The Pleasure Lord
286 Cultivator“s Paradise! - Part 4
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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286 Cultivator“s Paradise! - Part 4

Seeing Nolan hesitating, Danny finally spoke, "I will join the Braveheart Sect if you tell me about the specific opportunity that only the Sects can provide if anyone wants to go to the mainland."

"Really!" Nolan asked again.

"Yes, as long as you still abide by what you just said about me having full control of my time, I will join the Braveheart Sect." 

Nolan thought before speaking, "Alright, I will tell you. Since you know, we can't travel tot he Mainland directly on a ship becuase the journey is too dangerous; then I should first tell you that the sects had found a way to go there with two methods, one that is extremely risky and second which is not difficult at all."

"The first method is by crossing the northern mountain range and then going over the northern strait between the Belmont continent and the Frozen Continent. From there, we have to travel westward all the way until we find the Mainland. Let me inform you that the Mainland is connected to the frozen Continent." Nolan wanted o see the look of surprise appearing on Danny's face, but he found that he seemed to be not amazed at how such thing was possible.

'The frozen Continent is just like Antarctica and the Arctic circle back on earth and is situated at the northern pole of this planet. It's possible that the Mainland is connected to the frozen Continent.' Danny thought to himself.

"That method is quite risky becuase the Frozen Continent is a very harsh place. The only cultivator above Elemental Master Realm can hope to survive there for a few months, while cultivators above that Realm are the only ones who could walk at the edge of the frozen Continent all the way till reaching the Mainland."

"A few decades back, a small sect found an ancient Teleportation Array which could lead straight to the Mainland upon activation. When the news leaked about the Teleportation Array, a war began between all the sects and the Kingdoms to take control of the Teleportation Array for themselves. It was quite bloody, I must say. Three Kingdoms, five Medium-sized sects, and numerous small scall Sects vanished overnight becuase of fighting each other, two of the seven Big Sects of that time also disintegrated after losing too many disciples and elders within their sects. I was only a young man like you at that time. Fortunately, I survived and my Sect too becuase the war was too short."

"The small Sect that had found the Teleportation array had used it to go to the other side before the start of the war. But they were discovered by the people living on the Mainland. After interrogating them, those mainlanders tried to come to our site, but fortunately, the Teleportation Array was a little damaged and unstable as it could only transfer fifty people at a given time and that also no one with cultivation more than the Elemental Gathering Realm. If an Elemental Master Realm tried to use, then he would be either repelled back or may even be thrown halfway while transferring to the Mainland."

"Becuase of this limitation, the mainlanders couldn't send an expert or any force here to control the Belmont Subcontinent, nor did they try to send after knowing that the Spiritual Qi here was too thin compared to what they had on the Mainland. But talented people are still a resource that is needed by every Sect, kingdom, or forces on the Mainland. Therefore, they sent a proposal of allowing for fifty cultivators with excellent talent below the age of thirty to come to their Mainland and be trained by one of the forces back on the Mainland. They would destroy the Teleportation Array on their side if we didn't comply and make it impossible for the Belmont Continent's cultivators to set foot in their territory."

Danny was listening to Nolan's story with great interest about how they managed to resolve the method to choose those fifty cultivators peacefully.

The answer was to let their disciples compete with each other in a Domain Space, and the top fifty would be allowed to go through the Teleportation Array after every five years.

Of course, the mainlanders would send an envoy who will watch over the proceedings and check if there is any foul play.

That representative would also bring a substantial amount of treasures with them and sell them to the Sects and Kingdom by the method of Auction and also distribute awards to the top fifty disciples for coming out as the best of their generations.

The mainlanders could also reject to take some of the fifty disciples with them if they find that they are not strong enough.

Becuase of this, the Sects would organize a competition in a Domain space to properly choose fifty disciples and let them go the Mainland without creating any conflict with each other.

"What about cultivators that had crossed the line of thirty or have strength above Elemental Gathering Realm?" Danny asked curiously.

"They have to wait until they can promote to the Realm above Elemental Master Realm and then choose the first method which is by walking on foot and crossing the Frozen Continent o the Mainland," Nolan explained. 

Kyra was also listening to her teacher seriously.

"Um, so it means I will need the help of one of the Sects to become eligible to even compete in that Domain Space."

"Yes, without a Sect behind you, it will be nearly impossible for you to participate in the competition."

"Nearly?" Danny asked while furrowing his brow.

"I said nearly becuase, Kingdoms could also send their people to participate but they need to be affiliated with one of the large sects for at least ten years. I don't want to hide anything from you if you can have one of the large sects as your backing and send them tribute for ten years continuously then you will be eligible for sending the top ten people in your kingdom for the competition." Nolan said truthfully. Now everything was left on Danny to decide. 


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