The Pleasure Lord
281 Domain Space - Part 1
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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281 Domain Space - Part 1

'Everything was just an illusion!' Nathan thought in a mix of feeling relieved and also in horror. The next moment, Nathan felt a force on his neck; someone was strangling him.

It was Danny. When the illusion dispersed thoroughly, Nathan saw that Danny was standing to his front with his hand wound around his throat like he was grabbing a chicken by its neck. 

"Ka..." Nathan was having difficulty in breathing, his legs dangled in the air when Danny lifted him up like a toy.

The hallway was perfectly fine. The guards were still sleeping soundly. Nothing was burnt or destroyed, and everything looked the same when Nathan Came out of the Treasury room. Everything that happened before was an illusion.

"A mid-stage Elemental Gathering Realm can be put in my illusion for just fifteen seconds in the real world... Its quite enough, actually." Danny muttered under his breath. Nathan also heard it. To save himself, Nathan ignited his leg on fire and kicked at Danny's chest so that he would release him.

Danny smiled. With his hand covered in protective Qi, Danny grabbed the leg before it could hit his chest.


Nathan didn't lose hope. With the support of the first leg held by Danny, he raised his free leg blazing in flame, in order to strike his enemy's face with the knee.

'A chance, he can't block it this time.' Nathan thought in anticipation and hope. 


Just as the knee was raised halfway through, it was stopped by something that grew out of Danny's chest. It was like a hand but without bones. Another two hands grew out from behind Danny and grabbed Nathan's hands before ripping them apart and them to the sides, creating quite a bloody since.

"Gu..!" Nathan could only make gu, gu sound, and couldn't even express his shock and pain since Danny was constricting his neck. He could only wince in pain. Danny squeezes his grip even more.

Slowly Nathan felt his surrounding darkening; he was losing consciousness. The last Image Nathan was that of Danny's face wriggling and then changing to a familiar face that he hated to the core.


Two puppets walked from behind Alex and caught Nathan in their hands before taking him away to the cell in the basement where Nathan used to torture anyone that annoyed or angered him. It was specially made to bind the high-level cultivators and incapacitate them from escaping.

When Nathan came outside of the Treasure Hall, he did not close it becuase of seeing the state of his guards.

It was still open. Alex went inside to see what Nathan doing for so long in there. The treasure hall had Gold, Silver, and copper coins placed neatly on one side. Alex saw a few black ranked weapons lying on the shelves. At the end of the Treasure, Alex found a sword that had a whole shelf alone for it. It was a Low-grade Yellow Ranked Sword, an heirloom that was passed down in the Nehmor Family.

Yellow Ranked weapons are generally used by Elemental Gathering Realm cultivators. 

Alex didn't pick it up but he raised his hands to grab a decorated handle on the wall before giving it lurch. 

"Krrrr..." The shelf upon which the Low-grade Yellow grade weapon was placed started sliding towards the right. A door appeared behind the shelf which was also the entrance to the hidden room where Nathan had spent so much time.

Alex opened the door and walked inside, he would carefully place his leg on specific tiles making sure not to step on the tiles that would trigger the traps. The hidden room was smaller but it had more expensive stuff inside than what was outside.

Alex found a bottle of Qi suppressing pill of Rank 3. He immediately threw it inside the inventory and told his puppets to feed one to Nathan. Alex also found the Cultivation technique of the Nehmor family and the various Martial art skills. But the puppets can pick up these things afterward. 

He walked towards the table where Nathan sat before. There were many books, old and new lying on the shelf on the wall to its right. Alex picked one before reading it. 

"This was not the book that Nathan was reading. I remember it had a brown and yellow cover." Alex put the book back to the place he had picked it from before searching the shelf again.

"Here it is... Domain space? Why was Nathan reading about the Domain space?" Alex thought first before opening the book. It was then that a rustic key fell down from inside the pages of the book.


"Um! What's this?..." Alex mumbled while furrowing his brows.

Alex picked the key up in his hands to examine it. It seemed to be damaged or maybe that was how it looked all along. There were silver runic lines drawn atop it but many parts of it seemed to be broken. 

"Is this the key that Lisa and Mary were talking about?" Alex remembered the conversation between Lisa and Mary.

It was supposed to open a place where Lisa could strengthen some seal on her body.

'Can it still work?' Alex thought skeptically. Then he thought about the book explaining about Domain Space. 

"Is there some connection between them?" Alex once again opens the book and started skimming through it. The more he read, the more his expression turned serious. Alex once again started reading through book but this time he read every line.

Even then his speed was fast. In just five minutes Alex read through the whole book and understood many things about the Domain space and the key in his hands that was known as the Domain Key.


Alex closed the book with a thump and a smile appeared on his face as he looked back at the Domain Key in his hands.

"Thank you Nathan for such a wonderful gift. I'm almost thinking of sparring you...Hehehe," Alex said aloud before laughing to himself.

"The Sylvia Clan should have quite a deep background in the past for them to own a Domain Space." Alex wondered why they had fallen from the grace even after owning such a huge treasure.


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