The Pleasure Lord
280 Times Up!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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280 Times Up!


Owen and Fynn looked at Kyra with shining eyes. The word mainland seemed to have quite an attraction to them. 

"Kyra! Please stop it. First, look where you are standing... Mister, Danny, if you have any questions regarding what Kyra is saying, let's go someplace where there is less crowd" Nolan stopped the girl he called Kyra and then whispered in a low voice to Danny.

It seemed he had regained some hope of making Danny join their Sect. With the so-called way that he had stopped Kyra from mentioning publicly, Nolan also thought of using that to make Danny enter their Sect.

"I would like to know more, but right now I'm busy with something, as you can see. How about we talk...!!" Danny stopped midway. A puppet informed him that Nathan had finally exited from the Treasury room.

"I will take my leave first." Danny hurriedly said. He rushed in the direction of the Castle after jumping on the roofs of the shops in one leap. 

When no one was looking, he swapped his place with the puppet who had informed him the first time.


Nathan was in quite a good mood today. After obtaining the Domain Key, he read through all the notes and books containing knowledge about the Domain key that his father had stored in the hidden room that was inside the Treasury.

With the help of the key, Nathan was going to change his fate soon. 

But just as he opened the treasury gates to exit it, he saw an empty chair placed just behind the doors.

The guards that should be standing upright and doing their duty were now sleeping with backs against the walls.

He didn't notice that at the corner of the hallway, a person was looking towards the gates, and just when it opened, he immediately hid behind the wall and contacted Danny as he had ordered.

"Hey, hey, Wake up!"

Nathan slapped one of the guards who was smiling while sleeping. It made Nathan confused. Were they attacked or genuinely sleeping on the ground?

"They won't wake up for a little while longer, Nathan. How about you talk with me?" A calm and confident voice appeared from behind him.

Nathan raised his head to meet with the eyes of a young person walking out of the corner at the hallway's end.

"Who are you?" Nathan said with furrowed brows. His hand raised to his chest defensively.

He had not seen Danny until now, so he did not recognize him been when he appeared to his front. 

"Yeah, right. You never saw my face. Um, then let me introduce myself. I'm Danny Glover. The name must be sufficient enough for you to know who I am. Right, Nathan?" Danny said as he walked over to Nathan in slow steps. He wasn't in a rush to kill him now since he had already captured the city. 

Before Nathan was scared shit upon hearing the name who defeated Butler Francis, when his brain was processing why Danny Glover would appear here now, he heard Danny speak again.

"You made me wait for quite a long time in front of your treasury gates. To pass the time, I had gone ahead and ordered my men to take over the city while you were doing god knows what inside that room for so long."

"What! Are you joking around? That's impossible." Nathan didn't know what to think of Danny. What do you mean by capturing his city? It was not a bread that could be snatched from a child's hands. But looking at the smile on Danny's face, Nathan's heart hit the floor. 

Nathan backed away a little bit when Danny was only ten meters away from him. 

Suddenly fire enveloped Nathan's fist. He waved it towards Danny creating a column of fire supposedly to burn his enemy into crisp.

A grin spread on Danny's mouth. He didn't do anything to dodge the attack but let the fire column to hit at the center of his chest head-on.


Tap Tap Tap...

"Imp... Impossible!" Nathan screamed in horror. He increased the output of Fire Qi to make the Fire column even bigger. The guards sleeping on the ground woke up in a scream when their body was blazing in the fire. Nathan gave no heed to their cries at all. His eyes were glued to Danny at the opposite end of the fire column.

Danny kept on walking without even having a single hair to burn from Nathan's fire Qi attack.

"Are you trying to warm me up or something? It does not seem to be working." Danny said, shrugging his shoulders. 

Nathan couldn't believe his eyes. His attack was negated entirely by Danny. How could he do it? How strong was his enemy?

"Haaaa!" Nathan drew his sword and waved it to his front, releasing a giant energy slash made from the Fire Qi that extended from the floor to the ceiling.

The whole corridor was brightened in an orange glow. The powerful Qi of a mid-stage Elemental gathering realm cultivator shrouded the entire passage along with Danny in its scope.

Weng! The energy blade made up of fire Qi flew to hit Danny while cutting the ceiling and floor of the hallway like butter.


Nathan was hoping to see his enemy cut into two pieces, but Fire Qi slash vanished upon impacting Danny's body. 

"It won't work, Nathan. You are too weak." Danny was still walking at unhurried steps after patting his shoulders to clean the nonexistent dust off his clothes. He lifted his hand and clasped the sword blade between his finger when Nathan waved in a fluster after he came to close.

'No! No! It can't be possible. Why isn't my fire qi burning him? Why aren't attacks working o him? Why?' Nathan was having a mental breakdown becuase everything seemed to unreal. Just then, he felt a headache and found that something was affecting his soul.


"Times up!" A voice that seemed near yet sounded so far rang in his head. The image of Danny smirking at him in ridicule and the burnt hallway crumbled together like a mirror shattering into a million pieces.


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