The Pleasure Lord
283 Cultivator“s Paradise! - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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283 Cultivator“s Paradise! - Part 1

For the greater good of the Sect, Nolan will not care about the face of the Grand Elders. That's how loyal Nolan was to the Braveheart Sect, where he was born and brought up until now. 

Nolan only took Kyra with him while he ordered the rest to stay put inside their rooms.

They boarded a carriage brought over by the guard of Danny so that they don't have to waste time by walking.

"Teacher... is it alright to make that young join our Sect without us checking his background? Maybe I shouldn't have said anything about the mainland at that time." Kyra asked as they followed the guard who had come to deliver the message.

Nolan thought for a moment before answering, "Do you remember what happened to the Fiery Phoenix Sect? We might face this situation if we do not bring back more powerful and talented experts to join our Sect soon." 

"... I'm aware of it, Teacher, mother has told me about it. After we found a Spirit Vein near our territory, the other low and middle-grade sects had started to contest it with us. Snow Cauldron Sect isn't helping us, nor is it holding back the others." Kyra spoke, knowing full well the reason for Snow Cauldron Sect showing being apathetic towards them now.

"You know the reason why they aren't helping to control the situation; it's becuase they fear our Sect rebelling against them after we become too strong. Since the time our Sect master has broken through to the Elemental Master Realm, Snow Cauldron sect has slowly started to drifting apart from us. They do it by giving other affiliated sects more importance and opportunities to grow and ultimately try to form a wedge between us. They want us to keep fighting amongst ourselves so that no one threatens their position, and another fifth-largest sect doesn't suddenly rise to contend with for power with them." Nolan described while they were going to the Castle in a horse carriage.

The person driving it couldn't hear what they were saying anyway since they were talking to talking in a shallow voice.

"We know about their intentions, the other small and medium power sect knows about it too, but we still fight each other like hungry hyenas for every little chance to get above each other. The only way to survive is to have a harder fist then the others. Danny is young but his strength is above my level, I could sense it when he threw that knife. He is definitely a body cultivator and a very strong one at that."

"Recruiting him is of paramount importance now therefore you did nothing wrong in telling him about the Mainland, even though it's not encouraged by the sects to reveal this information to the outsiders." Nolan sighed to himself. Any information about the mainland is closely guarded by all the sects becuase that's a paradise and an opportunity, no one wants to share with others.

Kyra looked out of the window after they stopped talking on this matter anymore. 

Suddenly Kyra saw a line of people with faces black and blue and their hands tied behind their back when their carriage took a turn and crossed over to another street.

"Teacher Nolan, look" Kyra brought her teacher's attention to the scene outside. 

"What are they trying to do with these common innocent citizens?" Kyra asked a little angry and disappointed.

"No Kyra, don't jump onto the conclusion so early. Sometimes what our eyes perceive may not be the truth. Look closely, most of these men have tattoos on their body parts, usually, the gangsters and ruffians draw them on their bodies to show their affiliation with the gangs inside the city. To clear our doubts it's better to ask someone then to form any wrong impression about people or things on our own." Nolan smiled and then said to Kyra in a tone of teaching a student.

"Mister, do you know who they are?" Nolan asked the carriage driver since he was the subordinate of Danny.

"Lord has given orders to forcefully disband every gang inside the city. For a few months, most of them would be made to do manual labor as a form of punishment and rehabilitated before being released." The guard then explained about their identity and what they intend to do with these gangsters since Nolan got interested in it.

Nolan was quite satisfied with his curiously being quenched.

Most of the gangsters are not born criminals but made due to some unavoidable situations. It's good to rehabilitate them then to outright pass any judgment on them.

Most of the Kingdoms and Sects are not so thoughtful. They would not waste time or money on these gangsters to come to the right path. 

Kyra also seemed to understand her mistake. She needed a lot to learn from her elders about the world other than just cultivating every day. Its the first time she had come out of her Sect that was also her home. 

"Thank you, Teacher."

"Haha, don't mention it, Kyra, it's my duty to teach you. I can't leave such, Um, little things to your mother who is extremely busy now." Nolan laughed a little.

Unlike Kyra's mother who is cultivation maniac and a little weird in the head, he had been teaching her daughter all these years fearing that Kyra won't be able to learn anything from her mother.

It was known to the whole Sect how crazy Kyra's mother is about cultivation. If not at the request of her previous Braveheart's Sect Master, Kyra's mother might not have taken up the position of the next Sect Master in her whole life. 

Due to the inability to make any compromises with anyone, Kyra's mother was seen as a headstrong person and not someone who could be controlled easily, therefore, the Snow Cauldron sect and the Grand Elders of the Braveheart sect doesn't like her.

But it was also becuase of her personality that the Grand Elders are kept in check. They don't even dare to talk loudly in front of the current Sect Master.

"Sir Nolan, we have reached our destination." The guard suddenly spoke as the carriage came to a halt.


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