The Pleasure Lord
276 Basic Lightning Techniques
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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276 Basic Lightning Techniques

Three hours were left until the sun rises from the east. Alex was getting familiar with his newfound strength and abilities outside the Ruins.



A huge boulder, the size of Kerchak, shattered into pieces after Alex punched it with all his brute strength. Alex's power has increased by almost threefold.

A Body cultivator who trained to the Peak stage of the Copper body can fight head-on with the Early-stage Elemental Gathering Realm Cultivator.

A body cultivator is just like the Demon beast; they could easily fight the conventional cultivators who are one level above them just because of their abnormal defense and body strength. 

Alex's body was abnormal due to him cultivating the Nameless cultivation technique he got from the Heavenly book. 

Now that he had achieved the bronze body and couple with his insane innate strength, Alex would not have difficulty fighting late sate Elemental Gathering Realm.

Ordinary Peak stage Elemental Gathering Realm cultivators might not be able to face Alex after he has refined the Blue Thunderbolt of Nerthercloud. 

Only the elite or abnormal cultivators like him could give him a challenge.


Alex converted his Qi into lightning Qi at a breakneck speed. He ran the Lightning Qi through his meridians to activate the basic technique he comprehended after refining the low-grade Origin of Lightning and Thunder.

A lightning bolt similar to the ones used by Greek God Zeus or God Indra unfolded on Alex's hands.

With a bang, the lightning bolt shattered.

Since Alex was doing it the first time, the lightning bolt disintegrated before fully completing its form.

But the next time he tried after understanding why he failed, the Lightning Bolt did not disintegrate when Alex formed it one more time. The bolt was only the size of an arrow, but its lethality could not be underestimated.

The destructive power it holds needs to be tested. Therefore, Alex threw it at the base of the mountain to the left of the temple ruins. 


The lightning bolt was much easier to throw than a spear or a javelin because it did not face any wind resistance.


There was no booming sound when the lightning bolt hit the mountain. Alex used his spiritual sense that had improved a little bit after the refinement of the Blue Thunderbolt of Nethercloud, to check the place where the bolt had impacted.

Alex saw that a deep hole had formed in that spot. He guessed that the lightning bolt must have high penetrative power as it pierced a hole inside the hard mountain wall like it was tofu. 

'Protective Talisman scroll or artifacts might not be able to stop the lighting bolt. The advantages were many, but it also has a great disadvantage; I can only form twenty or twenty-one Lightning Bolt before I run out of my Qi. The conversion rate of normal Qi to Lighting Qi two raise to one, but the lighting bolt uses much of hi converted Qi to form. Maybe after I reach the Early stage of the Elemental Gathering Realm and start absorbing the lightning element from the surrounding, I will consume less of the Lighting Qi, and the conversion rate might also become better.' Alex thought in his mind.

Lightning Bolt was one of the three basic techniques that Alex had comprehended after refining the Blue Thunderbolt of Nethercloud. There were more, but Alex needed some time before he could understand them completely. 

Alex trained in the rest of the two basic techniques before cultivating to recover his lost Qi. Before, Alex had never consumed his Qi fully, but using the three basic lighting techniques, his Qi seems to be not sufficient. 

"My Lord, we have completed our preparations. We will begin with the operation after your signal," Tagor spoke in Alex's mind.

"Good. This time I will be using Danny's identity. Buy two thousand more puppets with the low-grade spirit stones and have them ready to storm the city once I give the signal."

"As you command, my lord."

Alex looked towards the direction of the Nehmor city and said in a low voice, "Nathan, your judgment day has arrived."

Alex vanished from his place, after which a puppet appeared at the same spot.


Nehmor City was grand in structure because it was the capital city of the Sylvia kingdom before its disintegration.

It has been built on top of a small plateau, which gave it a strategic advantage when it comes to defending against enemy troops or Demon Beast Horde coming to attack it. Around the city with walls as high as five or six-floor building, and surrounding the plateau was an open plain that was used for farming and fishing in the river that runs through it.

The old rundown palace of the Royal Sylvia Family was not cleared after it had been burnt and destroyed during the last civil war.

The Nehmor Family that had taken over the city made themselves a new castle away from the former palace of King Sylvia.

Nathan wanted to build a grand palace in that place, but only after he conquers all the territory of the past Royal clan of the Sylvia Kingdom.

Some sort of a resolution that young Nathan Nehmor had taken for himself when he had just obtained his dead father's position. 

The sun was going to break into dawn at any moment. Alex appeared in a new small shop that had opened in this city at the same time when he opened the Goodwill restaurant in Whiteconch City.

This shop only sold figures and statues carved out of stones and woods to the Merchants and travelers that resided here or arrived here from somewhere else.

It has a good popularity, and even Nathan had bought a life-size figure of his own from the shop before Alex had defeated his army.

Alex changed his appearance to Danny. After that, Danny, with the puppets, headed out of the shop windows and climbed its roof.

"Everyone take your positions. I will first go inside Nathan's castle. Only after I make a move, you will start taking down castle guards one by one. Stay alert of triggering mechanisms to protect the castle against intruders. They are very dangerous." Alex warned about the traps that had been enchanted with Runes by an Inscription Master. 


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