The Pleasure Lord
288 Cannot Stop Improving Myself
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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288 Cannot Stop Improving Myself

"The only thing that bugs me is that the other Sects might think the same as us and send someone to the Seashell island to see if the rumors are true. They might try to recruit him for the sake of planting a strong contender in order to win the competition. But it would be funny to see their faces when we fight from outside at the competition. You should be able to defeat that Alex Mordrake quite easily, right?" Nolan asked.

Danny stayed silent. What could he even say? How can he also fight Alex when they are the same people.

"Don't underestimate the Lord of the Seashell Island, mister Nolan. My Master has met him, and he was quite impressed with Alex Mordrake. My Master might have made him his disciple like me if not for Alex already having a capable teacher."

Danny took the opportunity to give Alex a sturdy backing. Some people may think they have the same masters, but that was not his problem at all.

"You don't have to worry; he won't join any sect. That I know for sure." Danny assured Nolan when he saw him getting worried after what he said about Alex.

"If you are so sure, then it's good. It's getting late; we will be leaving now." Nolan said before telling Danny about the specific location of the Braveheart sect and gave him a medallion that can be used to enter the door of the Sect without anyone stopping him.

After Nolan and Kyra left, Danny turned his body back to its original shape and became Alex. 

"Ah, what a nuisance. I have to deal with so many people today." Alex was a little annoyed becuase he was going to go back to the Seashell Island and have a rest. But, just then, he remembered about the envoys sent by Viscount Bardrick and the other territorial lords waiting to meet him in the Whiteconch city.

"I can't meet them since I have shown myself to be in Nehmor City today. It would be weird if they heard of me defeating Count Nehmor but also meeting them back at the Whiteconch city on the same day... Sparrow!"

"I'm here, my Lord," Sparrow spoke.

"Send the envoys back. Tell them I won't be joining their coalition becuase Count Nehmor is already dead, and I have already captured the Nehmor City. Also, be sure to send a letter through their hands to Viscount Bardrick and the rest of the Barons. Warn them in writing that they will have to take their army at the borders back to their territories in two days. If they do not comply, then I will have no choice but to kick them out forcefully."

"As you wish, My lord," Sparrow responded.

Alex then walked to the training ground to train his three new lightning techniques further. There was still a sword hanging on his neck in the form of Nora's Master, not to mention that there are many powerful experts on the ground of Belmont SubContinent who could crush him if they so wanted.

'I can never stop improving myself.'


"What! Are you fucking kidding me?"

When Sparrow passed the news about Count Nathan and the capture of Nehmor City by his Lord, Danny Glover, the envoys couldn't believe it. 

"It's your choice if you want to believe it or not. Here, take this, Lord Danny has told me to give you a letter each. When you go back, you need to pass it to your respective Lords. You can pass by the Nehmor city if you want and check for yourself. The doors are open; someone will escort you out of the city. You all can go now." Sparrow did not give them any face. Since they were of no value to his Master, the puppet would not waste their time to be polite with them.

"How dare you... " An envoy who was close kin to Baron Hasculf was fuming in anger after being treated this way by a subordinate of Danny.

"It's best if for you put that finger down before I cut it" all the envoys were feeling a chilling cold when they heard that voice. When they turned towards the door, the envoys found a lady standing there garbed in black clothes, a knife on her waist, and her face covered. They shivered under the killing intent of that woman that she was emitting combined with her cultivation pressure.

"Get out before I before count to ten," Nora said in a chilling tone.


"Wait, Wait, we are going..." Viscount Bardrick representative hurriedly said before walking towards the gate.


The rest of the envoy didn't stay; they also followed behind the first one to go out.

"Thank You, Lady Nora, for helping." Sparrow turned to Nora and said politely.

Nora simply smiled and said, " When will Lord Alex come back?"

"Lord will be back by noon," Sparrow replied.

"Hm," Nora then went back to chat with Nancy in her room. They have become friends after getting to know each other.

Their topic mainly revolved around their past life and their first time with Alex.


Somewhere in the northeast direction, a ship was sailing towards the Whiteconch city. On its deck, a tall lady moves around as she had come out of her cabin to get some fresh air.

"Rea, how much time before we reach Whiteconch City." 

"Captain Mary, we still have half a day to arrive at our destination. We are sailing in the opposite of the air currents, making it difficult for the ship to sail at a fast speed." Rea replied.

The men walking around the deck would sometime look in their direction, especially, peek at their Captain's long and sexy legs. 

Many of the male subordinates dream of getting between Mary's legs, but they know their Captain only liked girls. These poor souls would never have the opportunity to feel her smooth legs. They were jealous of Rea being able to enter Captain Mary's cabin at night.


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