The Pleasure Lord
279 Nolan Gould!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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279 Nolan Gould!


A blurry thing swooshed past the disciples standing in front and slammed into the talkative Braveheart disciple's forehead with a thwacking sound.

His head swung back due to the powerful force, knocking him out unconscious before he fell towards the ground. 


Just as the disciple's back touched the ground, a dagger fell between his legs, embedding itself in the field, missing his private parts by only an inch.

Nolan was standing wide eyes, and the girl beside him was the same.

The things that had slammed into the braveheart disciple was the blunt end of the dagger's handle. No one could reach out to stop it or even see it being thrown at their comrade.

The two young men standing before that unfortunate disciple had their hearts almost jump to their throat when they saw the dagger being precisely the same as what Danny was playing in front of them. When they looked back at Danny, the weapon was not in his hands anymore. He stood in the same position as before but with a sneering smile on his face.

"Stand Down!" a loud voice rang out from behind them. 

When disciples heard that voice, they immediately suppressed the rising fury in their hearts upon seeing their comrade being 'sneak attacked.' The two young men at the forefront had slowly backed off after understanding that Danny was not someone they could compare in strength even though their age was similar. Without saying anything, both of them stood near their teacher.

Nolan, the Inner Sect Elder of the Braveheart Sect, who had just shouted, shook his head in disappointment upon watching the performance of his Sects disciples. 

Nolan had accompanied the Sect disciples just so that he can evaluate them during their first task out of the Sect. Owen and Flynn were both the children of Grand Elders of the Braveheart Sect.

They were arrogant since the start of their cultivation becuase their relatives had a high position inside the Sect.

If not for fear of offending the Sect Master of the Braveheart Sect, Owen and Flynn might not put him, an Inner Sect Elder in their eyes, since his status was lower than their grandfathers with the position of Grand Elders.

Nolan was very disappointed at their behavior of bullying the weak and fearing the strong.

Except for a few disciples, the rest could not even yet understand the meaning of a fellow disciple standing in their midst, getting knocked out right in front of their eyes.

'Why am I judging them? Even I failed to follow the dagger with my eyes or the action of his hands. It was just too damn fast.' Nolan had underestimated Danny a lot. He was just as startled as Owen and Flynn at first; it just that he suppressed his shock and cooled his mind very quickly. He decided not to let his disciple do as they please, or they might really anger an expert someday, and this also applied to him.

Their Braveheart Sect was a midscale sect with strength in the top three of all the midscale Sect situated on the Belmont Continent.

"Mr. Danny, that should be your name. Right? We will stay inside the Inn until you finish your work. Please don't mind the unsensible words of my Sects disciples. It's the first time they had come to see the secular world. They have a lot to learn... I apologize for causing you and men any inconvenience." Nolan was a little embarrassed to change his tone so quickly, but he could only curse his disciples. 

This sudden change caused the disciples to look at their teacher in surprise. They couldn't understand why he apologized. The young girl was instead looking down at her own feet. She had her fist clenched together tightly. 

"It seems the Braveheart Sect disciples are not so brave after all. But at least, it's good that you, an Inner Sect Elder, could apologize after knowing your mistake. That's really a brave thing to do." Danny snickered at Nolan's disciples at first, but he was also impressed with Nolan being able to lower his head and apologize immediately. 

"Why you..!"


Before the disciples could say anything rude, Nolan hit one on the head with his palm.

"Don't make things difficult for me, or I will make sure you all are expelled from the Sect after going back," Nolan stated in anger. He turned to Danny and said while stroking his beard, "You don't have to jeer at me... But you are right; it takes a lot of effort to apologize and acknowledge your own mistake."

"Mr. Danny, I fear I might not be able to win you in a fight. From your earlier action, I could already gauge the gap between us. If I may ask, are you a disciple of any of the five large sects or a large Clan." Nolan asked curiously becuase having such strength at this age is very uncommon. 

"I've not affiliated to any Clan or Sect or any organization. I'm on my own. Does that answer your question?" Danny asked. He could tell that Nolan wanted to ask something else.

And like he had thought, Nolan asked with a little bit of expectation.

"Then do you want to join my Sect. I know it's not famous or powerful as the large Sect, but joining us would very beneficial for your future growth. In large sects, you will have to compete with other disciples, but in our Sect, you won't have to worry about such things at all, you..." Nolan was going to tell the advantages of joining his Sect over others, but Danny stopped him in between. 

"What's your name?" Danny was going to say something, but then he remembered not knowing the name of the Inner Sect Elder from the Braveheart Sect.

"Its Nolan Gould," 

"Mr. Nolan, I appreciate that you are inviting me to your Sect, but the truth is I don't like being bound to anyone. As for resources for my growth, I can get them on my own. Joining your Sect will not be beneficial to goals at all."

Owen and Flynn were happy internally when Danny rejected the offer made by their supervisor. Who would want such a powerful person to compete with them for resources that are not even sufficient for their own cultivation?

Nolan was disappointed he didn't want to miss such a good chance. It was then that the girl at his side spoke for the first time, "Mister Danny, is one of your goals to become strong?"

Danny found it funny to be asked such a silly question, but he still answered it thoughtfully.

Danny said with a smile, "Yes, that is one of my goals."

"Then you have to join a Sect no matter which one. It has something that you cannot hope to achieve until you join one of the Sect." The girl said without blinking her eyes as she maintained eye contact with Danny.

"Oh! What would that be exactly?" Danny asked since the girl's ambiguous tone had really piqued his interest.

Something seemed to have clicked in Nolan's mind; he exclaimed wide-eyed, "Kyra!"

Kyra seemed to have turned deaf ears to her teacher and continued saying "Its a chance to get a spot for able to go to the Mainland,"


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