The Pleasure Lord
275 Increasing Battle Strength - Part 3
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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275 Increasing Battle Strength - Part 3

In an empty remote cave inside the Ruins and under the mountain on the east side of the Seashell island, Alex was sitting crossed leg.

He had just bought the Origin of Lightning and Thunder, The Blue Thunderbolt of Nerthercloud.

It wiped his slate clean of currency points, and only a few Merit and some thousands of Faith points remained.

The Blue thunderbolt of Netherclud was like its name, a small cotton-like black ball that was discharging an electric blue spark from time to time.

After buying it from the Heavenly book, it was safely stored inside the Inventory. Alex could take it out and give to others and also absorb it inside his body directly from the Inventory.

'I hope its enough to face Nora's master if he does come,' Alex thought before bracing himself and absorbing the Blue Thunderbolt of Nerthercloud inside his body.


Alex felt a shock of lightning running through his body and soul.

Next, the vast amount of lightning energy intersected as they spurted a crazy amount of energy inside Alex's body, almost displacing his organ if not for the lightning to be suppressed with his Qi.


Instantly, the hairs on Alex's body stood erect as a scorched scent wafted out from his body again. His body ached all over as his Qi and blood circulation sped up. Alex started running the nameless cultivation technique of his to refine the blue ball of lighting and thunder inside his Dantian.

The surface of some of his veins and muscles twitched uncontrollably.

Countless muscles were torn and repaired, again and again, a result of the invading lightning powers.

The pain was akin to that of bones getting shattered as the lighting power wrecked his whole body.

It was more painful compared to getting stabbed a few times. Alex wondered if ordinary cultivators could survive the refining of this Origin of Lightning and Thunder. It was pure torture.

"Naturally, I am cultivating my fleshly body." Alex spurred his bloodline and Qi energy to resist the invading lightning powers while channeling the nameless cultivation technique to repair the damaged muscles and tissues.

Alex was surprised to find that his body was being tempered and improving at an incredible speed after being damaged and repair simultaneously.

He was very close to achieving the peak of the Copper body before and had been continually using the Body Quenching pills that Master Clayton made for him to temper his body.

But Alex felt it was too slow, well it was quite slow in his opinion, but for ordinary body cultivators, it took months to see any small improvements in their body cultivation. Alex's body cultivation was just as fast as his Qi cultivation.

Now that the lightning element could improve and temper his body, Alex would not waste this chance at all.


A small spark of blue lightning discharge flew out on its own from within his Dantian region in his lower abdomen.


A loud rumbling sound echoed inside the Temple like ruins.

It was none other than the spark of the Origin of Lightning and Thunder. It formed a blue cover around Alex, which discharged a crazy amount of electricity and struck the rocks around him randomly.


The blue thunderbolts shrank and expanded abruptly from time to time, giving rise to crackling and rumbling sounds.

On the surface of the round blue and black colored light cover, small strands of lines appeared. They abruptly formed following the increasing intensity of the lightning ripple and vibration.

The crack lines slowly spread open and extended to cover the entire surface. Finally, the whole blue-black cover was covered with those cracks.

At a glance, it was like a blue-black colored dinosaur egg that was included with cracks about to hatch.

"Kacha…" An apparent noise quietly echoed throughout the inside of the ruins.

If someone had seen Alex at this moment, then they would have seen a young man with bright blue lightning surging and crackling around him.

A piece of energy sheet on the Blue and black colored light cover suddenly fell, landing on a rock.

The high temperature and power that it possessed immediately melted a small indent into the rock surface while scorching its surface black. 


After the first energy fragment fell, the Blue and Black-colored energy light cover suddenly began to tremble intensely

Following this loud booming sound, countless amounts of tiny energy fragments shot out in all directions.

Immediately, an uncountable number of small melted and scorched black holes were formed on the surrounding mountain cave inside the ruins.

The bursting of the energy fragments in all directions within the cave continued for quite a while before they gradually began to disappear completely.

Alex felt power.

Raw, unfiltered power coursed through his veins. He lifted his hands, and after he willed, his hands got covered in sparks of blue lightning, crackling like the cries of hundred birds.

Alex opened his eyes and saw the blue lightning sizzling around his body. He smiled at his success.

There was a lot of information about the lightning element stuffed in his brain that he was digesting even now and was trying to comprehend it so that he could freely use the power of the low-grade Black Ranked Blue thunderbolt of Nethercloud.

But that's was not all of it; Alex saw his skin glowing in bronze color after he took back the lightning qi inside of his body.

The bronze color was the sign of Alex achieving the Bronze body, which was one level above the Copper body. Usually, ordinary body cultivators are only able to achieve the Bronze body in the Elemental Gathering Realm as only in that realm could they use elements that are very effective in tempering their bodies.

Alex felt brute power palpitating through his muscles. He thought he could crush the mountain if he punched it now, but of course, that was only an illusion because his body had become a lot stronger.

"Hehe, now I don't have to fear anyone under the Peak stage of Elemental gathering Realm. Only the elite cultivators at the Peak stage of Elemental gathering Realm like Nora's master could be of any challenge to him." Alex smiled and then looked towards the direction of Nehmor city.


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