The Pleasure Lord
287 Already Having Second Thoughts!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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287 Already Having Second Thoughts!

For Danny, the eligibility for participating in the competition should be the main driving force for him to decide if he wants to join their sect. 

If Danny could come out as the top fifty people, then their Braveheart sect would also profit, but that was not the main agenda for Nolan right now.

He needed to solve the current predicament their Sect was facing. With the temper of his Sect Master, Nolan feared she would start a war with the Snow Cauldron Sect if they pushed it too far.

"Alright, I will join. But as you can see, I'm currently busy, so I cannot come with you right away. Give some time; I will come to the door of your Sect after finishing with business here."

"Can I know how much time it will take you? The competition with other sects for the Spirit Vein is in a month. You need to come before that and enroll in the Sect for being able to participate on our behalf." Nolan was happy, but it would all be for naught if Danny couldn't enroll in their Sect on time.

"I will be there in fifteen to twenty days max," Danny replied.

"Good, Good," Nolan smiled as he said. 

"My Lord, the breakfast is ready." a person dressed as a butler came to Danny and informed about the breakfast being served at the table.

"Mr. Nolan, Miss Kyra, please come and join me at the table. You two must not have eaten anything until now." Danny said before standing up. They tried to refuse politely, but after Danny insisted, Kyra and Nolan followed him to the hall where the table was already filled to the brim with colorful dishes.

Just the scent they could smell from that far away made Nolan and Kyra aware of how tempting the food was. 

With the first bite, both the teacher and the disciple were captured ultimately. 

"Kyra you should eat slowly, you are a lady, make your sure to look after your image," Nolan said before he took a massive bite from the leg piece of a Demon Beast. His way of dining was even worse than Kyra.

But Kyra did not take heed of her teacher, who only wanted her to eat less so that he could eat more. She maintained her pace and only looked towards Danny from time to time. 

She didn't want to be looked down upon by a young man who is younger than her. Fortunately, Danny seemed like he did not care about dining etiquette since he was eating the same way as them...

"Hah! I'm full. Never have I eaten so much before. What do you say, Kyra?" Nolan said while patting his swollen stomach.

"Hm, the food was really delicious. Mister Danny, if my mother came to know about the food made in your house, she might abduct your cook. Or she might give you the whole Sect in exchange for being able to eat delicacies like this every day." Kyra revealed in the heat of the moment.

Nolan was stumped for a moment, but then he nodded his head and thought, 'Kyra's mother is indeed such a person, she might really do that. Sigh...'

Danny thought Kyra was joking just in order to express how tasty she found the various dishes to be. But looking at their expression, Danny discovered that the Braveheart Sect Master might just be like how they are describing her.

Nolan quickly adjusted his expression and laughed off by saying that Kyra was only kidding. He didn't want to scare Danny away.

"Is the Sect master of the Braveheart Sect, your mother?" Danny asked when he noticed Kyra referring to the Sect master as a mother.

"Yes, she is my mother," Kyra said while looking down. 

'Why does it feel the girl is ashamed to tell people that she is the daughter of a mother who is the Braveheart Sect Master?' Danny had a bad feeling about the Sect he was soon going to join.

"Tagor, start gathering information on the Braveheart Sect Master and tell me about her information as soon as possible." Danny immediately ordered his trusted puppet.

"Yes, my Lord," Tagor affirmed confidently.

"Alright, we should be leaving now, Mister Danny," Nolan said to divert the topic from Kyra's mother.

"Hm. By the way, where will you be going?" Danny asked.

"We had planned to go to the Seashell Island before, but after you took over the Whiteconch city, we had to cancel that plan," Nolan said without hiding.

"Sea-Shell Island? Why?" Danny's face became weird. 

Nolan did not notice it, so he explained, "We heard about a young Lord coming to power on that island a month ago who is younger than you, by the way. I don't know if you have also heard about him..."

"Alex Mordrake, I know, but what about him?" Everyone knew about him in this region, it would be odd for a character him to not know a thing or two about the Lord of the Seashell Island.

"Well, In truth, I wanted to go and see if he can be recruited since there were rumors that he is quite strong and talented. When we arrived at Nehmor City, I heard about General Marce and Legonal of Count Nehmor losing to him. That when I wanted to take my sects disciple to the Seashell island to let them gain experience and also to meet up with Alex Mordrake... Do you perhaps have any beef with him?" Nolan asked when he finally noticed Danny's face.

"No, I have not even met him." Danny denied any connection to Alex. He can't expose his real identity.

"Do you still want to go and recruit him?" Danny asked curiously.

"No, it's too late for that. We got stuck here when you took over the Whiteconch city, and now the competition is very close, I can't afford to go there now." Nolan was a little disappointed, but he did not regret it since they were able to recruit Danny in Alex's place, who may not be as strong as the former. 


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