The Pleasure Lord
284 Cultivator“s Paradise - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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284 Cultivator“s Paradise - Part 2

Nolan and Kyra stepped out of the carriage and walked with the guard towards the gate of the Castle. From there, they were shown the way towards the guest room. 

Nolan and Kyra surprised to find that the Castle was in excellent condition other than the front yard, which had some signs of a fight. 

When they walked inside the guest room, they found Danny sitting on a big chair, and to his right was an empty couch where four people could sit comfortably.

Any signs that the Nehmor Family previously owned Castle had vanished altogether.

The paintings of the previous and present Count and their ancestors have all been taken down, and its place was real-life paintings of Danny, Demon Beasts, and natural landscapes.

There was even a painting of the starry sky, a sun, and nine planets revolving around it. 

What Nolan didn't know was that these paintings have just been made today itself by a puppet who had artistic skills in his arsenal. 

Nolan and Kyra were both wonderstruck upon seeing so many realistic paintings. Especially Kyra, her mouth remained open in awe. She even wanted to walk to the wall to see every art up close.

"Welcome, Mr. Nolan! Miss Kyra!" Danny greeted with a smile. Nolan greeted back, but Kyra was still looking at the starry sky painting. 

"Miss Kyra, you can see it up close. If you want, you can touch it too." Danny said again. 

"Really!... No! Um, I'm fine. We have come to talk about something important; I will... see them afterward when we leave." Kyra almost rushed to the nearest wall, but on taking the first step, she remembered for what reason they had come here.

Nolan nodded his head in approval after seeing Kyra's behavior. 

Danny looked at Kyra a little more carefully this time. Kyra had looked good; she had quite an athletic body, a little bit similar to Selena.

"As you wish then. Come and sit, make yourselves comfortable." Danny waved his hands towards the big couch in the middle. 

After they sat down, Nolan was the first to speak.

"Congratulation, Mister Danny Glover, for today's victory. If I must tell the truth, we, at the Braveheart Sect, did not have any good feelings for the Nehmor family. They destroyed what was once a peaceful kingdom from where most of our disciples were selected. Many citizens who remember those times would be happy for Nehmor family's reign to over." Nolan was genuine when he spoke. 

Danny smiled. There were indeed many citizens who are happy to see the Nehmor family's end. 

"But Mister Danny, I must warn you that Count Nathan was still an Honorary Sect Disciple of the Purple Palm Sect. You might face some challenges from there in the future. Usually, Sect won't participate in secular wars unless there is a special case of a kingdom or territory being malicious to them first, but it's better if you stay alert. They might use some underhanded methods." Nolan said while stroking his beard.

Nathan Nehmor might have left his Sect early, but becuase of his secular world status, Nathan was awarded the title of Honorary Sect Disciples.

Of course, Nathan had to send some tributes to them every year so that he could keep the title for long.

The advantage of having this title was that the Purple Palm Sect would interfere in between if another Sect wanted to do him any harm.

Nathan's descendants would be able to join the Purple Plam Sect in the future freely.

Also, another advantage was that Nathan could run back to his Sect if he were at the point of losing everything.

The purple Palm Sect would not have let anyone harm him once he entered their premises.

"I'm aware of that, Mister Nolan. But thank you for warning me."

"Good, then lets come to the main business now. Let me put forward a proposal from my side first. You can decide whether to accept it or not in the end. There will be no hard feelings, even if you choose not to accept my offer."

"I would like it for things to be done that way. Please speak." Danny nodded. 

Nolan then started speaking after looking at Kyra once. He spoke about the resources that they could provide to Danny other than being taught privately by an expert on the way of cultivation. Danny can choose from numerous and diverse Martial Art manuals, cultivations techniques, professional training. If certain conditions are met, then maybe Danny could be personally trained by the Sect master of the Braveheart Sect. She is known to be a cultivator of the Early Stage Elemental Master Realm. 

Danny had to say, Nolan gave him the highest package that a Middle-grade Sect could give anyone. But there has to be a reason for Nolan to provide such an offer to him.

Nolan did not hide from Danny at all. He told Danny that all of the offers, as mentioned earlier, would only be validated if he participated and acquired the 1st position in the Intra Sect Tournament for them.

It was tournament organized by the Snow Cauldron Sect to decide who will get the ownership of the newfound Low-grade Spirit Vein near their Braveheart Sect's territory.

Small and Middle Sized sects that are affiliated with the Snow Cauldron Sect could all participate and send their best disciples under the age of thirty to win the competition and the Spirit Vein for themselves.

Nolan found no change in the expression of Danny even after hearing the name of Spirit Vein or any other treasure that they could provide to him upon joining their Sect.

"Mister Nolan, do you want to recruit me at such a high price just becuase you heard that I killed Butler Francis whose strength was at the Late Stage of Elemental Gathering Realm. Is that the only reason why you want someone with an unknown background to join your sect? Or is there any other reason for you to be open-hearted." Danny asked when Nolan stooped speaking.


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