The Pleasure Lord
282 Domain Space - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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282 Domain Space - Part 2

Domain Space is an independent immovable space pocket made by exceptionally powerful cultivators.

Only those who had achieved a very realm in cultivation could form a Domain World with the use of some treasure that had a space attribute.

The book did not mention the name of the Treasure.

The cultivators would leave their will, their treasures, and inheritances for the descendants of their Clan or for the lucky person who is fated to have it. 

The makers of the Domain space might be one cultivator or a big group or even an entire race of sentient humanoid beings. 

The Sylvia Royal Clan must have had a very powerful cultivator as an ancestor who would have left a Domain space for them, or maybe they were just lucky to find a Domain space left by an unrelated cultivator.

Whatever it may be, Domain Spaces are excellent opportunities for a family or organization such as Sects to rise in strength. 

Alex wasn't worried that the Sylvia clan might have exhausted or gained all the precious treasures and inheritances that were left inside the Domain space. That was impossible becuase the Domain Key was still available and currently held in his hands. 

To gain inheritance means to get recognition from the maker of the Domain space by clearing a few hard or easy tests. Once clear it, the will of the Domain Space Maker would transfer the ownership of the Domain Space to the one who cleared all the obstacles. As for the Domain Key, it would disintegrate right after that.

Since the Domain Key was still present, it meant that no one has cleared gained the inheritance or the ownership of the Domain Space.

Alex then started going through all the books presents on the shelf to see if he could find more information about the Domain Key of the Sylvia family. Even if he did not find it, Alex would force Nathan to tell him everything...


After reading through every book, Alex found the reason why Nathan's father betrayed their King. It was all done to obtain the Domain Key. He started a civil war that created unnecessary deaths, pain, and sorrow to the ordinary people for fulfilling his selfish ambition. 

The past Sylvia Kingdom may not be the strongest, but its ruler was wise and kindly to the citizens, just like the Royal family of the Novaria Kingdom. In fact, they had a strategic alliance with each other before, and trade boomed between them through the sea route.

Master Clayton had once told Alex that he had even participated in the royal banquet of the Sylvia Kingdom, who were celebrating the birth of their first princess of the new generation.

That princess must be Lisandra, who is currently hiding behind the shadow of Mary Read, a female pirate. 

Also, Alex found the location of the Domain Space from one of the books. 

"Tagor, have the men clear everything from the treasury and transfer them to the inventory. Also, start cleaning the city of the miscreants and take all the black money they had gathered until now."

"As you command, My Lord," Tagor replied. 

"Wait... Spread the news around that Nathan has died. No need to hide it this time." Alex said after remembering the entire point of killing Nathan so fast and without first getting the Lisandra to cede him the territory of the Sylvia Kingdom.

There was a possibility that Nathan had hired Nora's master with sufficient money to kill Alex or maybe Danny.

If Nathan dies, then Nora's master might not move since the initiator of the task is already dead.

It was only an assumption; nothing was set in stone. Now, Alex was going to see if his worries were valid or not from Nathan's mouth.

"My Lord, there is a group of people waiting outside the Whiteconch City, introducing themselves as the Envoy of Viscount Badrick and other Barons. They are requesting to meet you." Sparrow suddenly spoke inside Alex's mind. 

"Have them wait in the guest room. I will meet them when I'm back."

"As you wish, My Lord."

Alex threw the Domain Key inside his inventory before walking to the prison cell below the basement of the Nehmor Castle. He can't waste the ability to swap with his puppets because they are limited in number. He would only use them when it's necessary to save time.


Alex came out of the prison cell a little disappointed. Nathan has lost a lot of blood and seemed to gone in a coma. The puppets are trying to wake him up and treat his injuries, but it may take some time for Nathan to open his eyes.

'Maybe, I shouldn't have shown him my real face at the end. His weak heart and puny brain may not have been able to bear it, causing him to go into a coma.' Alex thought while shaking his head in frustration for having to wait. He lost the opportunity to know if Nathan had hired Nora's master or not. At least, it would not give Alex unnecessary tension. He wouldn't have to keep worrying whether a sword is hanging on his neck or not.

"Oh well, it's better to go and meet Nolan Gould and that Kyra in the meantime," Alex mumbled to himself before ordering a puppet to go and invite Nolan Gould, Kyra, and the Braveheart Sect disciples to the Castle.

The puppet delivered his master's message to Nolan, who immediately agreed to meet him a the Castle of the Nehmor Family.

"Teacher Nolan, do you have to make so much effort for inviting to join our Sect? It's against the rules set by the Sect Master. Before making sure about the person having a clean background, you can't...!" Owen tried to stop the Teacher from going becuase he didn't like Danny at all. But Nolan stopped him in between.

"You don't have the authority to tell me what I can do, or I can't do. Do you understand? I know about the Sect rules better than you, so talk less about things you have no understanding off." Nolan was long annoyed with these impudent disciples who think they can do and say whatever they want becuase of their family status.


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