The Pleasure Lord
278 Braveheart Sect Disciples!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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278 Braveheart Sect Disciples!

"You imbeciles! Don't surrender! Can't you see they are blu...Ahgg!!", some guards that had a clear head on their shoulders tried to stop their comrades from getting fooled by the enemies but the puppets would immediately try to shut them up.

Alex had ordered not to kill such smart soldiers who could keep a clear head during battle. Changing their allegiance was nothing difficult for Alex. In the future, these soldiers might fight for him.

Slowly, the city came under the Puppet's control. If they found themselves getting shorthanded then they would buy more puppets as Alex had already given them the permission.

Just as the sun rose in the east, the four walls and the only two gates of the Nehmor City had been completely taken over by the puppets. Only a few streets where there was still some resistance left for the puppets to subdue, else most of the Nehmor City was now in Alex's hands.

"My Lord, the castle is secured and we have also captured all the strategic places inside and around the City."

Alex was listening to the progress report of their work as she sat in front of the Treasury gates on a chair.

'Nathan is sure taking his time. What the hell is he even reading?' Alex thought. He concentrated on the book in front of Nathan to read the same page as him. But just then a puppet contacted him again.

"My Lord, we encountered a group of disciples from a middle-class Sect. They have come to the street in front of the lodge they staying inside and are quarreling with us over disturbing their sleep."

"Huh? That's it..." Alex asked a little confused he knew the puppets wouldn't disturb him for every little thing after he had given the basic order on what to do when facing such a situation. The middle-Class sect was nothing in front of Alex's eyes.

Their Sect master is usually at the elemental Gathering Realm therefore, Alex didn't fear offending them by teaching their stupid disciples about the cruelty of the world.

"Is there a problem?"

"Yes, my lord. They have a Peak Grade Dantian formation Realm cultivator with them who seems to be their teacher. For now, he is just watching fro the sidelines not interfering in anything" the puppet answered.

"... Alright, I'm coming." Alex switched with a puppet who was near that place but hidden from any stranger's eyes.

Still wearing the identity of Danny, Alex arrived to at the streets where most of the travelers and the mercenary stayed.

People were gathered at the gates of the Inn's and some were looking out from their windows watching the show developing between the disciples of the Sects and the group of unknown soldiers that were trying to take over the Nehmor City. 

When Danny arrived, he saw one of his puppets holding his right hand that was bent at a weird angle.

"My Lord!" The puppets saluted towards the new person who walked out from the corner of the street.

Danny nodded to them, walked to the front of the puppets leisurely as if he had come to walk in a park.

The disciples of the Braveheart Sect were surprised to see the soldiers bowing to a young man who seemed to be at their own age.

Even their Inner Sect Elder showed a surprised expression. From what was happening currently in this region, he guessed the real identity of the young man to be Danny Glover who was giving Count Nathan so many headaches.

Danny didn't even look at the injured puppet of his but instead scanned the disciples of the Braveheart Sect and their Teacher who seemed like he was tired and wanted to go back inside his room to sleep rather than take part in the squabble.

To his right, a pretty young lady with a heart-shaped face, hazel eyes, and brown curly hair, was standing beside her teacher while looking curiously in his direction.

She didn't shy away when Danny's and her eyes met.

"Can't you guys stay inside your rooms quietly until we finish our work? The city is just changing its ownership. Innocent citizens and you foreigners will not be bothered if you stay put for a little while longer." Danny said to the teacher of the Braveheart Sect and also the mercenary groups that were watching him.

At the forefront of the disciples, two young men were looking in Danny's direction provokingly. They seemed to be displeased becuase Danny ignored them and directly talked with Inner Sect Elder in the back as if they were thin air to him.

"You bastard! What is up with your arrogant tone? Can't you see who you are talking with?" One of the disciples standing beside those two young men yelled at Danny.

Danny still ignored their whole group and said directly to their teacher.

"Shut their stinking mouth if you want your Sect's disciple to live this place alive," Danny said in a threatening tone. In between his fingers, Danny twirled a dagger when he spoke.

The Inner Sect Elder of the Braveheart Sect frowned upon listening to the naked threat of the young man. Their Sect may not be a large Sect but angering them was something that even Count Nathan didn't dare to do.

Even more so when they are allied to one of the Large Sect, the Snow Cauldron Sect, at least forces that have strength below that of a Kingdom's overall power would not dare to take them as an enemy. 

Even the girl's face cringed upon listening to Danny's tone. Her valuation of Danny fell down immediately after he spoke so disrespectfully with her Teacher.

"Young man, it's better to not say something that you will regret afterward. If you really dared to hurt even a single one of my Sects disciples... well, I don't need to explain about the consequences, I'm sure you have a smart brain." The Inner Sect elder replied back.

But just then the same disciple who talked before once again opened his mouth and said "Honorable Elder if this person had a smart brain, he would be groveling before us to ask for our forgiveness"



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