The Pleasure Lord
274 Increasing Battle Strength - Part 2
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The Pleasure Lord
Author :Rollingpandaa
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274 Increasing Battle Strength - Part 2

Alex was sitting ina lotus position in the cultivation chamber. 

Inside his soul space, Alex was standing in front of the Heavenly Book and trying to find something in it that could increase his battle strength.

"Hey, missy, can you recommend me something. Something that can help increase my battle strength in a short period." Alex asked the heavenly spirit floating behind him.

"Finally, you had to ask me, Alex. Stand aside." The Heavenly Spirit laughed before arriving in front of the panel in front of the book and waving her hand.

The panel kept on changing the content shown inside of it for sometime before stopping.

"Here, look at this and choose what you want to buy." 

"... Berserk Pills... Ten Ox strength Pill... Top grade Black Ranked Secret Technique - Wisp of the Windghost movement technique... Low-grade Black Ranked Origin of Flame - Wisp of Earth Fire..."

The large, light screen was suspended in midair.

Countless names were layered on it in an orderly manner.

Besides the names, there was a little bit of description of each and every stuff he could afford to buy and could be any use to him.

Alex's eyes fell upon the Top-grade Black ranked Secret Technique - Wisp of the Windghost Movement Secret technique and similar Secret techniques after it. When he clicked on one them, an extremely complicated diagram of the human figure made of light appeared in front of Alex. Within the diagram of light, numerous complicated lines formed by light intertwined with one another, forming a mysterious and strange route.

Alex's eyes carried some curiosity as they carefully inspected the screen of light. He immediately turned his head and saw the heavenly spirit putting on a smug face. Alex asked, "Heavenly Spirit, do you know what this is?"

"It's a Secret Martial Technique that can double your movement speed temporarily for a short period of time."

"Secret Martial Technique?" Alex's eyebrows immediately rose upon hearing these words.

Secret Martial Technique greatly differed from general Martial Art techniques and skills like the Roaring Tiger Fist. They can provide the user with immense strength, speed, etc for a short period of time. But they cause great repercussions on the body of the user just like the Berserk pill but they are more effective than the pill and have great variability in terms of what the user needs to increase like Strength, cultivation level, speed, spiritual power, Cultivation speed, etc.

Secret Martial Technique was also known as Taboo Martial Technique since using them causes great repercussions to the body and soul of the user. It takes a lot of time and effort to heal perfectly, and in some extreme cases of excessively using the secret technique, they might live injuries that are difficult to heal and may cause many difficulties in cultivation breakthrough in the future.

"Alex, I should not think of using these techniques unless and until its the only way for you to survive." The heavenly spirit advised.

In response, Alex quickly asked, "Then what about this Origin of Fire, Origin of water, Origin of Lightning and Thunder, etc?" Alex wasn't dumb to obstruct his cultivation path after using such an extreme taboo technique.

The heavenly spirit also explained when asked, "Origin of Fire, Water, and the other elements are Heaven and Earth treasures that are born from nature just like the Spirit Beast. They are the culmination of Universal Elemental laws and can be refined by humans, Demon Beast, and other races to gain an element that they do not have or strengthen and change the nature of the element which the refiner already has and gives it an edge over others with the same element. They are divided into four stages in terms of their rarity, power, and the amount of the elemental law of the specific element they contain within them."

"They are classified much like Martial art techniques such as Black Ranked, Yellow ranked, Earth Ranked and Heaven Ranked, and each divided into four stages. But there is a catch, not just anyone can refine, these origins of Elements. The refiner not only has to have a strong will but should also have a certain understanding of the specific Element to refine it successfully. I recommend you to choose the Origin of Lightning and Thunder - Blue Thunderbolt of the Nethercloud. It can increase your reaction speed and output power that you currently wanted the most."

"After refining, you can change the nature of your Qi into the lightning element with just a thought. This makes you able to use the Lightning element before you are even promoted to the Elemental Gathering Realm. There are many advantages of gaining Origin of any Elements but you have to find it about yourself or buy the required knowledge from the Heavenly Book itself. I can only tell you this much."

The low-Grade Black-Ranked Origin of Lightning and Thunder that the Heavenly spirit was talking about had the price of 50000 points of Currency, Merit, and 60000 points of Faith. Merit and Faith points have increased tremendously after Alex killed Butler Francis and took over the Whiteconch city. So they were not the problem. Alex was falling short on currency points by 12000 therefore he had to use the low-grade spirit stones he gained from the treasury of Marell's clan to increase it to 50000 Currency points. 

In comparison, the Origins of other Elements were a bit cheaper but as she had said, Alex needed something that could increase his speed in body reaction and movement plus he needed his attack to have much greater lethality. The Low-grade Black-Ranked Blue Thunderbolt of Nethercloud was the best choice.

Alex bought it without thinking much since there was nothing else that could increase his Battle strength in a short time without causing any trouble.

After the Heavenly spirit told him to refine the Origin of Lightning and Thunder in a remote place

Alex swapped with a puppet on duty near the ruins. He immediately went inside the gates of the ruins after telling Kerchak to stand guard outside before founding an empty cave and preparing himself to absorb the Origin of Lightning and Thunder.


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