The Pleasure Lord
277 Nehmor City Under Attack!
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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277 Nehmor City Under Attack!

The Nehmor family was rich enough to hire a Grade 2 Inscription Master that was able to put these enchanted traps which were lethal to all intruders who tried to sneak force themselves inside the Castle without permission.

For people like Moonwalker, these traps are not intricate for him to avoid; therefore, he could enter Nathan's room so quickly. 

It was even more comfortable for Alex to enter the Castle since he had the spiritual sense that could detect these traps ahead of him. But he still warned his puppets about them.

"I will be going ahead then." Alex switched his place with the puppet nearest to the Castle.

Alex scanned the whole Castle; he found Nathan's position quickly. He was currently in a hidden room that was inside the Treasury of the Castle. 

"What is he doing there this late in the morning? Is he the studious type?" Alex discovered that Nathan was reading a book very intently. As for what he was reading, Alex wasn't keen to know that at the moment. He had little time before the sun rises up.

"I will be going in now. You all know the drill." Alex said while he was in Danny's getup.


Alex or Danny vanished under the shadow of the tree. 


Nathan has read almost all the essential books that his father had on the Domain Key in his hands. These books were eating dust all these years since they have been forgotten after the Domain Key got lost. 

He didn't know that while he was ready the book, Danny appeared in front of the gates of the Treasury after knocking down the four guards unconscious. 

The Treasury was locked from the inside. 

"Ah, this is quite a problem. How do I get him to come out?" Danny looked to the side at the fallen guards.

"Oy, wake up."


"Huh!... You are...! In..Intrubbbb!" the soldier wanted to scream to alert about the intruder instinctively.

"Keep your mouth shut if you want to live. The moment you raise your voice, I will put this dagger through your head, so be careful to think before act. Do you understand?" 

The guard nodded his head like a chicken.

"Good, then tell me how to get inside these gates."

"It can only be opened by Count Nathan and ... Butler Francis, but he is no more in this world." The guard explained. The sharp edge of the dagger on his neck was threatening enough for him not to scream or lie.


Danny tried asking the other three after walking them up only to make them unconscious again because they gave the same answer.

"Do I have to wait here for him to come out?..." Alex didn't want to force himself inside because that would definitely trigger the protection mechanism creating some problems for him and his men.

"...Guys, start the operation. I will wait outside the Treasury until Nathan comes back."

"As you command, my Lord," The puppets immediately began moving. The guards at the watchtowers and the gates of the castles were first to be taken out.

"En...Enemies! Ring the bel... Aghh!" A soldier shouted only to get his throat pierced by an arrow.

An early-stage Dantian formation realm cultivator who was also the captain of guards tried to attack the intruders. Still, he was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the Ninth Stage of Body Tempering realm cultivators. 

The noise of the battle alerted the citizens living near the Castle. Suddenly people who were covered in black cloths came onto the streets and started subduing the patrolling guards. Even the gate of the City was attacked by two hundred unknown soldiers equipped with weapons.

The Merchants quickly ordered their private guards to protect their homes in fear of getting vandalized by the unknown enemies. The puppets completely blocked the streets where the Mercenary groups and adventurers live stayed.

"Anyone who tries to come on the streets will be deemed as the enemy. Stay inside, and we will not attack you." These words resounded almost in every street of Nehmor City.

The reserve troops of the City had already had their numbers cut short to two thousand and five hundred because Butler Francis had taken a thousand soldiers with him to liberate the Whiteconch City and ultimately got captured by the enemy.

Some three thousand soldiers had been sent to the borders to help the generals in blocking the surrounding territories to keep them off from invading their land any further.

Thus, the City of Nehmor had a shortage of soldiers, which led to them being unable to defeat the one thousand five hundred puppets that Alex had brought with him.

All of them were at the Ninth stage of the Body Tempering Realm; therefore, even though their numbers were low, they were able to quickly defeat the scattered patrolling guards and the barracks where the soldiers were resting. 

Alex only needed three hundred puppets to attack Nathan's Castle while the other puppets were told to deal with the rest of the problems and secure the City as soon as possible.

Nathan was reading his book without knowing what was happening outside due to the Treasury being soundproof. Even after the alarm bells rang all over the City, no one saw the Count making an appearance. 

A puppet climbed to the top of the Castle and raised a decapitated head covered in blood before shouting at the top of his voice, "Count Nathan is dead. Count Nathan has been killed. Guards of the Nehmor City, throw your weapons and surrender without resistance, or you will have the same fate as your Lord."

"Count Nathan is dead...." The puppet kept on repeating, with his voice amplified with Qi for his message to travel far.

"What! How.. how is that possible?" the guards of the Nehmor Castle cried in shock. Becuase of the distance, they couldn't clearly see if the bloody head in the hand of the puppet was Count Nathan or not, but since their Lord had not made any appearance till now, they subconsciously thought it was true. 

"Shit! Lord Nathan is fucking dead!... Wait wait! Don't attack! Look, I'm surrendering," a soldier immediately lowered his weapon upon seeing four of the enemy soldiers coming towards him.


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