the hallway of his mansion back at the Whiteconch city.


"Welcome back, Lord Alex!" The puppets standing guard in the hallway saluted at Alex when he appeared in place of their comrade.

"Hm, ask Nora and Nancy to come to the main hall," Alex ordered before walking towards the main hall. It was currently a little past noon and also lunchtime, which Alex was going to have with Nora and Nancy. Alex sat on the dining table while the female puppets brought over plate after plate of different dishes.


Suddenly, something dense but soft like a bag of marshmallows dropped on Alex's head. It felt soft and bouncy. 

"Alright! Quit it, Nora! Let's eat. Where is Nancy?" Alex laughed as he grabbed Nora's hand behind him had pulled her to his side before making her sit on his lap. He already knew she was coming.

"She is getting ready... for you," Nora answered with a naughty smile and then stroked Alex's chest over his clothes with her fingers. It seems to Alex that her mood was to do something wild today.

"Say, Alex, do you want to eat something else... Something delicious and.. Hot..." After saying the last words, she flickered her tongue across her lips, in a very suggestive way.

"Oh, I would like that," Alex grinned as he replied.

"What up with your goofy smile?... I was talking about seafood." Nora said she pointed at the nearest dish to them where a steaming hot panfish was served in a platter.

"First, It's not goofy, it's sexy," Alex commented then kissed her lips.

"Mmmf!" Nora's eyes turned crescent in delight. 

"Second, I clearly know what you really meant. Remember that our souls are bonded much closer than you think. I can feel that you are very, very horny down there today." Alex stated before sliding her blouse upwards.

Her spectacular bosom came out in the open, after which Alex bent down to feast on those delicious containers of happiness.

"It alright, take your time I am not running away," Nora replied, jokingly, with a softened voice, meanwhile putting a sensual smile on her face. She couldn't help but bite on her lower lips as Alex sucked on her boobies like a wild beast.

"Hehe, look how hard your friend has become." Nora placed her hand over his thighs, squeezing the sleeping beast underneath, slowly awakening to her touch.

The maids had already excused themselves after serving the meal on the table. Now only Alex and Nora were in the dining hall.

Alex lifted his head and flicked her nipples with his fingers before saying, "Not hard as these two, I'm sure."

"Ahn!" A tingling sensation traveled to her nether region when Alex pulled and pinched puffy nipples before removing her blouse.

Her massive breasts hung down, the pink nipples dragged against the fabric of his tunic as Nora leaned on Alex to kiss him.

"Ahem!" Suddenly a sound came from the back.

After a few moments of them being lip-locked, Nancy cleared her throat again, seeing her presence was being ignored. They broke apart then looking unashamed at her.

"You two need to get a room," Nancy teased the young couple. She walked from behind them to sit on an empty chair. 

"And you? Do you want to get in a room with us?" Alex wickedly grinned as he ran his hand up Nancy's thigh under the table just she sat beside him.

"Alex!" Nancy sheepishly whispered as she grabbed his hand to stop its advance.

"We should eat something first," Nancy advised seeing the food was already served.

"Aren't I doing just that?" Alex said as he grabbed one of Nora's tits before sucking on it while looking straight at the middle-aged woman who he knew was feeling just as horny as the female assassin sitting in his lap.

"Ahn!" Nora moaned when he bit her sensitive areola and gave her a hickey.

Nancy squeezed her legs together as she felt the heat rushing down between her legs as she watched Alex shamelessly playing with Nora's breast in front of her.

Nora giggled against his neck, a throaty sound that heated his blood. "Oh, you have no idea how much she wants that, Alex. She was waiting since morning for you to come back and ravage her just like the first time you did to her."


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